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To understand changing perspectives we must first look at change itself

To understand changing thoughts we must(prenominal) first look at diverseness itself. Not all channelise is progress, whether it be large or small. People agitate over time, it perchance age, experience, savvy or maturity that ca habits this change. As people change so does their perspective, of others, of life or themselves. This is expressed done my chosen texts, Looking For Alibrandi, kris it like Beckham and monger high. flexure it like Beckham follows the story of Jess Barah who lives in a traditional Indian family whose dream is to play soccer professionally, except Jesss ambitions ar supressed by her p atomic number 18nts expectations of her living a traditional Indian life. As the pictorial matter develops we learn Jesss fathers preceding(a) reflects his attitude that is, due to their ethnic background, Jess will be an outcast. Just as Nonna Alibrandiss past influences her attitudes.It is still at the end of Bend it like Beckham that Jesss father changes and al lows her to play soccer. He changes his perspective to , that her happiness is more(prenominal) important, as the actor who played Jesss father said If you try you danger failing, if you dont you ensure it. This is the same sort of attitude that Jesss father adopts. Jesss pargonnts change as they begin to understand her reasoning. This is the same with Josie as she changes her perspective of her Nonna when she starts to understand her Nonnas past.During the boundary of time we look at Josie she changes as she experiences situations, such as tail Bartons death. She is able to look at this and realise that not everything is as it seems from the outside. She recognises that property social standing may in fact not be, the be all and end all.In sky high the young missy is looking back at her past and now she has changed over time. swing music on the garb line is no longer fun and excite as she has experience life. Maturity means that she drive outt be free as she once was as she comments The earth spins below me. I am flying. This is equivalent to Jess in the film as she was once young and free to do as she pleased, but no she is tied down by her parents.In Sky High the first 5 separates talk about the childhood, and so it suddenly jumps to the 6th where she talks of how she is older and has changed. This sudden jump shows the extreame change that although would have happened slowly over time, the realisation of the change was sudden. The 5 paragraphs systema skeletale up this image in the readers mind, so in the last paragraph our perspective changes from a fairy tale like conquest of the clothes line to the harsh reality of the situation.In Bend it like Beckham, we are given the picture of the traditional Indian lifestyle and ideals in Jesss house. This is then compared to the modern outside world of soccer, where the gender roles and expectations are totally different. The use of juxtaposition shows the viewer just how traditional and perhaps ev en intense parent views really are.Jess in Bend it like Beckham has shown me that change doesnt evermore happen easily. It was only due to herpersistance and extreme different attitudes compared to her parents that enabled Jesss parents to change.The film uses jr. characters to show the changing gender roles in society. We rear see that in soccer and Jesss community the issue of gender changes to being less relevant. By using these younger characters, many people are able to stir to them, being young now or were once young. Looking For Alibrandi too uses this technique.In the book we are told of everything through Josie. This enables us to experience change as Josie does. When we look at the start of the book and then the end, we can see a significant change, although following the book through we only see a gradual change. As the reader experiences change through Josie, they are able to relate to her.Another technique that Looking For Alibrandi uses is that we arent told of No nnas past until late in the book. We are give Josies perspective, that her Nonna is just a fruitless old women . This perspective is built up and then when Josie discovers her past we are suddenly exposed to a new perspective and new understanding.Sky High has developed my understanding of change as it has shown how change can occur very suddenly. It has supplemented with Looking for Alibrandi in that time and experience select to change. Sky High shows a negative type of change, as this female child is no longer able to let go and this has reinforced my understanding that not all change is progress.Examining Looking for Alibrandi in this context has changed my perspective of the characters. It has shown me how change occurs through understanding, and understanding means we have knowledge, therefore the forcefulness or choice to change. Every one has the ability to change.

Some Factors That Lead to Success in College

Several factors contribute to school success. A persons experience with education early in life has a abundant influence on school success later on. It is vital that infants and toddlers excite access to quality education from day one. The socioeconomic status in which one is raised has an immense effect on school success. Wealthier babyren subscribe access to gr swallow uper, high-quality facilities and resources while poorer children often lack the basic necessities such as proper comestible and quality education. It is important to note that each child alike contributes their own contributions to their success in school.There are cases of mint who rose out of extreme poverty to achieve great donnish success. Exceptional Teachers Exceptional teachers provide students with maximum encouragement, motivation, challenges and belief in themselves. Teachers who confide their students are resourceful of the classwork help create a self-fulfilling prophecy. The student go forth begin to hold the same belief of themselves and act on it. It is thus vital that teachers, parents and caregivers send the right message to students.Students need to know that their teachers, parents and caregivers intrust in them and that they are capable of academician success. Exceptional teachers create a classroom culture of high expectations. They do not hold gestate notions about particular students but believe that all of their students are capable of reaching academic success. Parental Involvement Parental involvement is exceedingly important to a students academic success. Children spend most of their time at home and the environment a student comes from determines their start of academic success.If a students home is rich in books, that early exposure to literacy will ordinarily mean a student starts reading early. Parents who are actively gnarly in their childrens education ensure that their children are doing their homework. They also encourage their children to be gift well in school and speak to them about the importance of receiving an education. When parents set up an interest in their childrens education this in turn sparks an interest in their children to learn. Self-Motivation Intrinsic motivation or self-motivation is another important element leadership to school success.Self-motivation assumes that we are all born with the capability to learn and that learn can be an enjoyable process. Students who are self-motivated admit disciplined themselves to scale down on a task for the mere result of learning and master the needed skill. Students become self-motivated for many reasons. For some being self-motivated to achieve academic success will help them rise out of poverty, for others it will quit them to get into a specific college or receive an academic scholarship.Students who have a high self-esteem have a strong reek of self-motivation as they believe they are capable of academic success. Nutrition Students who eat breakfa st regularly perform better academically than those who do not. distressing nutrition can have consequences such as cavities, obesity, weak clappers and teeth, as well as delayed sexual maturity. Poor nutrition is defined as not eating the recommended daily servings of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Parents and teachers need to lean close attention to the types of foods children eat as lack of vitamins can have severe consequences.Hobbies Self-esteem and social skills can be taught simply by supporting students to take part in a hobby. By encouraging students to take part in a hobby builds competence in a certain skill. A hobby also allows students to build a sense of identity. Hobbies also keep a student from becoming bored. Hobbies also leave room for students to receive praises for their achievements. Read more Factors That Lead to take Success eHow. com http//www. ehow. com/about_5387053_factors-lead-school-success. htmlixzz1Uc85N1gw

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Hip-Hop/Real Rap

Nayeli Munoz 01/15/13 Rap Most muckle argon unfortunately misled as to what is rap music. Many people seem to harbor only heard commercial rap commercial rap is mobster rap. Most of the commercial rap variants talk about(predicate) acquiring money, gang banging, and some kind of explicit love or sexual practice. twain examples of commercial rappers be 50 Cent and Soulja Boy. True rappers harbor some kind of poetic flow. Real rap has a stocky and meaningful topic, it is like poetry but with more emotion. Tupac and Snoop Dogg are two great examples of real rappers.A verifying solve that rap has on todays youth is that it essays us what is going on in the real world however, rap music give the gate influence youth to be genuinely violent. Another negative about rap is that it is very degrading towards youth women. Through their music rap artist show a living picture of what is going on around them and how hard it was growing up in poverty. An example of this is when Tup ac, a famous rapper, in his stress sticker Mansion says picture me inside the misery of poverty, no man brisk has ever witness struggles I survived.Later on in the same song he continues with seen the politicians ban us, theyd rather see us locked in chains, interest explain why they cant stand us. This song is reflects the issues of favoritism toward African American by the government. Rap has opened our eyes to show us the circumstances of poverty, drug use, violence, and how easy they can access guns. detractor Too Short raps about the importance of staying in school and acquiring a good job.Rap influences youth to be very violent in Big Pun song Brave in the heart he says, Im from where the guns love to introduce they self. Reduce your health little bulletproofs get felt. The streets a trip either you deep or you sleep with the fish. This song tries to tell us that we need to use violence in devote to survive, this influences youth to believing that they do have to use v iolence and consequently they start being violent. Some rappers include new drugs that have not been very popular in their lyrics and when youth listen to it they get urious about the drug and want to learn about it and try it. Violent lyrics can influence youth to start fights or even kill people for what they want. Women in rap videos are usually degraded. Very often recent women are laid out as sex tools or sex slaves. They are displayed with not much clothes on and they use their bodies to adopt material objects. Young women are exposed to these abominable videos and it can expunge their health, their self-esteem can lower and they may think of themselves as trifling and worthless.Research shows that many of the young women who listen and watch rap think that they cannot be successful without using their bodies. It is clear that rap can extremely influence todays youth both positive and negative ways however, the negative effects are much larger than the positive effects. It is up to us to decide if rap is going to affect us in a positive or in a negative way. Bibliography Sid Kirchheimer,(March 3, 2010). Does rap put teens at risk. WebMD. (Online)

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Practical Demonkeeping Chapter 33-34

33RIVERADuring the drive to Pine Cove, Rivera was nagged by the thought that he had forgot x something. It wasnt that he hadnt reported where he was going he had planned that. Until he had physical evidence that there was a serial killer in the area, he wasnt saying a word. But when he knocked on the Elliotts front door and it swung open, he suddenly remembered that his bullet-proof vest was break in his locker back at the station.He called into the house and waited for an function. n unmatchable came.Only cops and vampires have to have an invitation to enter, he thought. But there is presumable cause. The part of his mind that functioned like a district attorney kicked in.So, serjeant Rivera, the lawyer state, you entered a private residence based on a computer data base that could have been no more than a mailing list?I believed that Effrom Elliotts name on the list correspond a clear and present danger to a private citizen, so I entered the residence.Rivera drew his revolve r and held it in his right hand eyepatch he held his badge out in his left.Mr. and Mrs. Elliott, this is Sergeant Rivera from the Sheriffs Department. Im coming in the house.He moved from direction to room announcing his presence forwards he entered. The bedroom door was closed. He saw the splintered bullet hole in the door and felt his adrenaline surge.Should he call for backup?The D.A. give tongue to And so you entered the house on what basis?Rivera came through the door natural depression and rolled. He lay for a moment on the floor of the unemployed room, feeling stupid.What now? He couldnt call in and report a bullet hole in a residence that he had in all probability entered illegally, especially when he hadnt reported that he was in Pine Cove in the basic place.One step at a time, he t elderly himself.Rivera returned to his unnoted car and reported that he was in Pine Cove.Sergeant Rivera, the dispatcher said, there is a capacity for you from Technical Sergeant Nail sworth. He said to ordain you that Robert Masterson is married to the granddaughter of Effrom Elliott. He said he doesnt know what it convey, but he thought you should know.It meant that he had to find Robert Masterson. He acknowledged the message and signed off.Fifteen minutes later he was at The outings trailer. The old pickup was gone and no one answered the door. He radioed the station and request a direct patch to the Spider.Nailgun, poop you fit me Mastersons wifes home oral communication? He gave the trailer as residence when we brought him in. And give me the place where she works. adjudge on, itll be just a second for her continue. Rivera lit a arse while he waited. Before he took the second drag, Nailsworth came back with the address and the shortest route from Riveras location.It will get by a little longer for the employer. I have to access the Social Security files.How long?Five, maybe decade minutes.Im on my way to the house. Maybe I wont pick up it.Rivera, there was a elicit call at that address this morning. That mean anything to you?Nothing means anything to me anymore, Nailsworth.Five minutes later Rivera pulled up in front of Jennys house. Everything was cover with a gummy gray goo, a mix of ashes, flour, and water from the fire hoses. As Rivera climbed out of the car, Nailsworth called back.Jennifer Masterson is currently employed at H.P.s Cafe, off cypress in Pine Cove. You want the phone number?No, Rivera said. If shes not here, Ill go over there. Its just a hardly a(prenominal) doors down from my following(a) stop.You need anything else? Nailsworth laboreded as if he was holding something back. No, Rivera said. Ill call if I do.Rivera, dont forget almost that other matter.What matter?Roxanne. Check on her for me.As soon as I can, Nailsworth.Rivera threw the radio mike onto the passenger seat. As he walked up to the house, he heard someone come on the radio render a chorus to the song Roxanne in a horrible falsetto. Nail sworth had shown his flunk over an open frequency, and now, Rivera knew, the whole department would ride the fat mans humiliation into the ground.When this was over, Rivera promised himself, he would concoct a story to vindicate the Spiders pride. He owed him that. Of course, that depended on Rivera vindicating himself.The walk to the door covered his garbs with gray goo. He waited for an answer and returned to the car, cursing in Spanish, his spot converted to dough balls.He didnt get out of the car at H.P.s Cafe. It was obvious from the darkened windows that no one was inside. His last chance was the Head of the Slug Saloon. If Masterson wasnt there, he was out of leads, and he would have to report what he knew, or, what was more embarrassing, what he didnt know, to the captain.Rivera found a parking place in front of the Slug behind Roberts truck, and aft(prenominal) taking a few minutes to get his right apparel unstuck from the gas pedal, he went in.34U-PICK-EMThe Pagan Ve getarians for Peace called them the ineffable Caves because they believed that the caves had once been used by Ohlone Indians for religious ceremonies. This, in fact, was not true, for the Ohlone had avoided the caves as much as possible due to the huge population of loopy that lived there, flutters that were inextricably locked into the destiny of the caves.The first human occupation of the caves came in the 1960s, when a down-and-out farmer named homing pigeon Styles decided to use the reveal interior of the caves to cultivate culls. bulls eye started his calling with five hundred woody c respects of the sort used for carting soda bottles, and a half-gallon carton of mail-order mushroom spores total investment sixteen dollars. bell ringer had stolen the crates from behind the Thrifty-Mart, a few at a time, over the period of weeks that it took him to read the pamphlet summercatergus for Fun and Profit, put out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.After filling the crate s with dampish peat and laying them out on the cave floor, bulls eye spread his spores and waited for the silver to roll in. What mark didnt figure on was the rapid growth rate of the mushrooms (hed skipped that part of the pamphlet), and within twenty-four hourss he found himself sitting in a cave full of mushrooms with no market and no silver to pay for help in harvesting.The solution to homing pigeons problem came from another regime pamphlet entitled The Consumer-Harvested Farm, which had come, by mistake, in the same envelope with Fungus for Fun. Homer took his last ten dollars and placed an ad in the local physical composition Mushrooms, $.50 lb. U-PICK-EM, your container. Old Creek Road. 9?C5 daily.Mushroom-hungry Pine Covers came in droves. As agile as the mushrooms were harvested, they grew back, and the money rolled in.Homer played out his first cyberspace on a generator and a string of lights for the caves, figuring that by extending his business hours into the evening, his profits would grow in proportion. It would have been a sound business move had the bats not decided to rear their hirsute heads in protest.During the day the bats had been content to hang out on the roof of the cave while Homer ran his business below. But on the first night of Homers extended hours when the bats woke to find their home invaded by harshly lit mushroom pickers, their tolerance ended.There were twenty customers in the caves when the lights went on. In an instant the air above them was a maelstrom of screeching, furry, go rodents. In the rush to exit, one charr fell and broke a hip and another was bitten on the hand while extracting a bat from her hair. The cloud of bats soon disappeared into the night, only to be replaced the next day by an equally dense cloud of landbound vermin personal-injury lawyers.The varmints prevailed in court. Homers business was destroyed, and once again the bats slept in peace.A depressed Homer Styles went on a binge in the H ead of the Slug. He spent four days in an Irish whiskey haze before his money ran out and Mavis Sand sent him to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. (Mavis could tell when a man had hit bottom, and she felt no need to marrow a dry well.)Homer found himself in the meeting room of the First National Bank, telling his story. It happened that at that same meeting a young surfer who called himself The Breeze was working off a court-ordered denounce he had earned by drunkenly crashing a 62 Volkswagen into a police force cruiser and promptly puking on the arresting officers shoes.The farmers story affected off an entrepreneurial spark in the surfer, and after the meeting The Breeze cornered Homer with a proposition.Homer, how would you like to make some leaden bread growing magic mushrooms?The next day the farmer and the surfer were hauling bags of manure into the caves, spreading it over the peat, and scattering a wholly different type of spore.According to The Breeze their crop would sell for ten to twenty dollars an ounce instead of the fifty cents a pound that Homer received for his last crop. Homer was enraptured with the possibility of becoming rich. And he would have, if not for the bats.As the day of their first harvest neared, The Breeze had to take his leave of their plantation to serve the weekend in the county jail (the first of fifty the judge had not been amused at having barf-covered police shoes presented as evidence in his courtroom). Before he left, The Breeze advised Homer that he would return Monday to help with the drying and marketing of the mushrooms.In the meantime, the woman who had been bitten during the debacle of the bats, came down with rabies. County animal-control agents were ordered to the caves to destroy the bat colony. When the agents arrived, they found Homer Styles crouched over a tray of psychedelic mushrooms.The agents offered Homer the option of walking by and leaving the mushrooms, but Homer refused, so they radioed th e sheriff. Homer was led extraneous in handcuffs, the animal-control agents left with their pockets filled with mushrooms, and the bats were left alone.When The Breeze was released on Monday, he found himself in search of a new scam.A few months later, while incarcerated at the state prison in Lompoc, Homer Styles received a letter from The Breeze. The letter was covered with a ticket yellow powder and read Sorry about your bust. Hope we can bury the hatchet.Homer buried the letter in a shoe box he kept under his bunk and spent the next ten years living in relative luxury on the profits he made from selling psychedelic mushrooms to the other inmates. Homer sampled his crop only once, then swore off mushrooms for life when he hallucinated that he was drowning in a sea of bats.


In Microserfs Douglas Coupland start outs to analyse the lives of flock whose mould is closely associated with most advanced machines that fork out save been made computers. The title of the novel Microserfs introduces the 2 main ideas of the novel it is a play on the dominant force at heart the computer industry (Microsoft) and the word serfs, which refers to the semi-slave groups who existed within feudal societies in medieval times. Coupland suggests that the people who work for companies like Microsoft are essentially a king of voluntary serf.The characters within this novel want to be machine-like for a number of reasons. First, that appears to be the remarkableity which has enabled Bill Gates (the founder and CEO of Microsoft) to rise to the top of the industry. small-arm they apparently hate their jobs at Microsoft, leading to their leaving them and attempting to set up their receive company, they also large(p)ly admire the machine-like quality that Gates brings to his work. Secondly, a machine is totally involved with what it is doing it has no distractions that will take it distant from the task at hand. Third, there is the beautiful logic of software tag which contrasts with the often chaotic nature of their personal and professional lives.In Microserfs the great spur for activity is the search to be One-Point-Oh, that is to be the first to do the first version of some topic(Coupland, 1995). Computer software is normally identified fit in to which version of the syllabus it is, so to be one-point-oh (1.0) is to be the best. There is a machine like logic to this idea which is of course not in truth based upon reality normally the first version of any program is crude and ineffective compared to later versions which are more sophisticated and have been adapted according to the real- k immediatelyledge base experience of the software existence used.In many ways the main characters of the novel such as Daniel, Susan and Todd are ta ke away from the real world to the extent that they need to employ someone from that world to be their reality-check, that person being Daniels mother. The characters are obviously satirical in nature, and are taken to such an extreme that they almost seem like people who inhabit a video game.Take for warning Michael, who is a brilliant but awkward programmer who leaves Microsoft to start his own company, and decides to adopt a Flatlander diet (Coupland, 1995). This involves only(prenominal) eating two-dimensional feed (Coupland, 1995) which means food that can be slid under his door, He has a screen name of Kraft Singles (Coupland, 1995), an ironic comment upon his peculiar diet.Michael is just one example of the determination to take matters to an extreme among the characters. Todd is not just a body-builder, but an obsessive body-builder. Bug is not only experienced, older and a little more cynical than his younger young man workers, he calls himself the Worlds Bitterest Man (Coupland, 1995). All of these characterizations make the people who inhabit the novel seem essentially machine-like they are one/two dimensional, relentless in their pursuit of an end and often limited in outlook. A software program is designed to do one thing extremely well, but nothing else. In the same way the characters attempt to do one thing, or be one thing, extremely well.The ageless conflict between the need for a pure existence as a designer, body-builder, bitterest man etc. comes up against the natural human tendency to diversify and to be multi-faceted. While Microserfs was written before the massive explosion in Internet usage, the manner in which people are now essentially locked to their computers- constantly checking e-mail even in the most remote locations is a natural development of the kind of process that Coupland sees in this novel. The ongoing discussion between machine and human being, something which is reflected within Couplands novels, continues unabat ed.In conclusion, the characters of Microserfs seek to be machine like because they see this as a route to success. Their king, Bill Gates, who they leave, is nevertheless an icon to be aimed at. He seems more like a machine than a human being according to Coupland, and has all the strengths and weaknesses that are associated with this identity. The characters of this novel, wonderfully funny, but often very sad at the same time, reflect this search to be the ameliorate human machine. The fact is that they seem to lose their humanity along the way. plant life CitedCoupland, Doug

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Hilarious Flaws

Hilarious Flaws BY Fana-Rashld Karrie Yusefzad English 12 Instructor frantic 6 November 2013 Whether it is via film, late night television provides, newspapers, comics, or literature, satire is tound most every(prenominal)where. Satire reminds and teaches us as earth to laugh at ourselves every once In a while, as well as directs us to acknowledge and accept our own im improveions as we strive to become perfect people Satire helps us ds humans take d step back and see what aliveness Is truly about.Late night television shows such as Saturday Night Live, which has been on television since 1975, ar reated salutary to satire humanity. actors make Jokes out ot polltlcal and social situations on the weekly incision Weekend Update. These Jokes, wherever they are from, help us understand who we are and who we want to be It allows us to celebrate the life that we live, no matter how bad It can get, In fact making the situation droll may even make it easier to handle.Geoffrey Chau cers The Canterbury Tales celebrates and satires humanity, especially the everyman, in his story he included to characters in particular, one representing the best of humanity and the other illustrating the crush Chaucer ractically Idolizes the Knight, who represents everything us humans aspire to be. He was of sovereign value in all eyes. And though so much distinguished, he was wise and In his bearing crushed as a maid. He never even so a boorish thing had said In all his life to any, come what might he was a true, perfect gentle- ennoble. (Chaucer 69-74) Chaucer says that though the knight had been through so many brave and amazing situations, from Alexandria to Prussia, fought against the Turks, and In Granada, he had never once been over confident he remained as modest as one ould be. The Knight symbolizes everything good In a human, Chaucer does non satire him at all however, it is the complete opposite with the Pardoner. The Pardoner symbolizes the worst a man could get, he cheats, he steals, and he lies all for the pull ahead of himself.Chaucer narrates that he had the same small voice of goat has got. His chin no beard had harbored, nor would harbor, smoother than ever chln was left by barber. I approximate he was d gelding, or d mare. Chaucer describes the Pardoner as a mare because making gaiety of others is one of many dashs of making urselves teel correct, moreover still a steering to see that all humans are flawed. Similar to Chaucer, Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live does a great, hilarious, yet interesting way of satiri7ing others, making us feel better as humans, and still show us how to celebrate life.Not only does he satlrlze politicians, simply he also finds d way to satirize common people. In a recent episode of Saturday Night Live he states A man In Hawaii came face to face with a shark while surfing survived by punching the shark in the face, meanwhile precept a cockroach in the bathroom and now I waste at he gym (SNL S39 E4) Examples such as this one show that humans make funny decisions, yet It still finds a way to celebrate life because the guy lived and the people but still makes fun of himself.Humans are flawed, and it is better and easier to satire the flaws, rather than try so voiceless to become perfect. Satire is seen every day, everywhere, whether it is television, literature, movies, comics, newspapers, etc. It is a great way to show the flaws, but helps all of mankind to aspire to become better people as well as celebrate the unperfected yet bewitching life we have.

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Computer Game Addiction Essay

ABSTRACTWith the uniform improvements in shimmer technology, ranging from graphics to new types of controllers to faster processors, there is a growing problem of computer blue habituation. In enounce to to the full understand this problem, one must define addiction. According to the Center for addiction and Mental Health, addiction is a psychological or a visible dependence on something.LITERATURE REVIEWIn this paper, we will plow the problem of computer plot of land addiction, one of the most addictive impales, and slip air to prevent or give up addiction.Massively Multi toucher Online Role- contend GamesGame addiction really started turning into a problem with the advent of Massively Multi pretender Online Role- Playing Games, or MMORPGs. While regular games would concord you entertained until you beat it, MMORPGs stool no ending, so there really is no reason to stop playing. MMORPGs immerse the player in the world and since there is no way to beat the game, the goa l is character progression. Leveling up your character and obtaining pause and better armor and weapons is usually the norm in most MMORPGs. dependance QuestionnaireDr. Kimberly Young, known as the worlds foremost Cyber-Psychologist, created a sic of eight questions to ask ones self to test for online gaming addiction.1) Do you need to play online games with increasing amounts of conviction in order to achieve the desired excitement?2) Are you preoccupied with gaming (thinking nigh it when offline, anticipating your next online session)?3) hurl you lied to friends and family members to conceal extent of your online gaming?4) Do you feel restless or irritable when attempting to excuse down or stop online gaming?5) Have you made repeated unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back, or stop online gaming?6) Do you use gaming as a way of escaping from problems or relieve feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety, or depression?7) Have you jeopardized or lost a significant relationshi p, or even risked your man and wife because of your online gaming habit?8) Have you jeopardized a job, educational, or attendinger probability because of your online gaming habit?Answering yes to any of those questions could mean that you argon accustom. whizz would think that video games are harmless, but once they start meddlesome with real life and even take precedence over it, thusly there is a real problem.Video game addiction has non received official recognition as a diagnosis in theDSM IV standard 8, but is still aconcern for many deal.Problems with addiction wholeness study done on the problems of addiction used a modified version of the formal definition of gambling addiction. 607 8th and 9th grade students where surveyed, and of these 15% where categorize as addicted. Of the addicted students, approximately 80% where male. Less than 30% of non-addicted student reputeed having been in a fight in the olden year, while almost 50% ofaddicted students reported the same. dependency also correlated with reported arguments with friends, and with teachers. Just as many students classified as addicted reported having a B average as those classified as nonaddicted. However, there where 4 ages as many F students classified as addictedas there where non-addicted, and far more non-addicted A students than addicted ones. non surprisingly, students classified as addicted averaged almost 4 times as much playtime as nonaddicted ones 7. These figures are somewhat worrying. man of Warcraft (WoW)The flow king of MMORPGs is World of Warcraft. According to a press release on snowstorms World of Warcraft webpage, World of Warcrafts subscriber home plate numbers more than 8.5 million, as of March 7, 2007, and it continues to grow every day. The elaboration pack that was recently released sold nearly 2.4 million copies worldwide secure on the first 24 hours 3. It is often referred to as World of Warcrack. Dr. Maressa Orzak, a Harvard professor and founder of Computer dependance Services at McLean hospital in Newton, MA, estimates that as many as 40% of the people who play WoW are addicted. She believes that games like World of Warcraft are designed to keep people in the game and that they are inherently addictive 4. in that respect are dozens of websites reasonable for the purpose of providing support for WoW addiction. The game has a feature where if you type /played into the chat interface, it displays how much time you have spent playing that spliticular character. Some people report that theyve spent 200 to 300 days played in the game 5. In 2004, Zhang Xiaoyi, a 13 year old Chinese boy, move suicide by jumping off a building afterplaying World of Warcraft for 36 hours straight. He left a suicide note locution that he wanted to join the heroes of the game he worshipped 6.Fig. 1 A large battle between the Alliance and the HordeIs it Addiction?According to Weimer-Hastings and Ng, many people who are excessive MMORPG users are not actually dependent on video games 8. They propose that many of these people use video games not because they are addicted, but because it is the only easygoing social medium for them. This was found through a comparison ofMMORPG player and other video game players. The MMORPG players tended to spend far more time playing, but much of that time is spent socializing. Some MMORPG players who showed long hours of playtime didnt actually show any of the signs of addiction 8. This study shows that care must be taken with the definition of addiction.ConclusionVideo game addiction is something we must come to terms with as a society. Whether it is fixed to be a read full fledged addiction, or just a compulsive behavior, it can still cause trouble in peoples lives. The problem will not go past either, it will probably only get worse, as designers get a better understanding of what makes consumers want their games. On the other hand, the problem is not as bad as it sounds at first. For many people these games are a social outlet, not an addiction. Video games are an integral part of many peoples lives now, and theyre here to stay. Lets learn to use them responsibly.References1. Center for Addiction and Mental Health What is Addiction? http// Center for Internet AddictionRecovery Are You an Obsessive Online Gamer?http// Blizzard Entertainment PressRelease.http// Rob Wright mmORPGs and GameAddiction. August 8, 2006.http// WoW treat Ex-playerstestimonials.http// Associated Press ChineseWarcraftGame Distributor Sued Over Teens Suicide.May 12, 2006.http//,2933,195236,00.html7. Hauge, Marny R. & Gentile, Douglas A. Video Game Addiction Among Adolescents Associations with Academic procedure and Aggression http// Wiemer-Hastings, Peter & NG, Brian D.Addiction to the Internet and Online manoeuvre Cyberpsychology & Behavior Vol8, Number 2 http//

Miranda v Arizona Essay

Citation 384 U.S. 436, 10 Ohio Misc. 9, 86 S. Ct. 1602, 16 L. Ed. 2d 694 (1966) Brief voiceicular Summary Self-incriminating testify was provided by the defendants while interrogated by police without prior(prenominal) nonification of the fifth Amendment Rights of the United States opus. Synopsis of Rule of Law presidential term of the Government must notify suspects of their Fifth Amendment constitutional rights prior to an doubtfulness following an arrest.Facts The Supreme Court of the United States consolidated four recognize cases with issues regarding the admissibility of evidence obtained during police heads. * The inaugural Defendant, Ernesto Miranda, was arrested for kidnapping and rape. Mr. Miranda was an immigrant, and although the officers did not notify Mr. Miranda of his rights, he signed a confession after deuce hours of investigation. The signed disputation included a statement that Mr. Miranda was aware of his rights. * The second Defendant, Michael Vign era, was arrested for robbery. Mr. Vignera orally admitted to the robbery to the first officer after the arrest, and he was held in detention for octonary hours before he made an admission to an assistant district attorney. there was no evidence that he was notified of his Fifth Amendment constitutional rights.* The third Defendant, Carl Calvin Westover, was arrested for two robberies. Mr. Westover was questioned over fourteen hours by local police, and then was handed to federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, who were able to get signed confessions from Mr. Westover. The authorities did not notify Mr. Westover of his Fifth Amendment constitutional rights. * The fourth Defendant, Roy Allen Stewart, was arrested, along with members of his family (although there was no evidence of any wrongdoing by his family) for a series of round out snatches. There was no evidence that Mr. Stewart was notified of his rights.After nine interrogations, Mr. Stewart admitted to the crimes. Issue Whether the regimen is required to notify the arrested defendants of their Fifth Amendment constitutional rights against self-incrimination before they interrogate the defendants? Held The government needs to notify arrested individuals of their Fifth Amendment constitutional rights, specifically their right to reside silent an explanation that anything they say could be used against them in accost their right to an attorney and their right to have an attorney appointed to incorporate them if necessary. Without this notification, anything admitted by an arrestee in an interrogation will not be admissible in court.Dissent evaluator Tom Clark argued that the Due Process Clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution would apply to interrogations. There is not enough evidence to demonstrate a need to apply a new recipe as the majority finds here. The second dissent written by Justice John Harlan also argues that the Due Process Clauses should apply. Har lan further argues that the Fifth Amendment form against self-incrimination was not intended to forbid any and all pressures against self-incrimination. Justice Byron gaberdine argued that there is no historical support for broadening the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution to include the rights that the majority extends in their decision. The majority is making new police force with their holding. Argued February 28, March 1, and March 2, 1966Decided June 13, 1966 Vote 5-4 in favor of Defendants remnant The majority notes that once an individual chooses to remain silent or asks to first see an attorney, any interrogation should cease. Further, the individual has the right to stop the interrogation at any time, and the government will not be allowed to argue for an exception to the notification rule. Follow-up (Miranda v. Arizona) After the Supreme Court tip over the conviction of Miranda, the State of Arizona retried him. Miranda was convicted in the second trial by Arizona an d sentenced to 20-30 years the confession by Miranda was not introduced as part of evidence.

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Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent cutting edge cutting edge caravan van van van van van van van Gogh, disposition or madman? The connection between necromancer and amiable illness is paradoxic on the wholey both cl pinnuleer and murkier than that between genius and mellow intelligence. (Published on March 31 , 2011, Andrew Robinson) forefront Gogh, possibly the most nonable example of a cognise genius who beard the title of a mentall(a)y ill individual, had grueling depression, inflicted serious injury on his own earlobe in the twelvemonth of 1888, admitted him egotism to a mental facility, and shot himself in 1890, yet he is atomic number 53 of the most respected and well cognize men of our date, all beca use up of his bare and ingenious art operation. van Sagos recurrent mental derangements were never in suspicion, non by himself nor his family. However, his sanity was never questi iodined either. Vincent van Gogh was a slamn madman it was never in question to each(prenominal) matchle ss, not even himself, l am unable to describe exactly what is the matter with me now and therefore there are horrible fits of anxiety, apparently without cause, or otherwise a feeling of emptiness and fatigue in the read/write head. . (Vincent new wave Gogh, ascertain un cognize) Van Gogh had been diagnosed with many conditions, illnesses and mental instabilities.Some being epilepsy, bipolar disorder, depression, psychotic episodes, and unpredictable mood swings. Doctors including Dry. Person and Dry. Felix Ere believed that Van Sagos epileptic seizures were occurring due to laic lobe epilepsy. He was natural with a brain laceration that was thought to of been intensified by his recurrent consumption of absinthe, this is what is believed to puddle caused his epileptic condition. Enthusiasm and dedication were standout characteristics in Van Sagos personality.Impulsive behavior was a prominent factor in his behavior, though hose periods were on e genuinely occasion trailed b y depression and exhaustion. in that locationfore, doctors and specialists think that manic depression or bipolar disorder was a agent of Van Sagos liveness. His bipolar disease is as well what lead to his suicidal demise. Vincent Van Gogh was as well diagnosed with Hyperplasia, which is a condition making ones confide need to economise intensify to an almost continuous level. This disorder is comm and linked to another(prenominal) of his conditions epilepsy.The assortment of over 800 garners that Van Gogh wrote throughout his life time could be recognized and attri plainlyed to this condition. It has never been an uncertainty in our fraternity that Vincent Van Gogh is in fact one of the most noted genius within his art work his art is known knowledge domainwide as astounding pieces of work. Although he was not recognized as a genius in his day, and his work was worth next to no intimacy, today he is seen as one of the greatest artists of both his and our time, and his motion pictures are worth millions.Not exclusively was Van Gogh introducing a new direction of art, experimenting with new concepts and colours merely he was the beginning of a new era extendionism. This is not however a remarkable point in history except also supports the act that Vincent Van Gogh was in fact a genius for one whizz man began a whole new understand into art. The society he lived in was not ready for his non-conforming behavior and acrid reality of what truth lied slow his cayings.Not only with the realistic modify he used but also the concepts he was not only moving picture portraits as eachone else was, however he rebelled against tradition and began blushing mushrooming landscapes and quotidian images much(prenominal) as loss leaderings of gardens, fair weatherflowers, Patience Scalier, Eugene Boca, the Rollins, cafes, his room and his chair all improbably alive ND beautiful. Genius by definition is, some(a)body with particular(a) ability, especially someone whose creative achievements gain worldwide recognition.It is no fence in that Vincent Van Gogh met these requirements. It is believed that one of Van Sagos numerous physicians, Dry. Cachet toughened his condition of epilepsy with a prescription medicine by the name of digitalis. The drug has been known to cause one to see either chicken(a) spots, or to view subjects in yellow. This is a truly possible reason as to why Van Gogh painted a roofy of yellow. A ordinary drink in his time was absinthe, and Van Gogh coterie a substantial amount of it, however what most masses dont know is that there is Outshone pre move in the liqueur.Outshone is a toxin that when taken in high doses can, once again cause one to view involvements in yellow. Physicians who deplete canvass the artist have conflicting thoughts on whether this is what caused his attraction to yellow or not. Van Gogh used lead based paints, so there is differing assumptions to whether or not he suffered from lead poisoning by biting on paint chips. One of the effects from lead poisoning is that is causes one to see circles well-nigh objects much eke halos, which is pre move in his famous painting The comet- desire shadow.Van Sagos paintings are purely the reason he is known as a genius and the fact that his mental derangements assisted with the shutdown of his work and to the standard it was, and also the way it was done supports the fact that he is a genius because he was a madman. Vincent Van Gogh a man well recognized as a genius who beard the label of a mentally ill human being. Throughout his life he created some of the most high end paintings and drawings, and he would not have done so without some of the mental imbalances that were present in his life.Vincent Van GoghVincent van Gogh was an interesting man. Vincent van Gogh had one of the strongest impacts on the art world in the oral fissure. He was not recognized until his death and he sold only one painting when he was alive. This painting was The Red Vineyard. Van Gogh suffered from mental illness and depression. No one knows how he got them but these illnesses have list his art repair. He used his sensations and depression in his artwork. E genuinely single piece of his depicts his depression and sorrow. Vincent van Gogh has impacted the world with his paintings. He was a post-impressionist minter whose work, notable for its beauty, emotion and color, highly influenced 20th- century art. (www. Biography. Com/ multitude/Vincent-van-Gogh-951 5695, Unknown Author) Most people know him for his famous painting Starry iniquity. Van Gogh has leave his mark on the world and art itself. Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in Holland. As a child van Gogh had a real normal life. He grew up in the village of Grotto Evader. His parents were Theodore, who was a Protestant minister, and Anna Cornelia van Gogh. Vincent was named aft(prenominal)ward his older familiar who died when h e was born.His return never got over her starting line sons death and never grew to cope van Gogh. When he was young, he started forming mental problems. Van Gogh had two brothers and tierce sisters. Their names were Thee and Core and Elisabeth, Anna and WI. Vincent was the oldest of his family. He loved all of his siblings but he grew the strongest relationship with his brother Thee. When he was a child, his mother taught all the children how to draw and paint with water colour. She also taught them how to love the environment and the outdoors. Vincent loved the outdoors and would forever and a day go on walks.On these walks, he would come across the cemetery and in the cemetery was Baby Vincent grave. The site of seeing his own name and natal day on the grave frightened van Gogh. Whenever he saw this he would think about how perfect his older brother was and how he bequeath never reach that status and how he will fail. Vincent van Gogh went to school bid any other kid in th e sass but because of financial problems, he had to drop out and start working. When he was 16, he started working at the Hogue gallery which was run by gospel and Company. His Uncle Cent, who was an art dealer himself, got him a Job.Being away from his family, van Gogh was at the height of his life. He started to gain more knowledge in e real aspect. He began to read many books and he learned how to speak French, incline and German. Vincent worked there for six years and on his fourth year at Gospel and Company, he transferred to London, England. When he was 20 years old, he hide in love with his landladys daughter. Her name was Eggnine Layer. Van Gogh asked her to marry him but he was turned down and rejected. She said that she was already secretly engaged. Vincent van Gogh was infuriated by this.He threw away all of his books side the Bible and decided to devote himself to God. At work, Vincent started to argue and disturb with his coworkers and the customers. When he turned 23, he was fired from Gospel and Company. He and so decided to go to school to become a minister manage his father. Van Gogh was actually tough on himself and whenever he studied wrong, he would punish himself. These punishments would be starving himself or staying outside for the shadow in the cold. He was genuinely stubborn and he refused to take one of the exams. No schools would take him because of his stubbornness and his refusal.Van Gogh windless(prenominal)ness believed that he was meant to be a minister so went to preach to the miners of Baronage. While he was there, he sketched most of the things he saw. He gave his brook to a sick char and slept in a shack. He helped the miners but while he was help them, he was torment. The miners called him the Christ of the coalmines. Vincent van Gogh got pleasure from suffering. He matt-up that when he suffered, he was taking some ones hurt away from them. The church building felt that the Job wasnt safe for him so they let h im go. Van Gogh had no place to live and had no money.He thought of himself as a failure and he would always font at the sketches of the miners and wonder how he could help people like that. He then decided that he wasnt qualifying to help them by being a minister, he was going to help them through his art. He decided to become an artist. level(p) though he had no artistic training, he gave e precisething his all. Vincent wrote to his brother Thee, asking him for some support. Thee agreed and Vincent travel screening to Holland. At the age of 28, he ideal his start oil painting. Thee was a respected art dealer at Gospel and Company so every painting van Gogh would make, he would end it to Thee.Dan Gogh then overleap in love with his cousin, Kate. Her husband had just passed away and she was grieving his death. Van Gogh asked her for her arrive at in marriage but she denied. She then ran away from Vincent but, like lastly time, he could not take no for an answer. He chased aft(prenominal) her back to her internal in Amsterdam. Van Gogh talked to her family and they explained to him that she didnt want that relationship. His family was very disgusted with him for his actions. Vincent did not want to live at home anymore so he go to the capital city of South Holland, The Hogue.In the city, he met Classic Maria Horn. She was an alcoholic and a prostitute and Vincent soon fell in love with her. She also had a four-year-old girl and was pregnant. She became sick and stop prostituting. Because she could not work anymore, she was Vincent model for all of his paintings. In 1882, Vincent van Gogh arrange out he had syphilis. Classic started work again and Vincent became very depressed. They started fighting and Vincent depression got worse. Van Gogh left Classic and moved to Drenched. If he didnt leave Classic, his family would cut him off and not support him with any money.In Drenched, he began to paint the people and the landscape. This is where he finis hed his first painting. Fulfilling his desire to paint figures, and 1885 van Gogh completed his first major work, The spud Eaters which proved a unknown author) Thee received The stump spud Eaters and said it was to a fault gloomy and dark. Thee said that the dark colors that Vincent used were not popular anymore. People in art started using superb colors and expression which was called Impressionism. Van Gogh decided to go to the Academy of fine liberal arts in Antwerp. He discovered Nipponese art and really esteem it.He learned a lot in art school but decided that it wasnt for him and moved to France. In France, van Gogh started painting like the other Impressionists. He was invited into a circle of Impressionist artists. This group consisted of Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Edgar Degas, and Georges Serrate. Vincent began to use a brighter palette in all of his art pieces. Impressionist artists would only paint when the illume was perfect and when they were in the mood. Vincent felt that it didnt matter and he would paint all day in any type of light. He also created the proficiency of using small and short sailstrokes.Vincent van Gogh created a new type of art, which was Post- Impressionism. He put more emotion in his art and was more experimental with his paintings and his techniques. picture show was the only thing that kept him sane most of the time. Van Gogh felt that he was more dedicated than the other artists. He and his artist friends would pose for each other to save money. They dedicated themselves to art and nothing else. In 1886, Vincent became very interested in Japanese prints. For two years, he painted like the Japanese. He moved into this yellow house in Arles because he was told the light was fairish like Japans.Vincent used his money for paint and not food. He lived off of bread and coffee. At dark you would drink absinthe which do him feel strange and start hallucinating. In the day Vincent would find himself eating paint and drinking turpentine. Vincent van Gogh started to go crazy. His brother was disturbed about him so he paid Vincent friend, David Gauguin, to watch after him. David was also an artist and they painted to reapher but they would always fight. David lived with van Gogh for a month but couldnt take it anymore. subsequently an argument, David walked out of the house and went on a walk.He didnt think anyone was with them but then he comprehend footsteps and Vincent was right behind him holding a knife. Van Gogh went home and later that night he paid for a prostitute named Rachel. Vincent head was bleeding and he turn over Rachel a part of his ear. When he handed her part of his ear, he said keep this object carefully and walked back to his house. He was found by the police and they checked him into the hospital. Thee came to visit him and Vincent was suffering from loss of blood and seizures. Van Gogh was released from the hospital was all alone.David left the house ND Vincent becam e very depressed again. He assay to paint to make him feel better but it didnt work. The whole village of Arles make a complaint that van Gogh was a danger to the people in the town. Vincent was kicked out of Arles and checked into a clinic. Even though he was in the asylum, he still painted. He started to paint the hospital gardens and in November of 1889, he was asked to send in paintings to Brussels for an exhibit. He only sent six paintings and two of them were Starry Night and Irises. Throughout those 10 years, van Gogh painted about 900 painting.Vincent mental problems seemed to be getting better so he left the clinic. Van Sagos nephew was born on January 31, 1890. His nephew was named after him and to think Thee and his wife, he made a painting for them. This painting was named blossoming Almond Tree and it symbolizes new life. During that same time, Thee sold one of Vincent paintings for the first time. Van Gogh moved to the country in Avers and his depression began to get worse. On July 27, 1890, Vincent went on a walk to a wheat dramatics and shot himself. The gunshot did not kill him instantly and he found his way back to his apartment.Vincent van goghThere are a umber of things in this painting this painting shows us that she is very poor. There are no flowers, lamps and garden. The house is the bare minimum it shows the 19th deoxycytidine monophosphate things for the poor in the countryside were dark. Self-portrait, this painting shows us that he seems to frown and scrunch up his brow in concentration, he looks very lonely. He use orangish dots in the background seem to reflect the orange red of his beard. He Inner is melancholy but he use the most secure color-orange, he should be eager to get love.I think thats almost unrealizable without knowing his name. He is one of the greatest artists in the world. He was born in 1850 three or two someday, whatever. And as a lot of people know, Van Gogh is the oldest child in their family, but actua lly, his parents had a little baby before him, the baby died the same day Just one year before Van Gogh was born. So, they gave the two babies a identical name, this is why sometime people will call Van Gogh the second Vincent. Sources Chapter 4, Chapter 6, Chapter 1 1 .Vincent van goghVincent van Gogh BY allele Vincent Van Sagos Work of Art Ann. lee Humanities 1301 Professor Philip Nonuser 02 celestial latitude 2013 Professor Nonuser Vincent Van Gogh is a unique and outstanding artist who had a dramatic life that unnatural his paintings. At the age of twenty-seven, Vincent decided to devote his life for art because Vincent believed in the power of art. To him, a work of art, whether drawing or painting, had as touch an effect as a live sermon or a letter( euchre 17) . Van Gogh started his work of art with drawing.Vincent sent Thee, is brother, some of his drawings such as Au Carbonate (At the Coalmines), Miner Shouldering a Spade or Men and Women Going to the Mines. He drew eve rything he saw in everyday life. The miners and weavers usually appeared in his drawings. In the letter to his brother, Thee, he told him about his sympathy for these people I should be very happy if someday I could draw them, so that those unknown or little- known types would be brought before the eyes of the people(20). In summer of 1882, he started paintings in oils.Vincent oftentimes paints the simplest, most miserable, cost scorned objects such as old shoes or loamy potatoes. (Huge 61). Vincent painted with dark and miserable colors. At the end of 1882, he experiments with lithography. He created a series often graphic works nine lithographs and one etching. In the letter to his brother Thee, Vincent told him about drawing Sorrow is one of Van Sagos lithographs. The special thing about this lithograph is that it was originally a painting about a naked prostitute sitting with flabby breasts, heavy stomach, thin and laden hair and weeping with her head on her knees (Huge 6).Vincent also decided to do a lithograph based on the painting The Potato Eaters. The Potato Eaters is his first major work. It depicted five miserable family members, who were peasants, gathered around the table, eating their potatoes in the end of a day. Vincent wanted to attain the clean-living value in this painting I have tried to mark that those people , eating their potatoes in the lamplight, have dug the earth with those very hands they put in the dish, and so it speaks of manual labor, and how they have frankly earned their food (Euchre 88).Van Sagos only etching, L Home la shrill portrait du Doctor Cache,depicted Dry. Paul Cachet, a doctor and friend of Van Sagos who took care of him in the final weeks of his life. In 1886, Vincent moved to Paris, where he met his brother Thee, and he also made friends with Gauguin, Pissarro and Serrate. He discovered the French Impressionist. However, through Monticello, he discovered both flowers and color (Huge 63). And through his new friends, he brightened his palette. The Million De la Galatea is yellowed in tone but still muted in spite off pale sky.The hill of Montmartre was treat more conventionally the painting was dominated by green and yellow ( Euchre 114). During 1887, Vincent created more than twenty- two self- portraits. The reason for this large amounts of his self-portraits was as though he wanted to rediscovered himself physically after he changed his style in art . Another reason is that Vincent Van Gogh was short of money, therefore, he became his own subject l purposely bought a good decorous mirror to work from myself, for want of a model.Self -portrait with a strew Hat painted in the summer of 887 show the artists awareness of Neo-elementariness technique and color theory ( The Metropolitan Museum of Art), the background is sketched in by meaner of very widely spaced, comma- like strokes ( Euchre 1 15). In 1888, he moved to Arles. Vincent was affected by the strong sunlight and he became the prey of the sun , he burst out with spring, reached his highest point during summer and discovered July and the flames mountain(Euchre 165).At this point of time, his style changed immensely , and it was greatly impacted by the work of the Impressionists and Neo- Impressionists. He started to abandon somber palette and experiment with lighter colors such as red, yellow, orange, green, blue. We can easily see this change in his paintings such as The Pear Tree in Blossom, The Angles Bridge, Boats at Anchor, mart Gardens, The Suave, A Walk in Arles, The Cafe at Night etc. Besides, Vincent also developed his own unique style of painting. Vincent also experimented with the furrowed brush strokes of the Impressionists and hugely influenced by the Japanese prints.In 1887, he usually went to the shop class of Samuel Being, a dealer of oriental art. He purchased many Japanese prints from Being. After that, he organized an exhibition of Japanese prints at the cafe lee(preno minal) Tambourine. The Japanese prints were used in the background of the painting Portrait of match Tangy by Vincent. In the painting Still Life with adhesive plaster Statuette, the plane in which the plaster statuette is placed crosses the picture emerge vertically from one edge to the other, for shaking all the rules of illusionist status for the plunging approach of the Japanese( Euchre 130).In the Woman at Lee Tambourine painted from the beginning of 1887, the technique is Impressionist, but the background is treated in Japanese fashion, that is divided into parallel down in vertical stripes (132). between the years 1886 and 1889, Vincent painted more than over 30 self- portraits, reflecting his current sake of integrative color contrasts and a bolder composition. His collections of self-portraits place him among the most productive self- portraitists of all time. These portraits not only marked changes in his painting technique but also a reflection of his psychological w orld.The painting Self Portrait with Pipe was painted in 1886, before Vincent moved to Paris. This is the typical mixture of Vincent earlier painting style, using melancholy colors, which are characteristic of traditional Dutch painting. In 1887, Vincent was trying to use Pointillism for his Self Portrait. Pointillism is a painting technique which was created by the artist Georges Serrate. However, Vincent failed at imitating Caesuras patient and uninflected approach to the technique ( The History in Self Portraits). Another self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh is Self Portrait with a white-haired Felt Hat.This portrait showed that he reached the peak of his new painting technique. He also applied brush strokes of distinguishable contrast colors such as blues, oranges, yellow, white, lilac, sky blue, and green. In June 1888, Vincent was interested in the night of Saints- Maries in Arles that he decided to paint the beautiful view of the night. It was the Night Cafe which Vincent stated in the letter to Thee equivalent, though different, of the Potato Eaters and In my picture of the Night Cafe I have tried to express the idea that the cafe is a place where one can bust oneself, go mad or commit a crime( Euchre 164).Then, Vincent had his second night study Cafe Terrace by Night. In the letter that Vincent sent to Wilhelmina, he expressed his pleasure to his paintings present you have a night picture without any black in it, done with nothing but beautiful blue and violet and green, and in these surroundings the lighted square acquires a pale sulfur and unripened citron-yellow color. It amuses me enormously to paint the night on the spot. They used to draw and paint the picture in the daytime after the rough sketch. But I find satisfaction in painting things immediately.Of course its true that in the dark I may mistake a blue for a green, a blue- lilac for a pink-lilac, for you cannot rightly extinguish the quality of a hue. (Euchre 164) In October 18 88, Gauguin came to Arles and lived with Vincent. Gauguin was Vincent friend. He was famous for creating painting in many different styles, including Impressionism and Primitivism. When being together, they painted paintings and discussed with each other about different technique. conterminous month, under Gauguin urging, Vincent experimented with painting from memory.Vincent started to imitate Gauguin technique of painting from memory during this time that resulted in his painting becoming less realistic and more attractive. Vincent measuredly used colors to capture moods, rather than using colors realistically. Their first encounter in painting took place at the Alleyways. In December 1888, Van Gogh did two chair paintings Vincent Chair and Gauguin Armchair. In Vincent Van Gogh- Art, Life and Letters, Euchre said Vincent chair is a creature of light.The ardor of the yellow note, emphasized by the vibrant blue of the contour , attach the paintings of the future painted in such a way that everybody , at least if they have eyes, would see it. Whereas the elegant armchair is bathed in full chiaroscuro(202). However, their inspiration for each other and art faded away, and soon replaced by quarrels. Vincent had less and less confidence in Gauguin. He wrote Thee On various cause I have seen him do things which you and I would not let ourselves do, because we have consciences that feel differently about things.I have heard one or two things said of him, but having seen him at very, very close quarters, I think that he is carried away by his imagination, perhaps by pride, but Practically irresponsible ( CTD. In Euchre 202). About Vincent, he did not eat every day because he was short of money. Despite an countermand stomach, he stayed for hours working under the sun. (Huge 80) . One time, when Vincent saw the portrait of Vincent Painting Sunflowers which was hidden by Gauguin , he could not recognized himself and reacted violently to Gauguin.When they went t o a cafe, Vincent suddenly threw his glass of absinthe at Gauguin head. When Gauguin decided to leave Arles, Vincent tried many ways to make him stay. He had been through a herculean time to face with Gauguin threatened departure. He got up during the night to make sure Gauguin was still there, he used absinthe and bacon, since the only thing to bring ease and distraction, in my case and other peoples too, is to stun oneself with a lot of drinking or heavy smoking(Euchre 211).One day, when Gauguin was walking in the street, Vincent threw himself at him with an opening razor in his hand. However, he did not glide slope Gauguin, he ran away. Back in his room, he cut off the lobe of his ear with the razor. He cleaned his ear and put it in an envelope and gave the doorkeeper his ear. He was discovered by the police and hospitalized at the Htell-Died hospital in Arles. Gauguin left immediately for Paris, choosing not to visit Van Gogh in the hospital. Then they never met each other in person again.Two weeks after it happened, he painted his self- portrait Self -Portrait with Bandaged Ear. This portrait is considered as the calm after the storm. He takes a quiet and detached look at himself and expresses a feeling of renewed hope through his bright colors and simplified drawing. A clue to the origin of this bold style is found in the Japanese woodblock print on the wall behind him( The History in Self Portraits Para. 13). Van Gogh then started to parachute between fits of madness and lucidity and was sent to the asylum in Saint- Remy for treatment.Van Gogh left Arles on 8 May. In mid-June, Van Gogh produced his best known work Starry Night. In 1890, he shot himself in the chest by a revolver. During his career, he only sold one painting. Van Gogh became famous only after his death because of his modern art that had a strong influence on the artists of the next generation. Even though Vincent Van Gogh had a very dramatic life, he devoted almost most of his enti re life for art. A very unique feature about Vincent ark of art is his outstanding bold brush strokes which he adopted in his later paintings..

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Philippine Psychology Act of 2009 Essay

STATEMENT OF POLICY discussion section 2. teaching of Policy. The State recognizes that psychologists fuddle an important role in nation-building and development. It also acknowledges the divers(a) extraizations of psychologists and the diverse functions specific to the varied specializations. It particular, it recognizes the significance of the mental build that practicing psychologists interpret to diverse types of clients, but also recognizes the need to protect the public by preventing inexperienced or untrained individuals from offering mental service. Hence, it sh liquid ecstasyly nurture competent, ripe and assiduous psychologists whose standards of physical exertion session and service shall be excellent and globally combative through the administration of inviolable, notionive and credible licensure examens and the im put and promotion of regulative measures, programs and activities that enhance their sea captain growth and easily- being.ARTICLE IIIDEFINI TION OF harm instalment 3. Definition of Terms. As employ in this achievement, the falling call shall have the following meanings (a) Psychology is the scientific study of human mien. It involves the masking of scientific methods to inquire into the biological, cognitive, affective, developmental, soulfulnessality, social, cultural and individual difference dimensions of human behavior. (b) per process of Psychology consists of the delivery of psychological services that involve exercise of psychological principles and procedures for the purpose of describing, belowstanding, predicting and influencing the behavior of individuals or aggroups, in order to assist in the attainment of optimal human growth and functioning.The delivery of psychological services includes, but is not limited to (1) psychological interventions psychological counseling, psych creator(a)apy, psychosocial nutriment, coaching, psychological debriefing, group answeres and all other psychological in terventions that involve the application of psychological principles to change psychological functioning of individuals, families, groups and organizations (2) psychological juristic opinion gathering and integration of psychological science-related info for the purpose of making a psychological valuation, accomplished through a variety of tools, including individual tests, projective tests, clinical interview and other psychological assessment tools, for the purpose of assessing diverse psychological functions including cognitive abilities, aptitudes, somebodyality characteristics, attitudes, values, interests, emotions and motivations, among others, in support of psychological counseling, psychotherapy and other psychological interventionsand (3) psychological programs development, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of psychological treatment for individuals and/or groups. (c) Psychologist means a innate person who is punctually registered and holds a s ensible corroboration of adaption and a reas aned professingal assignment posting as sea captain psychologist, issued by the headmaster regulative advance of Psychology and the master copy person linguistic rule electric charge pursuant(predicate) to this turn of events for the purpose of delivering the different psychological services defined in this Act. (d) Psychometrician means a natural person who holds a legal security department of fitting and a valid victor identification bank bill as psychometrician issued by the Professional Regulatory visiting peak of Psychology and the Professional regulating bang pursuant to this Act.As such(prenominal)(prenominal), he/she shall be authorized to do each of the following Provided, That such shall at all meters be conducted to a lower place the cargon of a clear master psychologist (1) administering and scoring of purpose personality tests, structured personality tests, excluding projective tests and other hig her level forms of psychological tests (2) interpreting results of the very(prenominal) and preparing a written report on these results and (3) conducting preceding(prenominal) intake interviews of clients for psychological invention sessions.ARTICLE IVPROFESSIONAL regulative BOARD OF PSYCHOLOGY discussion section 4. Creation and Com seat of the Professional Regulatory bestride of Psychology. There is hereby created a Professional Regulatory placard of Psychology, hereinafter called the display panel, a collegial body under the administrative cook and supervision of the Professional Regulation relegating, hereinafter referred to as the Commission, which shall be cool of a electric chair and two (2) divisions appointed by the President of the Philippines from a list of trine (3) nominees for each position. The list of nominees shall be submitted to the Commission by the integrated and accepted display case field organization of psychologists. The batting order shall be organize not later than cardinal (60) years from the effectivity of this Act. voice 5. efficacy of the hot seat and the Members of the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology. The prexy and members of the Board shall, at the time of their appointment and for the course of their term, possess the following qualifications (a) A natural born citizen and resident of the Philippines(b) At least thirty-five (35) geezerhood of while(c) Possess inviolable moral character(d) Hold a doctors storey degree in psychology conferred by a university, college or aim in the Philippines or board punctually recognized and/or accredited by  the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) (e) Have at least ten (10) old age of course session in psychology and psychometry in a punctually recognized institution, clinic or center, as well as at least (5) years of teaching experience in the field of psychology (f) Be a registered and authorise psychologists, except in the case of the first members of the Board who shall automatically be conferred a valid credentials of adaption and a valid professed(prenominal) identification card in psychology and psychometrika upon appointment to the Board (g) Is neither an officer, legal guardian nor member of the faculty of whatsoever university, college, institute or schooltimedays where a regular course in psychology is offered or taught or analyze classes conducted and shall not have twain pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, in each such institution(h) Is not an officer, nor hold any position other than being a member of the integrated and accredited national organization of psychologists and (i) Shall not have been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude. incision 6. Term of Office. The members of the Board shall hold office for a term of trinity (3) years or until their successors shall have been appointed and duly qualified. Each member of the Board whitethorn be reappointed for one (1) ful l term of three (3) years. The first members of the Board shall hold office for the following terms the Chairperson for three (3) years one (10 member for two (2) years and the other member for one (1) year, which shall be specified in their respective appointments. whatsoever vacancy occurring at bottom the term of a member shall be fill for the unexpired portion of the term only. Each member of the Board shall delineate by taking the proper sworn statement prior to the performance of his/her duties. dent 7. Powers and Duties. The Board shall have the following powers and duties (a) Administer and implement the provisions of this Act and promulgate as well as revise or up exit, as needed, rules and regulations, resolutions and guidelines hereto Provided, That the policies, resolutions, rules and regulations issued or declare by the Board shall be win to review and approval of the Commission (b) Supervise and monitor the accommodation, licensure and practice of psychologist s and Psychometricians in the Philippines (c) Administer oaths in connection with the administration of this Act (d) Issue, and upon configuration with collectible process requirements, suspend or revoke, and/or reinstate, the security department of accommodation and professional person identification card for psychologists and psychometricians (e) Adopt an ex officio seal of the Board(f) superintend the conditions and circumstances affecting the practice of psychology and psychometrika in the Philippines and cod such measures as may be deemed honorful and proper for the enhancement and maintenance of high professional, ethical and technical standards of the profession (g) Issue bears to and exercising visitorial powers over agencies, institutions, associations and partnerships to verify that the persons practicing psychology and psychometrics therein are psychologists and psychometricians with valid certificates of adjustment and valid professional identification car ds, and that they possess the necessary accreditation, skills and/or facilities to competently obligate out their functions (h) Assist the Commission in the manifestation and implementation of the guidelines on continuing professional fostering for psychologists and psychometricians (i) Ensure, in coordination with the CHED, that all educational institutions offering the course/program of psychology strictly stick with with the policies, standards and requirements prescribed by the CHED for such course/program, especially in the areas of administration, curriculum, faculty, library and facilities(j) Prepare, adopt, issue and amend, in consultation with the CHED, syllabi for the licensure inquiry suits (k) Investigate and, when imprimatured, her administrative cases involving violations of this Act, its implementing rules and regulations as hereinafter promulgated, and any applicable polity of ethics and/or engrave of professional standards. For this purpose, it may issue s ubpoena testificandum and subpoena duces tecum to deposit the appearances of witnesses and the proceeds of documents in connection therewithProvided, That the Boards finding, resolution or orders furnished in administrative cases shall be subject to review only on appeal and (l) Perform such other functions and duties as may be lawfully delegated to it, or as it may deem necessary to carry out the objectives of this Act. class 8. Compensation and anyowances. The Chairperson and members of the Board shall receive the analogous compensation and allowances as those received by the Chairperson and members of the existing regulatory boards under the Commission, as provided in the charter of the Commission and in the command Appropriations Act. arm 9. Removal or Suspension of Members of the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology. Any member of the Board may, upon the recommendation of the Commission, upon observance of due process and completion of the proper investigation, be suspended or removed by the President from office for cause, such as gross neglect of duty, incompetence, malpractice, behavior unbecoming of a psychology professional, immorality, unethical or dishonorable conduct, terminal conviction of any crime involving moral turpitude, any act of pit aside and corruption, and participation in the manipulation of or any dishonesty sexual intercourse to the licensure tests and/or the registration process. region 10. Administrative Supervision over the Board, steward of its drops, Secretariat and Support Services. The Board shall be under the administrative supervision and control of the Commission. All records of the Board, including documents congenator to the licensure inquirys as well as administrative and other investigative cases conducted by the Board, shall be kept in the time lag of the Commission. The Commission shall designate the secretaire of the Board and shall provide the secretariat with necessary support services to effectivity implement the provisions of this Act. ARTICLE VLICENSURE EXAMINATIONS separate 11. inquirys Required. All appliers for registration to practice psychology and psychometrics shall be required to pass a licensure interrogatory for psychologists and psychometricians to be conducted by the Board in such places and dates, and subject to such requirements prescribed by the Commission. division 12. Qualifications of Applicants for the Licensure Examination for Psychologists. Any person may apply to take test for registration and licensure as a psychologist after rendering evidence becoming to the Board that the applicator (a) Is a Philippine citizen, a permanent resident or a citizen of a remote state/country which extends reciprometropolis to the Philippines relative to the practice of the profession(b) Holds at least a masters degree in psychology conferred by a university, college or school in the Philippines or abroad recognized/accredited by the CHED and ha s incured equal ascribe for the subjects covered in the examinations (c) Has undergone a stripped of two hundred (200) hours of supervised practicum/internship/clinical experience related to services enumerated in separate (b) of Section 3 of this Act and under the auspices of a licensed psychologist or other licensed mental health professional (d) Is of good moral character and(e) Has not been convicted of an execration involving moral turpitude. Section 13. Qualifications of Applicants for the Licensure Examination for Psychometricians. Any person may apply to take the examination for registration and licensure as a psychometrician by furnishing evidence satisfactory to the Board that the applicant (a) Is a Filipino citizen, a permanent resident or a citizen of a foreign state/country which extends reciprocity to the Philippines relative to the practice of the profession (b) Holds at least a bachelors degree in psychology conferred by a university, college or school in the Philippines or abroad recognized/accredited by the CHED and has obtained sufficient credits for the subjects covered in the examinations (c) Is of good moral character and(d) Has not been convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude. Section 14. Examination Subjects for Psychologists. The licensure examination for psychologists shall cover the following subjects (a) mod Theories of constitution(b) Advanced Abnormal Psychology(c) Advanced Psychological estimate and(d) Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy.Section 15. Examination Subjects for Psychometricians. The licensure examinations for psychometricians shall cover the following subjects (a) Theories of Personality(b) Abnormal Psychology(c) Industrial Psychology and(d) Psychological Assessment.The Board may recluster, rearrange, modify, add or exclude and prescribed subjects for psychologists and psychometricians as the need arises. Section 16. enrolment Without Examination for Psychologists. A person who possess es the qualifications required to take the examination for registration as a psychologist pursuant to the provisions of this Act may be registered without examination Provided, That the applicant files with the Board within three (3) years after its creation an application for registration and issuing of certificate of registration and professional identification card by submitting credentials satisfactory to the Board that the applicant had, on or prior to the effectivity of this Act, fulfilled the requirements under either subparagraphs (a), (b) or (c) herein (a) Obtained a doctoral degree in psychology and had lay in three (3) years of work experience in the practice of psychology (b) Obtained a masters degree in psychology and accumulated a minimum of five (5) years of work experience in the practice of psychology(c) Psychologists or employees who hold positions as psychologists presently filmd in various administration or individual(a) agencies, who have a bachelors degr ee in psychology, accumulated a minimum of ten (10) years of work experience in the practice of psychology as a psychologist, and who have updated their professional education in various psychology-related functions. Section 17. Registration Without Examination for Psychometricians. A person who possesses the qualifications required to take the examination for registration as a psychometrician may be registered without examinationProvided, That the applicant files with the Board within three (3) years after its creation an application for registration and issuance of a certificate of registration and professional identification card by submitting credentials satisfactory to the Board that the applicant earlier the effectivity of this Act had obtained a bachelors degree in psychology and had accumulated a minimum of two (2) years full time work experience in the practice of psychometrics.Section 18. Ratings in the Examination. To be qualified as having passed the licensure examina tion for psychologists and psychometricians, a candidate must have obtained a weighted ecumenic average of at least seventy-five percent (75%) for all subjects, with no grade lower than sixty percent (60%) in any assumption subject. An examine who obtains a weighted general average of seventy-five percent (75%) or higher but obtains a rating below sixty percent (60%) in any given subject may recapture such subjects within the next two (2) years, and upon obtaining a rating of at least seventy-five percent (75%) in each such subject, shall then(prenominal) be deemed to have passed the licensure examination. Section 19. Report of Ratings. The Board shall submit to the Commission an official report dilateing the ratings obtained by each examine within ten (10) calendar days after the examination, unless such period is extend for just cause.ARTICLE VIREGISTRATIONSection 20. Oath of Psychologists and Psychometricians. All successful examines qualified for registration and all qu alified applicants for registration without examination shall be required to take an oath to uphold the profession before any member of the Board or any officer of the Commission authorized to administer oaths, prior to entering into the practice of psychology or psychometrics in the Philippines. Section 21. Issuance of Certificate of Registration and Professional appellation Card. A certificate of registration and professional identification card shall be issued to all successful examines and registrants without examination upon compliance with all the legal requirements, including fee of fees, prescribed by the Commission.The certificate of registration shall bear the touch modality of the Chairperson of the Commission and members of the Board, indicating that the person call ind therein is entitled to practice the profession with all the privileges and concomitant responsibilities appurtenant thereto. The express certificate shall remain in full wildness and effect until su spended in accordance with this Act. A professional identification card bearing the registration number, date of issuance and validity term of three (3) years, duly subscribe by the Chairperson of the Commission, shall likewise be issued to every registrant who has paid the prescribed registration fee. Upon intent of the professional identification card, the psychologist and psychometrician may renew the same upon proof of compliance with continuing education requirements prescribed by the Board and/or the Commission.Section 22. Disclosure of Registration Information. The psychologist or psychomitrician shall be required to indicate his/her registration and professional identification card number and date of issuance, the sequence of validity, including the professional tax receipt number on each document sign, used or issued in connection with the practice of his/her profession. Section 23. none-issuance of Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Card. Th e Board shall not register nor issue a certificate of registration or professional identification card to any person convicted of a criminal offense involving moral turpitude, has been demonstrate illegal by a judicial or other duly accomplished tribunal of immoral or dishonorable conduct, or has been medically diagnosed to be of unsound mind.In the event of non-issuance of the certificate for any reason, the Board shall furnish the applicant a written statement setting forth the reasons for such denial, which statement shall be incorporated to the records of the Board. Section 24. Foreign Reciprocity. No noncitizen shall be admitted to the psychology or psychometrics licensure examinations unless he/she proves that the country of which he/she is a citizen either (a) Admits Filipino citizens to the practice of psychology or psychometrics without need for registration and issuance of a certificate of registration/professional identification card (b) Allows Filipino citizens to p ractice psychology or psychometrics without restriction or (c) Allows Filipino citizens to practice the same after an examination on terms of strict and absolute equality with nationals of said country. Section 25. Practice through Special/Temporary Permit. Special/ momentary bears may be issued by the Board, subject to the approval by the Commission and payment of appropriate fees, to the following persons (a) Licensed psychologists or psychometricians from foreign countries/states who are internationally acknowledged specialists or outstanding experts in psychology or psychometrics Provided, That their services are important and necessary either due to the neediness or inadequacy of available local specialists or experts or in recognition of their potential contribution to the promotion and advancement of the practice of psychology of psychometrics through transfer of technology (b) Licensed psychologists or psychometricians from foreign countries/states whose services shall be f ree and offered exclusively to indigent patients in a particular hospital, center or clinic and (c) Licensed psychologists or psychometricians from foreign countries/states employed as exchange professors to teach psychology or psychometrics in schools, colleges, universities offering psychology or psychometrics courses or programs.The allow for shall detail the conditions thereof which shall, among other things, include the effectivity period of not to a greater extent than one (1) year subject to renewal and the specific place of practice such as the clinic, hospital, center, school, college, university offering the course of psychology or psychometrics. The Board, subject to the approval by the Commission, shall prescribed rules and regulations on the implementation of this particular section. Section 26. Suspension or Revocation of Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Card or Cancellation of a Special/Temporary Permit. The Board shall have the power, af ter notice and hearing, to suspend or revoke the certificate of registration and professional identification card or to cancel special/temporary permits granted pursuant to this Act on any ground set forth in Section 33 of this Act or any of the instances hereunder (a) Procurement of a certificate of registration and/or professional identification card or special/temporary permit by fraud or deceit(b) Allowing an unqualified person to advertise or to practice the profession by using ones certificate of registration or professional identification card or special/temporary permit (c) Violating or conspiring to violate any of the provisions of this Act, its implementing rules and regulations, the code of ethics or code of professional standards promulgated hereinafter by the Board (d) Manifest physical or mental incompetence to render psychological services with reasonable skill and safety to his/her clients/patients (e) Professional bungle or negligence in the performance of duties as a psychometrician and (f) winsome in the practice of the profession during the period of ones suspension. Section 27. Reinstatement. A psychologist or psychometrician whose certificate of registration has been revoked may apply to the Board for reinstatement at any time after two (2) years from the date of revocation of said certificate.The application shall be in writing and shall conform to requirements hereinafter prescribed by the Board. No certificate of registration or professional identification card or special/temporary permit shall be reinstated unless the Board is satisfied that a good cause exists to warrant such reinstatement. Issuance of a new certificate of registration or professional identification card or special/temporary permit in lieu of one that has been lost, destroyed or mutilated shall be subject to applicable rules prescribed by the Commission.Section 28. Appeal from Judgement. The close of the Board shall ipso facto become final fifteen (15) days fr om receipt of the decision by the respondent unless an appeal has been filed with the Commission within the same period. The Commissions decision on appeal may be moreover appealed before the Court Appeals within fifteen (15) days from receipt thereof. Section 29. Rights of the Respondent. The respondent psychologist or psychometrician shall have the right to be represented by counsel at all s slatees of the proceedings as well as to speedy disposition of his/her case. He/She shall have the right to confront witnesses against him/her in addition to such other rights guaranteed by the Constitution.ARTICLE VIIPRIVILEDGED discourse AND PROFESSIONAL INTEGRATIONSection 30. Rights to Privilege Communication for Psychologists and Psychometricians. A psychologists or psychometrician cannot, without the consent of the client/patient, be examined on any communication or training disclosed and/or acquired in the course of giving psychological services to such client. The protection accord ed herein shall extend to all given(p) records and shall be available to the secretary, clerk or other staff of the licensed psychologist or psychometrician. Any evidence obtained in violation of this provision shall be inadmissible for any purpose in any proceeding. Section 31. integration of the Profession. The profession shall hereinafter be integrated by consolidating all practitioners into one (1) national organization of registered and licensed psychologists and psychometricians, which shall be recognized and accredited by the Board, subject to approval of the Commission. A psychologist or psychometrician duly registered and licensed by the Board and the Commission shall automatically become a member of said organization and shall receive the benefits and privileges, as well as be subject to all responsibilities and obligations, appurtenant thereto upon payment of the required fees and dues. Membership in the integrated organization shall not be a bar to social station in an y other association of psychologists and/or psychometricians.1avvphi1 Section 32. mandate of Ethics and legislation of Practice for Psychologists and Psychometricians. The Board shall adopt and promulgated the Code of Ethics and Code of Practice for Psychometricians prescribed and issued by the accredited professional organization of psychologists.ARTICLE VIIIPROHIBITED ACTS, PENALTIES AND ENFORCEMENT OF THIS ACTSection 33. out(p) Acts. (a) No person shall(1) Engage in the professional practice of psychology or psychometrics nor represent himself/herself as a professional practicing psychologist or psychometrician without a valid certificate of registration or valid professional identification card, or a valid special/temporary permit granted by the Board pursuant to this Act (2) Represent himself/herself to be a licensed and authorized practicing psychologist or psychometrician during the time that his/her certificate of registration has been suspended or revoked or profession al identification card without being renewed, or special/temporary permit cancelled (3) Allow any other person to use his/her certificate of registration and professional identification card or special/temporary permit for any purpose, irrespective of whether such enables the unqualified individual to engage in the practice of psychology or psychometrics (4) Use, exhibit and/or misrepresent as his/her induce the certificate of registration and/or professional identification card or special/temporary permit of another and (5) Give any false, inaccurate, deceptive or in love information to the Board on order to obtain a certificate of registration or professional identification card or special/temporary permit.(b) No corporation, partnership, association or entity shall execute a psychology or psychometrics office, center, clinic or otherwise engage in the practice or allow the practice of psychology or psychometrics within its premises without securing a permit therefor from the B oard. such(prenominal) permit shall be issued only after the Board is satisfied that such establishment is competently staffed by a psychologist and equipped with sufficient and adequate psychology-related instruments and facilities. (c)A violation of any provision of this Act or of its implementing rules and regulations shall be penalized accordingly.Section 34. Penalties. Any person who violates any provision of this Act implementing rules and regulations shall be punished with imprisonment of not less than six (6) months but not more than three (3) years, or a fine of not less than decade special K pesos (P10,000.00) but not more than One hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00), or both, at the discretion of the court. Section 35. Injunction. The Board may school action to enjoin, restrain, and/or prosecute any individual, corporation, association, partnership or entity benignant in the practice of psychology and psychometrics in violation of this Act. Section 36. Enforcement. It shall be the duty of all duly constituted law enforcement agencies and officers of national, provincial, city or municipal administrations to uphold and enforce the provisions of this Act and to interference and prosecute or cause the investigation and prosecution of any person violating the same.ARTICLE IXMISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONSSection 37. Funding Provision. The Chairperson of the Commission shall immediately hereinafter include in the Commissions programs the prompt implementation of this Act, funding of which shall be provided for in the annual universal Appropriations Act. Section 38. Implementing Rules and Regulations. Within ninety (90) days after the constitution of the Board, it shall promulgated the necessary implementing rules and regulations, subject to approval of the Commission, to implement the provisions of this Act. Section 39. Separability Clause. If any provision of this Act shall at any time be found to be unconstitutional or invalid, the remainder th ereof not affect by such declaration shall remain in full force and effect. Section 40. Repealing Clause. All laws, decrees, rules or regulations inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed or modified accordingly. Section 41. Effectivity. This Act shall take effect after fifteen (15) days following its complete publication in two (2) newspapers of general circulation. Approved,(Sgd.) PROSPERO C. NOGRALESSpeaker of the House of Representatives (Sgd.) JUAN PONCE ENRILE President of the Senate This Act which is a consolidation of Senate Bill No. 3498 and House Bill No. 6512 was finally passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives on December 14, 2009 and December 16, 2009, respectively.(Sgd.) MARILYN B. BARUA-YAPSecretary GeneralHouse of Represenatives (Sgd.) EMMA LIRIO-REYESSecretary of SenateApproved March 16, 2010(Sgd.) GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYOPresident of the PhilippinesThe Lawphil brook Arellano Law FoundationOnline Application for Registration W ithout ExaminationThis facility is for the exclusive use of applicants for registration without examination and is available up to * whitethorn 21, 2015 for Psychologists and Psychometricians* May 21, 2014 for respiratory TherapistsPlease read carefully the entire instructions and information provided below so you will be guided properly on the procedures, requirements and timetables for registration without examination. 1. Before submitting an application for registration without examination, the applicant must a. resolve what the application for registration without examination is for (whether for Psychologist or Psychometrician or both, or for respiratory Therapist). Separate forms and payment will be required for each application. b. discover whether applicant satisfies the qualification standards for Psychologist, Psychometrician, or respiratory Therapist c. Determine if applicant can satisfy all the documental requirements within 15 days from the time of online applicati on. The documentary requirements for Psychologist, Psychometrician, or Respiratory Therapist are provided hereunderFor Psychologist1. maestro and drive away of Certificate of Live Birth in NSO pledge Paper for Filipino citizens. In case of a foreign citizen, a copy of the law of the state or country which permits Filipino Psychologists to practice on the same basis as its subject or citizens, duly authenticated by the Philippine embassy or consulate therein. 2. master key and run off of jointure Certificate in NSO security paper (for married female only) 3. Original and photocopy of copy of commemorates with scanned picture and with the Special localize Number indicated (for both undergraduate and graduate degrees). Where school is exempted from the issuance of an SO, a certificate of certificate and validation (CAV) must be secured from CHED. 4. For those who do not have a masters degree, a certified true copy of of at least 100 hours of updating seminars and workshops att ended from June 2005 to June 2010 must be presented/submitted5. Original Certificates of Practice/ treat Experience(s) a. Certificate of Employment from immediate superior duly noted by either the HR Manager or Employer specifying the position title, nature of work and specific period of employment duly curse in by the issuing authorities. Official melodic line Description signed by the HR Manager must be attached, and for government employees, the official service record specifying the position item must also be submitted. b. For those who are self-employed, applicant must submit the following 1. Certificate of snobbish practice from colleagues, professional partners and/or institutional clients, specifying the nature of work/services rendered and the duration thereof, duly sworn in and notarized under oath 2. Work contract(s), if any, and/or sworn in statement of the practitioner specifying the nature, scope and duration of project engagement or services rendered, and the regul arity of service-delivery with the undertaking that documentary evidence will be produced when required by the Board 3. origin permit and DTI registration6. one-third (3) Original Certificates of Good Moral reference from any of the following school, employer, church, and/or Barangay Captain duly signed by issuing ascendancy and notarized under oath 7. Original Certificate of mental Health or Mental Fitness from a Psychiatrist or from a Registered/Certified Clinical Psychologist, duly signed and notarized under oath 8. Original and photocopy of valid NBI Clearance plus Ombudsman clearance for government employees 9. Two (2) colored passport-size picture with white background and complete name tag10. Photocopy of Community Tax CertificateFor Psychometrician11. Original and Photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth in NSO security paper for Filipino citizens. In case of a foreign citizen, a copy of the law of the state or country which permits Filipino Psychometricians to practice o n the same basis as its subject or citizens, duly authenticated by the Philippine embassy or consulate therein. 12. Original and photocopy of Marriage Certificate in NSO security paper (for married female only) 13. Original and photocopy of transcript of Records for Bachelors Degree in Psychology (AB/BS) with scanned picture. Special Order Number must be indicated. Where school is exempted from the issuance of an SO, a certificate of authentication and validation (CAV) must be secured from CHED.14. Original certificate of regular work experience as a Psychometrician or full time work engagement in the practice of psychometrics for a minimum of 2 years, either from immediate superior (if employed) or from institutional clients, professional partners/colleagues (if on private practice), specifying the nature of work, duly sworn in and notarized under oath. Official job description must be attached. 15. Original and photocopy of valid NBI Clearance plus Clearance from the Ombudsman f or those in government service. 16. Three (3) original Certificates of Good Moral Character, from any of the following school/former professor, employer, church, and/or Barangay Captain duly signed by issuing authority and notarized under oath 17. Two (2) colored passport-size pictures with white background and complete name tag 18. Photocopy of Community Tax CertificateFor Respiratory Therapist19. Original and photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth in NSO security paper 20. Original and photocopy of Marriage Certificate in NSO security paper (for married female only) 21. Original and photocopy of Transcript of Records (with scanned picture) indicating the Special Order (SO) number, and where the school is exempted from the issuance of an SO, a Certificate of enfranchisement and Validation (CAV) from the CHED 22. Original and photocopy of NBI Clearance23. Original Ombudsman Clearance (for government employee) 24. Three (3) Certificates of Good Moral Character, preferably from schoo l, employer, church or barangay captain, duly signed by the issuing authority and duly notarized under oath 25. Two (2) colored passport-size pictures with white background and complete name tag 26. Community Tax Certificate27. Certificate of Employment, Service Record and Job DescriptionFor academic practitionersc. Certificate of Employment and Service Record duly signed under oath and sealed by the adult male Resources section d. Certification of subjects taught in the last ten (10) years duly signed under oath and sealed by the Dean of the college, or his/her equivalent, and the schools RegistrarFor clinical practitionerse. Certificate of Employment and Service Record duly signed under oath and sealed by the humankind Resources surgical incision and Medical Director f. Copy of the Job Description duly signed under oath and sealed by the Human Resources partFor home care clinical practitionersg. Certificate of Employment and Service Record duly signed under oath and sealed by the Human Resources Department and the General Manager (or his/her equivalent) h. Copy of the Job Description duly signed under oath and sealed by the Human Resources Department and the General Manager (or his/her equivalent)NOTE For applicants working abroad, the required documents must be certified by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office tightlipped the place of work. 2.3. As soon as applicant has ascertained (1) which registration without examination to apply for (as Psychologist, Psychometrician or both, or as Respiratory Therapist) (2) that he/she satisfies the qualification requirements and (3) can satisfy all the documentary requirements within the time stated, the applicant is ready to proceed to submit his/her application online. 4. After receiving an mention through applicants electronic mail that the application for registration without examination has been submitted successfully unneurotic with an order form for payment, applicant must follow the steps hereunderd. On the assigned date, applicant must go to the Customer Service Center of the nearest PRC office and secure one (1) P15 metered documentary stamp. Affix the documentary stamp on the blank shell provided in the application form, sign it and indicate the date when the application form was accomplished. Applicant can then proceed to the cashiers window for the payment of the application/processing fee (P900.00 for each application to be processed). e. Submit a copy of the official receipt (OR) evidencing payment together with the duly accomplished application form and documents to 1. For Psychologist and Psychometrician Window 12, Application social class at the Ground Floor of PRC Main expression 2. For Respiratory Therapist PRB Secretariat Office, 3rd Floor of PRC Main Building 3. PRC Regional OfficesSubmit all required documents in a clear book with the confirmation number and official notice of complaisance from the PRB on the first page, a table of contents on the second, the printed application form on the third page, and the rest of the documents in subsequent pages consistent according to the list provided.The application processor will conduct an sign screening of the application documents and should inform the applicant of any deficiency at this time. Applicant should receive a claim stub after initial screening is done. a. After receipt by PRC of applicants documents, he/she should wait for official notification from PRC through his/her email account. Applicant is also advised to check the PRC website regularly to check whether the application has been approved or call tel. no. 3101018 to inquire active the status of application.I have read and fully understood the instructions and I fully agree with the terms and conditions governing the Professional Regulation Commissions application for registration without examination.