Sunday, November 3, 2019

Info Analysis - Computer Information System Article

Info Analysis - Computer Information System - Article Example The organization might want to automate this business process. In this case, the other businesses could be having the same hardware and software but they lack the business process. This way, they will not get the competitive advantage of the business first, then the competitive advantage of using information technology in undertaking the business process. The use of information technology is different as the process that is to be automated could still be undertaken by human beings. It will depend on the culture of the organization regarding the human resource. The gains that are sought in using information technology will depend largely on the competitive nature of the organization. I do not agree with the comparison as all organizations could be having the same hardware but they lack the competitive nature that comes from employing the use of these technologies. Information technology investment will depend on the business processes that are available and the strategies that various companies have towards the use of information technology. Even now, nearly all organizations have the same hardware and software but there are those organizations that have made use of information technology than others. This is because it depends on the investment on information technology and the strategies used. ... , although this one of the reasons, but because of the new opportunities and the research that they undertook in this field of information technology. Competitive advantage is gained when we make use of information technology and ensure that there is enough research to understand what will be gained and lost. Information technology risks are analyzed when new information systems are obtained. There is no need to focus on this aspect so much such that the function and the core reason for investing in the technology are forgotten. Risk management is part of the management of information systems. Once information systems have been installed in place, there will be management of these information systems. Risk management is another function that will come after the information system has been installed. It is, therefore, the role of the information managers of the information systems to constantly review the information system for errors and potential risks that might be experienced. Whe n taking this stand, I understand that there is no technology that does not come with risks. If risk management would be the main focus of companies and organizations, then the current status of technology could not have been attained. T is important to understand this important fact. Effort should be put in new opportunities. This is the main area of focus. Question 3 Duke Nukem is a game that was developed in the 1990s. The game was losing popularity. There were more advanced games which were being developed. These new games had features which were better than those of Duke Nukem. There were better features and improvement of computer features. With the development of these features, there were games which took advantage and were fun to play. For this reason, the popularity of Nuke Dukem

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