Monday, April 29, 2019

Robert Mondavi Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Robert Mondavi - Essay ExampleMondavi successfully brought reforms to the US wine pains, and consequently, the wine patience all over the world. He was passionate about wine from a tender age and started a winery in Napa Valley, in 1966 (Mondavi and Chutkow 12). This was with the aim of outdoing the finest wine producers in Europe. His dream has today come true because many of the winemaking techniques used today were his ideas (Mondavi and Chutkow 17). He has overly contributed to the modern wine industry by introducing winemaking concepts such as using French oak barrels, stainless steel tanks, and cold fermentation, which are all used in the modern wine industry today (Mondavi and Chutkow 23).Mondavi, a market leader in the wine industry, is remembered for initiating blind wine tasting sessions at the Napa Valley, combining these experiences with other world class wines. This allowed the wine industry and consumers to evaluate the value and lineament of wine (Mondavi and Chu tkow 39). He promoted the exportation of wine, which is a common practice in the modern wine industry today. He also promoted the production of high quality wines, after his wines became internationally recognized for their top quality. His wine educational tours and wine tastings helped to foster a wine culture, not only in America, but end-to-end the world (Mondavi and Chutkow 30).In conclusion, Mondavi has contributed to the modern wine industry in numerous ways. He has helped the industry abjure the culture of adding artificial flavors to wines. His innovations such as the vineyard management using digital mapping technologies, and remote-sensing via planet have revolutionalized the modern wine industry (Mondavi and Chutkow 48). He created the wine culture and other wine think innovations such as using Quality Enhancement Teams, vintage dating to create varietal wines, traditional phellem finishing, and barrel aging among others. The modern wine industry has also benefited t hrough

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