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The Best AP US History Books Full Expert Reviews

The Best AP US History Books Full Expert Reviews SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Need some help studying for AP US History? Look no further. In this post, we cover the best AP US History books, from textbooks to prep books, and even study tools such as flashcards and websites. Read on to get the best help you can get for studying for the AP US History exam. Best AP US History Textbook: The American Pageant, 16th Edition Amazon Price: $130 for hardcover, $70 for eTextbook As we covered in our review of the best AP US History textbooks, The American Pageant is far and away the most popular APUSH textbook. Not only does it include all the material you must know for the AP US History exam, but it also has lots of helpful tools, including timelines at the end of chapters to help you get down dates and primary sources to help you prepare for the Document-Based Question (DBQ). What's more, The American Pageant reads more like a novel than it does a textbook, so many students find it more engaging than your usual US history class readings. (That said, if you want a more straightforward textbook, check out our textbook review post and also keep reading for our thoughts on APUSH prep books.) To take a brief example, this is what The American Pageant section introducing Christopher Columbus reads like: "Onto this stage stepped Christopher Columbus. This skilled Italian seafarer persuaded the Spanish monarchs to outfit him with three tiny but seaworthy ships, manned by a motley crew. Daringly, he unfurled the sails of his cockleshell craft and headed westward. His superstitious sailors, fearful of venturing in the oceanic unknown, grew increasingly mutinous. After six weeks at sea, failure loomed when, on October 12, 1492, the crew sighted an island in the Bahamas. A new world thus swam within the vision of Europeans." This definitely sounds like a novel! In comparison, here's a more straightforward textbook introduction of Columbus (from the APUSH textbook Making America): "Eager to capitalize on the new technology and knowledge, Christopher Columbus, an ambitious sailor from the Italian port city of Genoa, approached John II of Portugal in 1484 and asked him to support a voyage westward from Portugal, to the East Indies. The king refused when his geographers warned that Columbus had underestimated the distance. Undeterred, Columbus peddled his idea to various European governments over the next several years but found no one willing to take the risk. Finally, in 1492, Ferdinand and Isabella's defeat of the Moors provided Columbus with an opportunity." Pageant is also a favorite of many teachers of the AP US History class (the textbook is mentioned on tons of blogs and reviews from AP US History teachers). So if you’re without a textbook for AP US History, you’re a teacher shopping around for materials with which to teach your class, or you just want some extra study material, this is the best APUSH textbook to get. You can rent the latest edition of Pageant for around $30 on Amazon. But here's another tip: you can usually buy used older editions for a lot less. Since this book doesn’t change dramatically between editions, buying a used older edition of it is a great way to get a super cheap and useful textbook for your AP US History studies. Best AP US History Review Book: Cracking the AP US History Exam, 2019 Premium Edition Amazon Price: $15-$20 for paperback If you’re looking for a book to help you thoroughly review for the APUSH test, Cracking the AP US History Exam is your best bet. (Note that a prep book does NOT replace a textbook you would use during the school year- it’s a big-picture overview, not a teacher!) This book has clean, concise, readable summaries of key AP US history points and events to help jog your memory and review what you need to know for the exam. The summaries are quick and to-the-point, so you don't have to slog through tons of pages. This book also contains end-of-chapter review questions to help you retain information as you move through it. Not only does Cracking the AP US History Exam cover all the historical information for the APUSH exam, but it also spends ample time explaining the exam essays, including the tricky document-based question. So basically, the book preps you for the AP US History exam's material and helps you get ready for the exam itself. The 2019 premium edition of the book also includes five full practice tests, which tend to be more challenging than the actual AP test. But this is good since it means you'll get the best AP practice possible. (Some prep books have the opposite problem in that their practice tests are too easy, causing you take the real test somewhat unprepared.) Cracking the AP US History Exam also offers many helpful strategies for tackling multiple-choice questions and clearly explains how many raw points you should aim for to pass the test (get at least a 3) or ace it (get a 5), depending on your goal. This info is extremely useful in helping you develop a strategy for the AP US History exam. Finally, the book provides you with access to the online AP Student Tools portal for more practice, study plans, and up-to-the-minute information about the test. Perhaps the only major downside (if you consider it one) is that The Princeton Review's angle is to paint the AP US History test as a bogeyman, with the tone coming off a bit snarky. (I personally like Princeton Review books for this reason, but I know others might prefer materials that are less biased against the test.) Other AP US History Book Mini-Reviews If you’re not a big fan of The Princeton Review’s angle or if you just want another prep book, here's a brief overview of some other quality APUSH books on the market and their pros and cons. Based on your study needs, you can pick out the best prep book (or books!) for you. Kaplan's AP US History Prep Plus, 2018-2019 Edition Amazon Price: About $15 for paperback, $16 for Kindle Kaplan's latest AP US History book gives you tons of practice, thanks to the three full practice tests it includes. The practice tests reflect the recent AP US History redesign, unlike some past popular favorites which had been criticized for not accurately updating their practice tests (for example, the books 5 Steps to a 5 and Crash Course). However, some students worry that many of Kaplan's APUSH practice tests are too easy, with direct questions about the date of events, or DBQs focused mainly on cartoons/images rather than written sources. In addition, the book lacks answer explanations to the multiple-choice questions in the practice tests, making it difficult to determine where you went wrong. Verdict: This is a great book for extra exam practice, but it's not the best source for a clean and accurate US history summary. While this shouldn't be your main AP US History review book, you can definitely use it as a supplementary resource in your prep. AP US History Crash Course, 4th Edition Amazon Price: About $13 for paperback, $10 for Kindle AP US History Crash Course is the fastest read in terms of APUSH books, so it's probably the best choice if you’re in a pinch! Crash Course is known for being very clear and concise. The drawback here is that there's only one practice test, meaning both The Princeton Review and Kaplan give you better bang for your buck in terms of test practice. Verdict: This is a great book for a quick review of AP US History topics and strategies, but it's not a great book if you want lots of practice. If you have a teacher who gives tons of practice exams and all you need is a brief review of the material on the APUSH test, this is a good book for you. AMSCO's United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination, 2018 Edition Amazon Price: About $25 for paperback AMSCO's AP US History book has decent reviews and well-written chapter tests that are similar to the actual AP test; however, it only comes with one full practice test at the end of the book, so it might not be the best deal out there. The biggest drawback is that for some reason the student edition of this AP US History book doesn’t automatically come with an answer key. It's also apparently hard to order an answer key for the practice questions. Only teachers can order the answer keys, so if you want them you will have to find a way to ship them to your school. Verdict: Since practice tests are only useful tools when you can review the answers, unless you want to go out of your way to order this book and the answer key, we suggest one of the other prep books on this list to save yourself the trouble. Barron's AP United States History, 4th Edition Amazon Price: About $15 for paperback, $20-25 for Kindle Think of Barron's as the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none: it has a decent summary of the AP US History test and five full-length practice tests (two in the book, three online); that said, it's not as snappy and readable as The Princeton Review and it's not as concise as Crash Course. This might be your best bet if you want a second prep book or if you're looking for access to lots of AP practice tests, but it probably shouldn’t be your first choice. Verdict: You should buy a prep book with a clear goal in mind: either for all-around review and practice (Princeton Review), fast and efficient AP review (Crash Course), or tons of practice tests (Barron's). Best Free Study Tool: Online AP US History Quizzes Just looking for multiple-choice practice and lots of it? Our AP US History exam guide offers a compilation of the best AP US History quizzes, gathered from textbooks' websites and other free resources. Altogether, we've found hundreds of quizzes you can take to learn more about each major era of US History. This is a great way to review parts of US History you don’t remember that well or to get an overall review for the AP US History Test. The drawback here is that these questions are not AP multiple-choice; they are multiple-choice questions from various textbooks and websites, so the style is somewhat different. In addition, many of these quizzes are focused on just one era of US history, so you don’t get the wide range of questions you'll see on the actual AP exam. Still, these quizzes will help you master specific eras of US history for the actual AP test. I highly recommend checking them out! Best Study Tool to Buy: Barron’s AP United States History Flash Cards, 3rd Edition Amazon Price: About $15 Barron's AP US History flash card set is a great way to review key facts, dates, and figures for the AP exam. Flash cards are an excellent learning tool, and these will save you the hours it would take you to make your own. This set gives you 500 cards that quiz you on everything, from the exploration period to present day. These cards are divided into seven general categories: Arts and Sciences, Domestic Policies, Presidential Matters, Wars and Foreign Relations, Economy and Business, Legal Issues, and Society and Culture. All cards are numbered and labeled, so you can quiz yourself by time period or category, which will help you focus your studying. They even come with a metal ring so you can choose which cards to take with you and study. These are a great choice if you want to be able to study on the go! The only downside is that there's quite a bit of information on each card, so some people might find that they're more like informational cards than they are true flash cards. Best Study Website: AP Study Notes AP Study Noteshas detailed notes on every era of US history, taken from The American Pageant- and it’s completely free! This is a great resource if you want to brush up on a particular era of US history before the AP test in May. Our blog can also help you prepare for any in-class AP US History tests. You can get a detailed breakdown of each era in our AP US History study notes article. Bottom Line: How to Study for the AP US History Test There are lots of potential resources you can use to study for the AP US History exam, including textbooks, prep books, flash cards, websites, and more. Don’t feel as though you have to use them all to get a high score, though. On the contrary, you should find a resource or two you find particularly helpful and use it consistently. As long as you pace yourself and give yourself plenty of time to study and practice, you'll be more than prepared when you sit for the AP US History exam in May! What’s Next? Get more information about the AP program- what the hardest and easiest classes are, when the exams are this year, and whether taking AP classes is worth it. Taking AP US History this year? We also suggest you take the SAT Subject Test in US History if you’re applying to colleges that require/highly recommend SAT Subject Tests. You can read more about SAT Subject Tests, and why you should take them, right here. Learn about checks and balances in the US government, the executive branch's checks on the judicial branch, the Platt Amendment, and lighthouse keeper Ida Lewis with our expert breakdowns. Also studying for the SAT/ACT? Learn the best time in your high school career to take the SAT/ACT for the first time, and get tips on how long you should study for the SAT/ACT. Want to relax with some off-the-beaten-APUSH-path history explorations? We'll teach you about the invention of the 3-hole punch, the history of hip hop, and the twists and turns of the Loomis Fargo heist. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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Apple Computers Marketing Channels Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Apple Computers Marketing Channels - Essay Example (Owen, 2004) Management: Along with this an effective management is also required for the development and also for the training of employees in order to have a continue innovation of all the products of Apple for maintaining and retaining sufficient amount of funds, whenever other competitors are introducing new products. Demographic patterns: Females and males from the age level of 12 years and above will be always in a favor of Apple's product due to its all the new innovations, which are able to perform and also to avoid all those facilities, which would greatly appeal them. Overseas influence: The break down of all the barriers, which are in between those countries, which also increase the sales level of all the products of Apple along with this, it would also make people aware from their products. All the products of Apple are currently in the growing stage, with the help of which more and more people are becoming aware from their products and also purchasing their products, and with the help of this the demand is increasing day by day. On the other hand the sales are also growing very fast and profits are also rising very quickly, however apart from this the competitions is also increasing as the competitors are very much cognizant of all the tactics of all the product of Apple. Apple computer, Inc is known a... om the age level of 12 years and above will be always in a favor of Apple's product due to its all the new innovations, which are able to perform and also to avoid all those facilities, which would greatly appeal them. Overseas influence: The break down of all the barriers, which are in between those countries, which also increase the sales level of all the products of Apple along with this, it would also make people aware from their products. 2. PRODUCT ANALYSIS: All the products of Apple are currently in the growing stage, with the help of which more and more people are becoming aware from their products and also purchasing their products, and with the help of this the demand is increasing day by day. On the other hand the sales are also growing very fast and profits are also rising very quickly, however apart from this the competitions is also increasing as the competitors are very much cognizant of all the tactics of all the product of Apple. During this innovative stage, there are also many opportunities in order to have wider distribution; with the help of this the sales will be higher and higher. ASSUMPTIONS Apple computer, Inc is known as one of the greatest leader in the world of personal computers (pc) until its cloned IBM pc gained popularity. The market share of Apple slipped in spite of the gained popularity of its MAC great range of computers, which were no doubt sold with the help of all authorized retailers and resellers. In order to regain the market share of Apple, it started selling their products online in 1997 and also with the help of all the company owned retail stores. (Glen, 2006) CORE PROBLEM The core problem of this company is that despite the marketing channels which very truly tells punters that the Cupertino has one of the best quality

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Geography discuss from the telegraph to the internet from the point of Essay

Geography discuss from the telegraph to the internet from the point of view of spaces and subjects of modernty - Essay Example As early as 3500 B.C., the Chinese people were busy using written alphabets and printing messages on paperlike material which was used to pass messages across long distances with the postal service that began around 900 B.C. This printed form of language was bound into books beginning around 100 A.D. The shortened form of books, newspapers, began appearing in the cities as early as 1450, but the typewriter wasn’t invented until 1714. All of these methods of communication were effective, even to pass messages across space and time, but they all required the human component to transport them in order to be effective. Joseph Henry invented the first telegraph in 1831 which broke this long-standing restriction, allowing messages to be passed as quickly as a signal could be sent over a wire. Alexander Graham Bell reasoned that if a single sound could be sent via wire, why not a range of sounds, such as a human voice? He perfected his telephone in 1876 and the wires were in place for the first transcontinental phone call to be made in 1914. Things pretty much remained the same on the communications front for a while as inventors explored the possibilities of other forms of communication such as radio, photography, cinema and television (Rowland, 1997). About the time that television was becoming household equipment, the first computers were becoming available for scientific use. As early as 1951, they were being produced and sold on the general market. However, computers as a communication tool didn’t really become an option until the advent of APRANET, the first form of a networked internet that was developed in 1969. These connections were made faster with the introduction of cable wire services in 1972 (Rowland, 1997). At this point, communications methods began speeding up, constantly changing and improving efficiency. In Japan in 1979, the

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CMOS memory Essay Example for Free

CMOS memory Essay 1. Search the internet for information on â€Å"CMOS memory† and answer the following questions: How has CMOS memory changed over the years? Has the size of the CMOS memory increased, decreased, or stayed the same? CMOS memory was originally used in the early days to store semi-permanent data stored in chips. The speeds have increased and the noise has been reduced it also went from analog to digital. With technological advancement over the years, it now uses flash memory, which is a form of EEPROM instead of chips. The size of the CMOS memory changes on how it is set. It either can be added or reduced from the computer. However, these changes cause the computer to report a memory size mismatch. The size of the CMOS memory has also pretty much stayed the same because there is no need to increase the size. There was never any need to store more than 512 bytes in the memory as it holds the absolute basic boot settings for the system. The typical size is still 512 bytes currently. 2. Determine if the CMOS still utilizes RAM, requiring a battery on the motherboard, or has evolved into using EEPROM. There are still CMOS that use a battery on the mother board but EEPROM is more popular today. CMOS has since evolved from using a RAM to using EEPROM. Its a long name for a small chip that holds bits of data code that can be rewritten and erased by an electrical charge, one byte at a time. Its data cannot be selectively rewritten; the entire chip must be erased and rewritten to update its contents.

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Iceland Ltd Human Resource Management Analysis

Iceland Ltd Human Resource Management Analysis The organization chosen for the given three tasks is Iceland Ltd. An affiliation cant come up with a superb gathering of working specialists without incredible Human Resources. The key components of the Human Resources Management (HRM) aggregate consolidate enrolling people, setting them up, execution assessments, awakening delegates and furthermore workplace correspondence, working environment security, and a great deal of other stuff. The HR executives devise courses of action and methodology for getting the right kind of people. They arrange the criteria which is most fitting for a specific expected arrangement of duties. Their diverse endeavors related to enrollment join figuring the duties of an agent and the degree of errands consigned to him or her. In light of these two factors, the understanding of a delegate with the association is prepared. At whatever point required, they also offer planning to the employees as demonstrated by the necessities of the affiliation. Henceforth, the staff people find the opportunity to sharpen their present capacities or make specific aptitudes which therefore, will help them to take up some new parts. A not too bad working condition is one of the points of interest that the agents can envision from a viable human resource gather. A secured, spotless and strong environment can draw out the best in a delegate. An intriguing air gives the staff people work satisfaction as well. The HR talks with the staff freely from time to time and gives all the critical information concerning their displays and besides describes their specific parts. This is invaluable as it engages them to shape a design of their normal destinations in much clearer terms and in this way, helps them execute the targets with most perfect attempts. 1.1 Human resource management is the new form of personnel management. There is no any watertight contrast between human resource management and personnel management. Be that as it may, there are a few contrasts in the accompanying matters. A HR administrators part is to guarantee that business directors apply HR arrangements and methods reliably through all specialty units. This creates organizations crosswise over various groups, which bolsters corporate points and targets. (Accounting-management, 2009) PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Personnel management is a customary approach of overseeing individuals in the association. Personnel management concentrates on faculty organization, worker welfare and work connection. Personnel management expect individuals as a contribution for accomplishing craved yield. Under personnel management, faculty capacity is attempted for representatives fulfillment. Under personnel management, work configuration is done on the premise of division of work. Under personnel management, representatives are given less preparing and advancement openings. In personnel management, choices are made by the top management according to the tenets and control of the association. Personnel management concentrates on expanded generation and fulfilled representatives. Personnel management is worried with personnel director. Personnel management is a standard capacity. Human resource management is a current approach of overseeing individuals and their qualities in the association. Human resource management concentrates on securing, improvement, inspiration and upkeep of HR in the association. Human resource management expect individuals as an imperative and significant resource for accomplishing coveted yield. Under human resource management, regulatory capacity is attempted for objective accomplishment. Under human resource management, work configuration capacity is done on the premise of gathering work/cooperation. Under human resource management, representatives are given all the more preparing and improvement openings. In human resource management, choices are made on the whole subsequent to considering representatives interest, power, decentralization, aggressive environment and so on. Human resource management concentrates on adequacy, culture, profitability and workers investment. Human resource management is worried with all level of administrators start to finish. Human resource management is a vital capacity. 1.2 In every association, there are a few functions tending to the motivations behind the association. Since human resource management is a fundamental and basic issue for association so HRM has additionally a few capacities like recruitment and choice, execution, preparing and improvement and so forth. Hiring demonstrates the entire exercises from circular for workers to definite selection. In this range expected set of responsibilities, circular, various composed or viva voice, transaction and last contract to the chose people. Preparing and improvement alludes to the basic learning and lessons about the information expected to play out the occupations. Representative advancement likewise alludes to develop workers as viable and proficient for particular employments. The association need to ensure that individuals they have the correct aptitudes and experience to execution work getting it done now and in future. To address the motivations behind Iceland, the human resource management duties are assuming an imperative part. Iceland has a reasonable and particular representative recruitment strategy. Iceland dependably lean towards quality as opposed to quantity. Iceland dependably attempt to favor the gifted, ability and shrewd representatives with no segregation. This recruitment approach is exceptionally adding to Iceland to guarantee todays lucrative position in market. Iceland has some master mentors by whom it acclimates the successful preparing and learning session. (Human resource management functions HR l concepts l topics l definitions l abour laws l online, no date) 1.3 (The HR Answer Book) It is past depiction matter that the parts and obligations of line chiefs of any association is critical to accomplish definitive objectives of that association (Bose lie, Dietz and Boon, 2005). Since the key capacities are administered by the line directors so line administrators ought to be exceptionally earnest, devoted, educated and legit. Iceland todays notoriety and lucrative position in market is being conceivable by a solid and particular administration framework. One of the remarkable component of this accomplishment is the parts and duties of line administrators. The parts and obligations of line directors of Iceland are particular. Line supervisors dependably regulate their subordinates appropriately. Line administrators of Iceland are exceptionally dependable regarding aiding and critical thinking in every day operations of their subordinates. In light of the way of life of Iceland, there is a solid relationship between the line chiefs and their subordinates. This relationship helps the workers take Iceland as their own particular association. Furthermore, by dint of this relationship situation Iceland is presently at this level. 1.4 (The HR Answer Book) From the earliest starting point of 21st century, business associations and its exercises are administered by a certain and compelling institutional administrative structure. This administrative system impact the general exercises of business association. Whats more, human resource management is a key issue to be impacted by administrative structure. Administrative system is quite impact the human resource office when organization goes for universal operations for business exhibitions. Iceland is intense and delicate as far as separation in human resource administration work on concerning the moral and legitimate point of view of lawful edge work. Human resource administration division of Iceland is additionally affected by lawful structure in wording on work question, work relations, work rights, remuneration, representative workplace, association demeanor towards its workers etc. The another zone of human resource administration to be impacted by lawful system is equivalent worker opportunity. So the effect of administrative system of Iceland positive as Iceland dependably attempt to accomplish the best by its dedication to satisfy the standards and directions law and morals. 2.1 (The Big Book of HR) It is said that, a right plan is half of done. Human resource arranging alludes the procedure and system and assurance the necessities of an associations human resource. Arranging is must for an association. Without appropriate arranging no action can be performed splendidly for most extreme cases. Since human resource administration is a crucial element for association so significance of getting ready for human resource is exceptionally fundamental. There are some vital explanations behind Iceland making arrangements for human resource arranging. Some of those motivations to be talked about at this point. Firstly Iceland dependably attempts to make the connecting between associations procedure to human resource arranging. Iceland likewise requirements for making arrangements for evaluating momentum HR, deciding the interest for work, anticipating the future work supply, finding or looking the required representatives, coordinating the request and supply for work. Human resource arranging helps Iceland to deal with its human resource adequately and effectively. 2.2 (Michael Armstrong Armstrongs Handbook on Human Resources Management) For human resource recruitment there are some standard stages that can be received by an association. Those stages are practically normal for medium and substantial size of associations. Be that as it may, for accomplishing or benefiting upper hands as far as human resource numerous associations are currently honing at those phases in to some degree diverse ways. Iceland is exceptionally notable and popular brand in the business world as far as its cooperative attitude regarding representative determination process and worker and boss relationship. For this Iceland needs to receive some recruitment stages viably and proficiently. Two noteworthy phases of Iceland recruitment of workers are recruiting sources and meeting the association. Firstly Iceland should attempt to keep up by its recruiting sources by inside source, worker referrals and suggestions, outside hunts with notice, representative office, school, college, spontaneous candidates. Whats more, meeting the association incorporates resumes gathering, some last comments, viva voice lastly the recruitment is happened. 2.3 Recruitment and choice process is one of the real issues of human resource administration. A definitive achievement or disappointment significantly relies on upon recruitment and determination procedure of any association. Recruitment and determination process differs from association to association and nation to nation. A few contrasts are seen between the recruitment and determination procedure of Iceland and Tesco, Sainsburys. From the foundation of Iceland it has been realized that Iceland take after a reasonable and non-segregation for recruitment and choice process. Corporate administrations are completely trailed by it. Adjacent to that it attempt to choose the dynamic, keen, informative individuals. Iceland recruitment and determination handle begins with ad and finishes with useful or demo session. The huge contrasts are seen amongst Iceland and three others specified above in recruitment and choice process regarding inside determination, contracting individuals for conclusi ve choice process and so forth. (SHRM, 2016) 2.4 On the off chance that we attempt to assess the viability of the recruitment and determination methods in above chosen associations we can state that the recruitment and choice procedure of Iceland is exceptionally viable contrasted with others. The procedure or system took after by Iceland guarantees the equivalent representative open doors. Reasonable and required representatives can be chosen by that way. One the other hand for other three associations there may inward determination prepare that can come about howl the desire execution level. Iceland never inclines toward nepotism regarding recruitment and choice process that guarantees the viability and proficiency as far as exhibitions. In any case, there might be some issue emerge since a couple minute perception by test and viva may not generally function admirably. In such manner inward recruitment and determination prepare at times function admirably since by this procedure restorative recruitment is conceivable at a more noteworthy degree. (Todays news, 2016) 3.1 Regularly there is a solid relationship between reward framework and inspiration. Inspiration can originate from numerous ways. Suitable reward framework is one of them. From the above contextual investigation it has been seen that inborn needs comes about the solid inspiration for the workers. The inborn needs are the requirements of the individual needs. Individual, for the most part, have various key mental needs including the need to feel that worker can accomplish something great, they should be a part of gathering, the requirement for regard and consolation from others. Those necessities may originate from some specific issue like advancement, settling on choice, adding to a group, doing assortment of undertakings etc. Iceland is such an association, to the point that has a solid duty to address these issues by occupation pivot, worker engagement, representative inclusion in basic leadership that dependably make a solid connection amongst representative and boss. 3.2 There is a cozy relationship between employment or execution assessment and installment. Be that as it may, installment methodology may differ association to association and nation to nation over the world. In a few associations employment or execution assessment is just a single criteria to decide the installment. Also, it is valid for little retail association for the most extreme cases. Be that as it may, if there should arise an occurrence of extensive size based enterprise different variables with employment assessment might be considered as vital issue to decide the installment or pay. In light of the situation of Iceland it has been watched that, are three strategies for occupation assessment are seen like requesting technique, grouping strategy and point strategy. Requesting technique otherwise called positioning strategy for the most part comprised by both administration and worker agents organizing work from most astounding to least request. (SHRM, 2016) 3.3 As indicated by the specialists of human resources administration, four sorts of reward framework are there honed by the associations. They are continuously inborn versus outward reward framework, money related versus non-monetary reward framework, work put issue: work improvement, execution based versus participation based reward system. The thought process and objective of every association is not same. So one reward framework is successful for one association. It differs association to association. In the event that we attempt to survey the reward arrangement of Iceland it can be seen that Iceland is taking after the natural reward framework that is exceptionally powerful for this association. The workers of this association is such a great amount of satisfied to this reward framework. The qualities or elements of inborn reward framework are extremely useful for its representatives as this reward framework incorporates cooperation in basic leadership, more noteworthy occupation flexibility and watchfulness, obligation, all the more intriguing work, self-awareness openings, differing qualities of exercises. These all components are exceptionally useful to propel and hold the workers of this association. (SHRM, 2016) 3.4 Observing workers and execution administration is one of the key calculates human resources administration. Without legitimate observing and execution administration a firm or association cant see a definitive achievement in future. When we attempt to look at the strategies embraced by Iceland to screen representatives execution a few inquiries might be extremely useful to analyze it. Those inquiries ought to be (1) Is the strategy performed well? (2) Are there any productive techniques more compelling than that of it? (3) How really it functions admirably? Finding every one of the solutions from the handy situation we ought to observe to Iceland way to deal with do it. We can see that Iceland is extremely willing to draw in its workers in basic leadership, to employment advancement and so on. The motivations behind Iceland are being accomplished thusly. Presently we can think if this association takes other techniques to screen its representatives then what will be the genuine situation? The answer can be exceptionally critical. So one might say that the strategy took after by Iceland is working well for it. ([emailprotected] snippet, 2017) 4.1 (The Managers Guide to HR- Max Muller) As I have said there are some particular purposes for end of work like end of business operations, minimizing the work cost, out of line method for representatives, work debate and so on. Faisals termination at the Chicken Master was truly justified as he was paying no attention to the work. His absence during working hours, inefficiency in work was the main reasons. He used to ignore his duties while spending time on calls with her wife or daughter. He was an irresponsible worker. As he was also caught in pornography and other non-acceptable stuff, Bob did the right thing by cancelling his contract. Bob was very much justified in doing so as he warned Faisal a lot of times about his issues but Faisal paid no heed to it. When we see the explanations behind discontinuance of work with uncommon motivations to the associations it is to specify that the suspension rate of work of the Chicken Master is low. For the most extreme cases suspension of work in an organization happens for misrepresentation and most elevated truancy rate of representatives, money related aversion in early phases of its operations. Other than that suspension of work is found in associations in view of exceptionally poor execution as far as client dealings, client relationship keeping up. Among the reasons specified above money related abhorrence is striking exceptionally for the greater part of the associations. Late world financial emergency is the appropriate case for it. 4.2 Work exit system is the following stride of end of business. It fluctuates association to association and nation to nation. In any case, the privileges of workers must to be guaranteed by every kind of association. The business leave method framework ought to be reasonable and particular. As indicated by the work right association must guarantee the reasonable method for business leave technique. Business leave methodology of any organization should be exceptionally excellent. Firstly it should advise the representative formally about suspension. Also it should offers time to representative to set his or her contention against the progression taken by association. In the event that representative is not ready to put his or her contention in his or her support, association should formally eliminate him or her at long last. At that point the association should satisfy all the necessity because of the worker. And a discontinuance card should sent to the address of representative. (The balance, 2017) 4.3 (The Managers Guide to HR- Max Muller) Keeping up the administrative structure at the season of discontinuance of work is extremely basic for partnerships of the business world. Every single association must need to take after the terms and states of suspension and leave strategies of work. When we consider the end course of action of work in the Chicken Master it is seen that the suspension technique of the Chicken Master match every one of the prerequisites of legitimate issue. The Chicken Master never attempt to abuse any terms and conditions got from lawful system. From the foundation of the Chicken Master it is realized that, the Chicken Master never attempted to skirt any articles and arrangement of work law and work rights as far as end methods. From the above exchange we can finish up such a route, to the point that since human resources administration is a constantly rehearsing issue so it assumes a critical part on associations general execution. On the off chance that an association needs to increase full profit by human resources administration it ought to take after every one of the areas of HRM. In a little retail association there are might be a couple of people are selected for its every day operations and exhibitions. Here an imperious method of the proprietor is watched. Iceland never inclines toward nepotism as far as enlistment and choice process that guarantees the viability and proficiency as far as exhibitions. From the foundation of Iceland it is realized that, Iceland never attempted to avoid any articles and arrangement of work law and work rights as far as end procedures. Iceland itself has legitimate counseling board that dependably bargain the lawful based issues and gives the reasonable and particular consultancy to make the essential strides. Suspension of work is an extremely touchy issue for an association in present day and focused universe of discontinuance. In spite of the fact that discontinuance is not expected any more from an association but rather still this situation is happening in a few associations. End can be happened by the end of any association or minimizing the work costs or any debating or unjustifiable method for means. Suspension of business is more touchy issue due to work law and work rights. Executing examinations, when gone up against a steady start, goad the employees. In an organization, there are a couple issues on which level headed discussion may rise between the employees and the organizations. You can state conflicts are basically unavoidable. In such a circumstance, it is the human resource division which goes about as an expert and judge to manage those issues compellingly. They first hear the grievances of the specialists. By then they consider sensible responses for manage them. By the days end, they make propitious move and keep things from leaving hands. The obligation of setting up incredible publicizing lies with the HRM in a manner of speaking. They mastermind gatherings, courses and distinctive expert parties for the association remembering the true objective to create organization with various business divisions. As a less than dependable rule, the HR division expects a dynamic part in setting up the business and publicizing suspects the organization too. Any organization, without a proper setup for HRM will without a doubt experience the evil impacts of huge issues while managing its standard activities. Subsequently, today, associations must put an extensive measure of effort and essentialness into setting up a strong and effective HRM. [1] Accounting-management (2009) Available at: [2] Human resource management functions HR l concepts l topics l definitions l abour laws l online (no date) Available at: [3] Michael Armstrong Armstrongs Handbook on Human Resources Management. [4] SHRM (2016) Popular tools. Available at: [5] Todays news (2016) Available at: [6] BE IN THE KNOW ONÂ   (2016). Available at: [7] [emailprotected] snippet (2017) Available at: [8] The Managers Guide to HR by Max Muller-Second Edition [9] The balance (2017) Available at:

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Emma Gifford Poems Essay

Hardy shows a various amount of thoughts, feelings and concerns throughout the ‘Veteris Vestigia Frammae’ section of his poems. These emotions always differ depending on the memory he is recalling to the place where it took place and even general differences between the way he feels about his late wife, Emma.  To start with in the first poem ‘The Going’, Hardy shows feelings of guilt and blame towards Emma. The first line of the poem, â€Å"why did you give no hint that night† straight away shows that Hardy is blaming Emma for her own death when she didn’t even know herself that she was going to die just that she was quite ill. In this poem Hardy doesn’t show guilt straight out but he does it by asking many questions in the poem but never giving any answers, it seems as if he doesn’t, maybe even can’t explain the way he feels due to Emma’s death. Another emotion shown in this poem is resentment, resentment for the fact that they did â€Å"not speak† and she died without him being able to say what she meant to him. ‘I Found Her Out There’ is also one of Hardy’s poems that shows many emotions and some concerns of his about where Emma had been buried. Hardy’s main concern is the fact that he wants Emma to be in her childhood home of Cornwall where she loved to be but instead she is buried in Wessex where they lived. In the poem Hardy says that he wants Emma to be â€Å"where she once domiciled†. This shows that Hardy wanted Emma to return to her home where she once was as he knows that she enjoyed her life there more than what she did in Wessex. Hardy uses the word â€Å"creep† to describe the way Emma would move underground, this seems to be an odd word to describe how the woman you love would move. In this case it seems as though he uses it to express his regret and how morbid it is without her but also morbid for him to remember that she loved Cornwall more than him and he knew that that was where she belonged no matter what. Hardy also uses to word â€Å"shade† to represent Emma’s soul which also seems a little strange as it would be her soul that would move if anything was going to not her shade which to me means her shadow as she doesn’t have one now. This to me represents that Hardy can’t and maybe don’t want to believe that she has gone and he will never be able to make things better between them and make her happy like she once was. â€Å"Without Ceremony† is also a good poem that shows a lot of Hardy’s emotions as I think it can be seen as his way of having a break down as he is being haunted by the past. This poem is addressed to Emma which shows that it means a lot to him and is rather sentimental but also it shows how strong and powerful his words are and how much they generally mean to him. The very first line shows affection as he calls Emma, â€Å"my dear†, this however is not the way it was when she was alive. We can see from this that either he is imagining things or is wishing how could have been. The poem to me shows a confession from Hardy as he says a lot of things that he never got a chance to say to her but always wanted to but also he lets out some of his grief and regrets. It also shows slightly how it used to be for them being together but never being with each other. For example, â€Å"before I had thought thereon† showing that he neglected her and wasn’t there for her even when she needed him to be. Hardy even went as far to say that he â€Å"inferred† which to me is him telling himself that it wasn’t all his fault but he is also questioning if they acted like a couple when they were around others but went their separate ways when no one was around. The last line of the poem, â€Å"Good-bye is not worth while!† is a very strong statement to finish on. This can shows a number of thoughts and feeling from Hardy, it could mean something as simple as it is exactly what Emma did as neither of them said bye. But it could also mean how much of pretence their relationship was and how little it meant to Emma in his eyes. Lastly it could show his grief and regret of loving her but not being in love with her, as it shows that he had more to say to her and wished that he could now so to him for not doing that he doesn’t deserve a good-bye from her.

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Children and the hous Essay

Carver has been called a â€Å"dirty realist†. In what way do you think this can be applied to â€Å"Neighbors† and â€Å"They’re not your husband†?  I don’t think Carver’s work can really be stereotyped; it is certainly different from other fiction by other American writers, so I don’t think it can ever really be given a heading like â€Å"dirty realism†.  Even though the word â€Å"dirty† conjures pictures of filth, squalor and generally anything sexually different that people tend to shun, but in fact it almost has a double meaning- it doesn’t have to mean sordid- it’s almost a term for describing anything sexually explicit which might otherwise be thought unethical or immoral. â€Å"Neighbors† is a story which basically is an insight into someone else’s life- something that you would never normally know about that could be translated as interfering or an incredible lack of respect for other people and their belongings.  Ã¢â‚¬Å"They’re not your husband† is a portrayal of male behavior and how controlling it can sometimes be.  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Neighbors† is a revealing insight into the life of a couple going through a particularly difficult stage in their relationship. The idea of such a trivial thing like feeding their friends’ cat is a particular trait of Carver’s- to use something incredibly mundane to blossom something amazing from something pretty boring and routine. The way Bill and Arlene break all the unwritten laws of society and therefore bring a new flame to their relationship is odd in itself, but when you think about it, it is an obvious way- to try on the lives of people who are happy and confident in their relationship, and copy it into yours. The non conformist way they behave is yet another style of Carver; to show us the way people behave when they know other people can’t see into their world or the way they are acting. I don’t think that this particular story is particularly dirty, even if it is slightly sexual- it is not particularly crude or off putting. It is quite subtle- for example, the way that they always use the excuse of â€Å"playing with Kitty† when they spend hours in the Stones’ flat, is reminiscent of felines, which can be portrayed as erotic or sexual, and it is such a pathetic excuse that it’s obvious it’s not true- but neither of them ever questions it, they seem to have a hidden bond which lets them understand each other perfectly, and I think this is why they don’t need to discuss anything when they go into the flat together. Although the Millers make the fatal mistake of leaving the key inside the house at the end of the story, it is too late, the image of perfect, routine middle- class life is broken. We realise that when we saw these people as a normal couple, mundane with no ups and downs in their lives, that we had only just scratched the surface. These people can behave just as badly as anyone else an although we do not see it, they are just as unlikely to conform to some perfect boring lifestyle than any of us. â€Å"They’re not your husband† is a frank description of how male behavior can lead to extremes when men are put under great pressure. This can often happen in relationships when the female is more successful than the male, yet is unlikely to happen in circumstances where the man is the breadwinner and a wife or partner is left at home to look after children and the house.  This statement is proved when Earl’s failure to get himself a job leads to his controlling behavior over his wife in a want of something to live for, a purpose in life. Earl enjoys having some influence over her life and the way he can make decisions for her- after all, he doesn’t really have any to make for himself. It gives him something to think about- ways to get her to lose more weight quickly, to make her an object of desire that he can be proud to be seen with. Earl seems to have no opinions or morals of his own- he relies on the opinions and gossip of other people to tell him whether his wife is attractive or not. He doesn’t seem to be able to tell that she has lost too mush weight- it is like he has lost slight control of his mind, similar to the way anorexics do, they believe they are still fat even when they are skeletal. Earl would like her to continue losing weight until he hears someone say that she looks good- then he would be satisfied. The language used in this story is much more crude and chauvinist than that used in â€Å"Neighbors†. When the two business men discuss Doreen, saying â€Å"Some men like their quim fat†, this is deliberately coarse and blunt to represent just how lightly it was said, and how shallow Earl must be to take it seriously instead of standing up for his wife and forgetting about it. Instead he walks out of the cafe, pretending not to know her to save himself embarrassment. The language they use is quite dirty, but this is not Carver’s own views- it is him trying to show how insincere and shallow people can be, and the seedy way they can behave. How 0men can judge a woman simply by her looks and completely ignore character. This is extremely realistic in the sense of how people are embarrassed to admit they are with somebody because they think they’re special, desperate for other people not to think worse of them because they like someone not considered to be up to the standards of others. It shows the appalling level that things can get to in a real- life situation without any of the family noticing much. IT takes outsiders to make a difference, good or bad. In both stories Carver uses â€Å"dirty realism† to give the audience an insight into the lives of real people- things that could actually happen and don’t revolve around some huge unrealistic drama like a lot of fiction does. However it is a lot more obvious in â€Å"They’re not your husband† than it is in â€Å"Neighbors†, simply because the language is that much more raw and unrefined. It is subtler in â€Å"Neighbors†, yet it is still there, and if anything, I find the subtlety more effective than the obvious, harsh language in â€Å"They’re not your husband†. In both stories the language is simple and unpolished, leaving the mind of the reader open to discover the seedy and immoral world he has based his characters in. It opens your eyes to see the world around us in the same way, which is slightly daunting and depressing, but probably a good thing in the long run as it lets us look at other people and realise how pointless their lives are.  I think Carver has been classed as a â€Å"dirty realist† simply for the reasons that he uses sex as to act as a part in the life of human beings which can be changed by something which doesn’t have to be very dramatic, making it realistic.

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The Origins and Proliferation of Pan-Africanism

The Origins and Proliferation of Pan-Africanism Pan-Africanism was initially an anti-slavery and anti-colonial movement amongst black people of Africa and the diaspora in the late 19th century. Its aims have evolved through the ensuing decades. Pan-Africanism has covered calls for African unity (both as a continent and as a people), nationalism, independence, political and economic cooperation, and historical and cultural awareness (especially for Afrocentric versus Eurocentric interpretations). History of Pan-Africanism Some claim that Pan-Africanism goes back to the writings of ex-slaves such as Olaudah Equiano and Ottobah Cugoano. Pan-Africanism here related to the ending of the slave trade, and the need to rebut the scientific claims of African inferiority. For Pan-Africanists, such as Edward Wilmot Blyden, part of the call for African unity was to return the diaspora to Africa, whereas others, such as Frederick Douglass, called for rights in their adopted countries. Blyden and James Africanus Beale Horton, working in Africa, are seen as the true fathers of Pan-Africanism, writing about the potential for African nationalism and self-government amidst growing European colonialism. They, in turn, inspired a new generation of Pan-Africanists at the turn of the twentieth century, including  JE Casely Hayford, and Martin Robinson Delany (who coined the phrase Africa for Africans later picked up by Marcus Garvey). African Association and Pan-African Congresses Pan-Africanism gained legitimacy with the founding of the African Association in London in 1897, and the first Pan-African conference held, again in London, in 1900. Henry Sylvester Williams, the power behind the African Association, and his colleagues were interested in uniting the whole of the African diaspora  and gaining political rights for those of African descent. Others were more concerned with the struggle against colonialism and Imperial rule in Africa and the Caribbean.  Dusà © Mohamed Ali, for example, believed that change could only come through economic development. Marcus Garvey combined the two paths, calling for political and economic gains as well as a return to Africa, either physically or through a return to an Africanized ideology. Between the World Wars, Pan-Africanism was influenced by communism and trade unionism, especially through the writings of George Padmore, Isaac Wallace-Johnson, Frantz Fanon, Aimà © Cà ©saire, Paul Robeson, CLR James, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Walter Rodney. Significantly, Pan-Africanism had expanded out beyond the continent into Europe, the Caribbean, and the Americas. W.E.B. Du Bois organized a series of Pan-African Congresses in London, Paris, and New York in the first half of the twentieth century. International awareness of Africa was also heightened by the Italian invasion of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) in 1935. Also between the two World Wars, Africas two main colonial powers, France and Britain, attracted a younger group of Pan-Africanists: Aimà © Cà ©saire, Là ©opold Sà ©dar Senghor, Cheikh Anta Diop, and Ladipo Solanke. As student activists, they gave rise to Africanist philosophies such as Nà ©gritude. International Pan-Africanism had probably reached its zenith by the end of World War II when W.E.B Du Bois held the fifth Pan-African Congress in Manchester in 1945. African Independence After World War II, Pan-Africanist interests once more returned to the African continent, with a particular focus on African unity and liberation. A number of leading Pan-Africanists, particularly George Padmore and W.E.B. Du Bois, emphasized their commitment to Africa by emigrating (in both cases to Ghana) and becoming African citizens. Across the continent, a new group of Pan-Africanists arose amongst the nationalists- Kwame Nkrumah, Sà ©kou Ahmed Tourà ©, Ahmed Ben Bella, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, Amilcar Cabral, and Patrice Lumumba. In 1963, the Organization of African Unity was formed to advance cooperation and solidarity between newly independent African countries and fight against colonialism. In an attempt to revamp the organization, and move away from it being seen as an alliance of African dictators, it was re-imagined in July 2002 as the African Union. Modern Pan-Africanism Pan-Africanism today is seen much more as a cultural and social philosophy than the politically driven movement of the past. People, such as Molefi Kete Asante, hold to the importance of ancient Egyptian and Nubian cultures being part of a (black) African heritage and seek a re-evaluation of Africas place, and the diaspora, in the world. Sources: Adi, Hakim and Sherwood, Marika. Pan-African History: Political figures from Africa and the Diaspora since 1787. Routledge. 2003.Ali, A. Mazrui. and Currey, James. General History of Africa: VIII Africa Since 1935. 1999.Reid, Richard J. A History of Modern Africa. Wiley-Blackwell. 2009.Rothermund, Dietmar. The Routledge Companion to Decolonization. Routledge. 2006.

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Evaluate an existing, national marketing campaign Essays

Evaluate an existing, national marketing campaign Essays Evaluate an existing, national marketing campaign Essay Evaluate an existing, national marketing campaign Essay Essay Topic: Marketing The campaign that I have chosen to discuss is the next big hit from the Rockstar series â€Å"Max Payne†. This is the third instalment of the series and it’s set to be bigger and better than its predecessors. The advertising campaign the campaign had budget of just over  £15milion. The game was set to be released on the 15th of May 2012 with the campaign beginning on the 15th of February. It was an international campaign covering most economically developed countries. However though out this report I will be only talking about how it was advertised in the UK. The campaign with a budget of over  £15 million was always going to be huge and with the UK being one of their main focuses not a penny less than necessary was spent. The promotional mix consisted of Cinema adverts, bus shelters, billboards as well as TV and Newspapers. The Cinema advert used the soundtrack Tears by Health. The advert was the centre of the campaign as this would be seen by the majority of people and has the possibility of making the biggest impression upon the viewer. The billboards as seen in the top right corner were also very important. Rockstar used many designs for their billboards and could be seen in all the big cities around the UK with many in Southampton, Liverpool and London. Bus shelters were used especially in smaller towns. For example in Farnborough the main bus route had a Max Payne poster on all their stops. This means that the campaign was very large giving the game a much better chance of receiving high numbers of sales. The Target audience for this advert would of course be the same as to which the game was made. This being a third person shooter game containing drugs, sex and violence would be aimed at teenagers and young adults. The gender this game would mainly appeal to is male. Therefore the games advertising campaign would be very masculine and of a nature that suits young adults. For example the billboard seen above is very aggressive with big bold font and a bit of action as well. In the Max Payne campaign they would be very specific with the jargon used making sure it appeals to the target audience. An example of this would be â€Å"Rockstar Games Presents†. This is used in the adverts and billboards because it is something that people can represent and associate themselves with. For example if people have brought Rockstar games before then they will know what they are like and if they have a high opinion then they may be more likely to by the game being launched. Other jargon such as â€Å"from the makers of Red Dead Redemption† also has this effect as well as also allowing people who don’t know Rockstar but instead know the game. The livery used in this campaign is also very affective as mentioned earlier the billboard pictured above uses big font that stand out. The colour is white which makes it very clear on the background. It could also represent how Max Payne being a hard down by victim losing his son and wife is pure at heart. The image in the background is also very important as it shows who Max Payne is so people can associate the character created with the game. It also has a very realistic feel to the billboard. It appears to almost be a billboard for a film. This represents that the game will have a very realistic approach/feel to its game play. The objective of Rockstar is to create a brand in which people can associate with the best of gaming. The campaign definitely try’s to create this image. For example in the TV advert they use very powerful imagery of game play to show of the amazing affects alongside deep moments in the story to engage the audience and draw them in. As already mentioned the campaign has an almost movie like feel to it creating a very realistic game that attracts the target audience. Overall I think the campaign is very effective as it is very appealing to its target audience which I can agree because of being who the game is aimed at. The realistic approach makes it seem like the game would be very real which not ever playing it I cant agree with. However on reading reviews it has very high praise. The livery and the jargon used within the promotional mix are also in my opinion very effective. In conclusion a highly successful campaign especially as it currently stand 2nd in the UK sales chart.

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Info Analysis - Computer Information System Article

Info Analysis - Computer Information System - Article Example The organization might want to automate this business process. In this case, the other businesses could be having the same hardware and software but they lack the business process. This way, they will not get the competitive advantage of the business first, then the competitive advantage of using information technology in undertaking the business process. The use of information technology is different as the process that is to be automated could still be undertaken by human beings. It will depend on the culture of the organization regarding the human resource. The gains that are sought in using information technology will depend largely on the competitive nature of the organization. I do not agree with the comparison as all organizations could be having the same hardware but they lack the competitive nature that comes from employing the use of these technologies. Information technology investment will depend on the business processes that are available and the strategies that various companies have towards the use of information technology. Even now, nearly all organizations have the same hardware and software but there are those organizations that have made use of information technology than others. This is because it depends on the investment on information technology and the strategies used. ... , although this one of the reasons, but because of the new opportunities and the research that they undertook in this field of information technology. Competitive advantage is gained when we make use of information technology and ensure that there is enough research to understand what will be gained and lost. Information technology risks are analyzed when new information systems are obtained. There is no need to focus on this aspect so much such that the function and the core reason for investing in the technology are forgotten. Risk management is part of the management of information systems. Once information systems have been installed in place, there will be management of these information systems. Risk management is another function that will come after the information system has been installed. It is, therefore, the role of the information managers of the information systems to constantly review the information system for errors and potential risks that might be experienced. Whe n taking this stand, I understand that there is no technology that does not come with risks. If risk management would be the main focus of companies and organizations, then the current status of technology could not have been attained. T is important to understand this important fact. Effort should be put in new opportunities. This is the main area of focus. Question 3 Duke Nukem is a game that was developed in the 1990s. The game was losing popularity. There were more advanced games which were being developed. These new games had features which were better than those of Duke Nukem. There were better features and improvement of computer features. With the development of these features, there were games which took advantage and were fun to play. For this reason, the popularity of Nuke Dukem

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Summary of 2008 Vice Presidential Debate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary of 2008 Vice Presidential Debate - Essay Example However, Joe Biden believed that the crisis affecting the US financial system was the result of poor politics of the former president George Bush and his fellow Republicans in his term. In the debate, Joe Biden claimed that the then oncoming election was the most vital in many previous years since the economy was deteriorating and that the US needed substantial changes to its politics system. He also mentioned that approval of fundamental factors of economic policies of George Bush by John McCain contributed to the financial crisis facing the US. Palin disagreed with the claim by arguing lowering taxes would bring back the economy to its prosperous track. She continued to question Barack Obama for intending to hick taxes for wealthy Americans and corporations. In return, Joe Biden said that the increase in taxes would affect only 5% of the citizen with the highest wealth and in return lower the amount of taxes paid by the rest of Americans (C-SPAN). Joe Biden proceeded to criticized Palin and McCain as supporters of pro-corporate politics propagated by George W. Bush. Biden said that McCain once claimed the economy of America was stable and strong even with the continued bankruptcy of American banks. In response, Palin’s argued against Democrats who opposed off shore oil drilling. She explained how off shore oil drilling was capable of reducing Americans dependence on foreign oil (C-SPAN). The debate also dwelt on foreign policy issues. The host Gwen Ifill enquired about the ongoing war in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also asked question regarding US policies towards Iran, Russia, Europe and China. Palin believed that the surge strategy founded upon an increase of military numbers as was the case in Iraq should be employed in Afghanistan. Hastily, Biden countered this thought by saying that that method would not be effective in Afghanistan as it would be wiser to increase