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Biography Of Simon Christopher Riley Smith - 857 Words

Johnathan Simon Christopher Riley-Smith BA, MA, PhD, LittD has been described as Britain’s best crusader historian . Born in England on June 27, 1938 he was educated at Eton College in Windsor and Trinity College Cambridge. He has acquired four degrees over his lifetime: Bachelor of Arts in 1964, Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in 1964 and his Doctor of Literature in 2001. From 1964 – 1965, Professor Riley-Smith taught in the department of Medieval History at St. Andrew’s College Cambridge as an Assistant Lecturer. He became a Full-time Lecturer in 1966 and worked there until 1972. From then until 1972 until 1978, Riley-Smith served on the History Faculty at the University of Cambridge and also during that time he was a Fellow†¦show more content†¦He said â€Å"I, however, believe, first of all, as a Catholic that there are absolutes but they elude us; and the fact they elude us is part of our fallen condition.† He is also a ‘Nietzschean’ meaning that he is a supporter of the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche. In terms of the Crusades, Riley-Smith states in the Preface of his book What Were the Crusades? Third Edition that he is a pluralist. Using the definition of thought identified by Professor Giles Constable, Riley-Smith he says: â€Å"....the pluralists, who maintain that an array of campaigns, preached as crusades and fought by men and women who had taken crusade vows and enjoyed crusade privileges, were as authentic as those to or in aid of Jerusalem, although many of them took place in other theatres of war.† Professor Riley-Smith has written, co-authored and edited many books throughout his life including: ï‚ ¾ The Knights of St John in Jerusalem and Cyprus, c.1050-1310. 1967 ï‚ ¾ Ayyubids, Mamlukes and Crusaders. 2 vols. Heffer, 1971 ï‚ ¾ The Feudal Nobility and the Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1174-1277. 1973 ï‚ ¾ What Were the Crusades? 1977 (2nd edition, 1992, 3rd edition, 2002) ï‚ ¾ The Crusades: Idea and Reality, 1095-1274. (With Louise Riley-Smith) 1981 ï‚ ¾ The First Crusade and the Idea of Crusading. 1986 ï‚ ¾ The Crusades: A Short History. 1987 (2nd edition,

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Essay about Evidence Based Research - 2968 Words

Introduction Research in Nursing has become a fundamental discipline throughout the years and this report will provide an insight into the process of research. This report will show how to use the Cinhal database to extract the best available article within the parameters of Tissue Viability and formulation of the research question. The main features will focus on the reliability and validity of the chosen topic of the Waterlow Scale tool and the comprehensive evaluation of the evidence. The main aim of this report is to validate the effectiveness of Waterlow Assessment Tool and identify any risk factors, towards the prevention of pressure ulcers. The overall strengths and weaknesses of the report will highlight any†¦show more content†¦This study will provide additional evidence based research to validate the usefulness of this tool in practice. The NHS incident rates (NICE, 2003) of pressure ulcers in the UK is a concern and this systematic review is an accepted, research approa ch in its own right and using descriptive statistical data measures the outcome of results more precisely (Gerrish, 2006). The measurable variables identified were positive predictive values (PPV), comorbidities, mobility and usefulness of the Waterlow tool in clinical practice. Background The researchers show the significant clinical problems of morbidity and mortality as a worthy argument for this study. Cost and financial burdens to the healthcare system are mentioned, prevalence of pressure ulcers at 12.7% necessitate the need for improvements in critical care settings. This study measures the effectiveness of the tool by using specific and sensitive PPV NPV (negative predictive Vales) to define the myriad of variables. These variables and predictive outcomes and are an integral part of the validity and reliability of the studies outcome. (Sacket et al, 2000). Aim The aim of this article was to assess the validity of the Waterlow Scale instrument using a longitudinal cohort of internal medical patients. To identify risk factors contributing to the injury of pressure ulcers (information outlined in the abstract overview of the study) (BJN, 2010).Show MoreRelatedThe Research Evidence Based Practice1174 Words   |  5 Pagestransplant nurse role in research evidence based practice in nursing care. Transplant nurses should practice transplant nursing that is based on evidence. Institute of medicine reported that by 2020, 90% of clinical decisions should be based on evidence, but today 12% to 14% clinical decisions are only based on evidence. Pravikoff and colleagues surveyed 3000 nurses in United States with a 37% response rate .Fifty-eight percent of responding nurses had never used research to support their practiceRead MoreEvidence Based Practice Qualitative Research2726 Words   |  11 PagesEVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE QUALITATIVE RESEARCH INTRODUCTION This essay aims to explore the importance of utilising evidence based care while working with clients and other health care providers to form a professional and reliable nursing team. This essay also aims to focus and evaluate a qualitative article entitled â€Å"Patient experiences of bladder problems following stroke† selected from the Nursing Standard. The assignment will adopt a systematic approach to expose the strengths and weaknesses ofRead MoreAssignment : Evidence Based Practice, Research, And Quality Improvement1431 Words   |  6 PagesIntensive Alternate Assignment: Evidence-Based Practice, Research, and Quality Improvement This paper will address content covered in the Intensive session that occurred in Austin on September 12, 2014. It is an alternate assignment designed to replace classroom instruction and forum exercises of that day. Evidence-Based Health Care Evidence-based health care is the â€Å"conscientious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients or the delivery of health services†Read MoreEvidence Based Research : Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy1207 Words   |  5 PagesEvidence-based research suggests trauma focused cognitive behavior therapy (TB-CBT) is a particularly effective model to use with individuals who has experienced childhood trauma. TB-CBT is evidence-based; it is a treatment model that was designed to assist children, adolescents, and their families to overcome the damaging effects of traumatic experiences. Eye movement and desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), is another evidence-based treatment that uses therapy to process distressing memoriesRead MoreEvidence Based Research1031 Words   |  4 PagesEvidence Based Research Medicine is a highly specialized and challenging field that requires a nurse to evaluate all circumstances critically and determine the optimal method of care and practice for a patient. One of the most effective tools that nurses can use to ensure the best care of their patients is clinical research, both published and conducted by nurses. Clinical research can explain hospital phenomenon and explores various treatments and protocols (Timmermans, 2005). In many ways, itRead MoreEssay on Evidence Based Practice Research1411 Words   |  6 PagesEvidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research Western Governor’s University Evidence based practice and applied nursing research encompasses selecting a perioperative procedure such as routine shaving of a surgical site which is something you would commonly find on a surgical floor. The process of shaving a perioperative site includes cleansing and shaving the site that is to be operated on. Clipping the surgical site of hair is more appropriateRead MoreQualitative Research and Evidence-Based Medicine1013 Words   |  4 PagesResearch Question: Overall investigation into the barriers patients with lymphedema perceived within their situation that prevented them from achieving optimal skin care. Coding Issues: Within the research, coding was used to organize, analyze, and sort thematic materials: Coding Model Characteristics Analysis Responses to information received Anxiety, mistrust, worry, obligation, lack of understanding Additional need for open communication and educational process Factors germane to the individualsRead MoreIntroduction to Research and Evidence Based Practice1779 Words   |  8 PagesDescribe the key issues surrounding reliability, validity and trustworthiness as applied to Evidence Based Practice The findings from good, current, reliable, valid or trustworthy research are the basis for maintaining high standards of care and all nurses must practice based on the most up to date evidence (NMC 2008). It is now an important part of nursing to actively participate in research and evidence based practice in order to continually improve the standard of the health care system. This processRead MoreTheories, Research And Evidence Based Practice1896 Words   |  8 PagesProfessional knowledgebase: Theories, Research and Evidence Based Practice Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is one of the most current and relevant tools in social work (Rozas and Grady, 2011). EBP involves integrating quantifiable science-based assessments and interventions while considering client and community preferences and accessible resources during an intervention (Bellamy et al., 2013). Quantifiable science-based assessments and interventions are studied to show the impact those interventionsRead MoreImportance Of Evidence Based Practice And Nursing Research1006 Words   |  5 Pages Significance of Evidence Based Practice and Nursing Research Rina Desai Widener University â€Æ' The significance of nursing research and evidence-based practice has gained a huge momentum in nursing. Research findings, knowledge from basic science, clinical knowledge, and expert opinion are all considered ‘evidence’. Thus, the practices based on research findings are more likely to result in the desired patient outcomes across numerous clinical settings. In addition, the pressure of healthcare

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Rap and Women free essay sample

Rap Music and Females Rap music over time really has started to downgrade females. In the rap world, women are Just accessories to the male rappers. Many females dont pay attention to the lyrics, but to the beat of the song. If they were to listen to the lyrics, they would realize how degrading it Is. Women should be respected more instead of called out of their name. The younger artists are more degrading which causes younger children to start treating females in ways they shouldnt.Today, It Is more common to hear such ritual, degrading lyrics. Rap Is the most Influential power of hip-hop culture. The fact that It encourages disrespecting women Is concerning. It makes the future look Like Its going to have a bad outcome. Big record companies have little Incentive to renewed calls for a ban on lyrics that degrade women and blacks. We must deal with the fact that ho and the b-word are words that are wrong from nobodys lips, the Rev. We will write a custom essay sample on Rap and Women or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page AY Sheraton said after CBS fired radio host Don Emus over his remarks about the Rutgers womens basketball team.But words that are demeaning to women and blacks litter six of Billboards Top 10 rap singles suggesting that listeners do not share his sentiments. The explicit song This Is Why Im Hot, by the Washington Heights rapper Aims, was the No. L Pop hit for several weeks running. The song, which freely uses the b-word when referring to women, has been downloaded 853,000 times, according to Nielsen Sounds, which tracks music sales.

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Romeo And Juliet - Time And Fate Essays - , Term Papers

Romeo and Juliet - Time and Fate Romeo and Juliet, said to be one of the most famous love stories of all times, is a play anchored on time and fate. Some actions are believed to occur by chance or by destiny. The timing of each action influences the outcome of the play. While some events are of less significance, some are crucial to the development of this tragedy. The substantial events that inspire the conclusion of Romeo and Juliet are; the Capulet ball, the quarrel experienced by Tybalt and Romeo, and Friar John's plague. A servant to Capulet, who is incapable of reading the list of guests, asks for Romeo's assistance. Romeo notices that Rosaline, his lover, is among these names. Benvolio challenges Romeo to compare her with other "beauties." Benvolio predicts, "Compare her face with some that I shall show,/ And I will make thee think thy swan a crow." (I, ii, l 86-87) To show his appreciation, the servant asks for Romeo's presence at the ball. Romeo should have considered the servant's warning; if Romeo occupies the name of Montague, he shall not be permitted. Once at the ball, Romeo is searching for a maiden to substitute the unrequited love of Rosaline. Romeo happens to gaze upon Juliet, who charms Romeo. Romeo proclaims, " Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!/ For ne'er saw true beauty till this night." (I, v, l 52-53) Since Romeo declares his love for Juliet, she feels the attraction also. They believe that they are in love and must marry. However, it is a genuine coincidence that Rome o and Juliet were at the same place, at the same time. Some days after the ball, Benvolio and Mercutio are conversing, in regard to the quarrelsome weather. Benvolio declares, "The day is hot, the Capulets abroad,/ And if we meet we shall not ?scape a brawl,/ For now these got days is the mad blood stirring." (III, i, l 2-4) At this point, Tybalt, who has challenged Romeo because of his appearance at the masquerade, enters, seeking Romeo. On Romeo's behalf, Mercutio struggles with Tybalt, while Romeo, who is filled with love for his new cousin, tries to end their boldness. Before escaping, Tybalt plunges his sword into Mercutio, causing death to fall upon him. Mercutio blames Romeo and the feud for his fate. Romeo kills Tybalt, who taunts Romeo, upon his return. Romeo fears he will be condemned to death if he does not flee before the arrival of the Prince. Benvolio recalls the events that have happened, with some embellishment. The Prince declares: And for that offence/ Immediately we do exile him hence./ I hav an in your hate's proceeding,/ My blood for your rude brawls doth lie a-bleeding;/ But I'll amerce you with so strong a fine/ That you shall repent the loss of mine./ I will be deaf to pleading and excuses;/ Nor tears nor prayers shall purchase out abuses;/ Therefore use none. Let Romeo hence in haste,/ Else, when he's found, that hour is his last./ Bear hence this body and attend our will./ Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill. (III, i, l 185-195) Due to the disturbance of Verona's street and the losses of Tybalt and Mercutio, the Prince must penalize Romeo. However, the Prince agrees that Romeo was acting in self defense. Juliet, who desires not to wed Paris, asks for Friar Laurence's assistance. The day before the wedding, Juliet is to drink the poison, which will make her appear to be dead. In forty two hours she shall awake, with Romeo by her side. Romeo will then bring her to Mantua with him. In the meantime Friar Laurence will convey a message to Romeo in Mantua, telling him the plot. When she gains consciousness, Romeo and Friar Laurence will be there. Friar Laurence says, "Shall Romeo by my letters know our drift,/ And hither shall he come; and he and I/ Will watch thy waking" (IV, i, l 114-116) Following Juliet's intake of the poison, Romeo is anticipating news from Verona. Balthasar, a servant to Romeo, tells Romeo that Juliet has passed on. Romeo, who is told there are no letters from the friar, seeks a way