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Isolation in Winesburg Ohio and Death in The Woods Essay -- Winesburg

Isolation in Winesburg Ohio and Death in The Woods In 1919, Sherwood Anderson serene his work Winesburg Ohio, which depicts the inner lives of small-town America. Andersons fascination to explore whats beneath the surface of human lives results in another story in 1933 called Death In The Woods. These two work, incidentally, share a common tooth root of isolation. The characters in these works, are portrayed as grotesques or people who live their lives by iodin truth, thus living a life of falsehood and isolation from the rest of the world. This essay will encounter the theme of isolation in the two works described, and will also relate it to Andersons idea of the grotesque. In Winesburg Ohio, the reader is first introduced to The Book of the Grotesque. This introductory chapter, provides the reader with what might be considered a summary of the characters in the novel itself. The elderly writer, who has obviously seen and experienced a lot of the worlds turmoils, e.g. The Civil War , has been haunted by the faces of all the people he has ever known. The faces of these people are twisted and distorted, and ultimately appear grotesque to the elderly writer It was his notion that the moment unrivaled of the people took one of the truths to himself, called it his truth, and tried to live his life by it, he became a grotesque and the truth he embraced became a falsehood. (p.24). In relation to the theme of isolation in this novel, Anderson uses this chapter to illustrate how the characters in the town of Winesburg should be perceived. Characters that are grotesque because they live their lives by a single truth that prevents them from maturing, developing, and ultimately ontogenesis into what Anderson... ... world in which he lives. On this journey, he encounters many grotesques or distorted examples of human life, that enable George to break free from the isolation of Winesburg and venture discover to live the life of what Anderson would co nsider to be normal. In Georges case, the isolation leads to creation, whereas in the townspeople, it leads to self-destruction. The story of Ghost In The Woods is in itself, a modified, shorter version of Winesburg due to its narrator, an introspective man, desolate and lonely who questions the meaning of his world. In conclusion, the two works examined in this essay provide concrete evidence in support of Andersons view on isolation and the grotesque. He uses his grotesques, who essentially are isolated, to enable his main characters to question the purpose of life and examine the world beyond their immediate surroundings.

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Repressed Sexuality in Bram Stokers Dracula Essay -- Bram Stoker Dra

Repressed Sexuality in Bram Stokers Dracula Perhaps no work of literature has ever been undisturbed without being a product of its era, mainly because the human being responsible for writing it develops their worldview within a particular era. Thus, with Bram Stokers Dracula, though we have a lamia myth novel filled with terror, horror, and evil, the story is a thinly veiled disguise of the reduce sexual mores of the squeamish era. If we look to critical interpretation and description to win support for such a thesis, we find it aplenty For erotic Dracula certainly is. Quasi-pornography one critic labels it. Another describes it as a kind of incestuous, necrophilious, oral-anal-sadistic all-in-wrestling matching. A sexual search of the novel unearths the following seduction, rape, necrophilia, pedophilia, incest, adultery, oral sex, group sex, custodystruation, venereal disease, voyeurism (Leatherdale 155-156). While there are many other interpretations of the novel, such as the vampire as a Satan figure who wishes to take away the mortality Christ won mankind, this analysis will explore how it reads as a story of repressed sexuality and the conflict it creates for the characters living in a repressed tight-laced world. Christopher Craft, in his review of the novel, argues that the gender roles of males and females were extremely well-defined and limiting in Victorian society. The male was perceived as the stronger of the sexes, and women were relegated to a voiceless and submissive role. He argues that Harkers eager anticipation of the incestuous vampire daughters is a direct parallel of the roles of men and women in Victorian society, but the roles are reversed Harker awaits an erotic fulfillment ... ... novel allows an outlet for natural, human biological necessities, no doubt many Victorian readers were similarly thrilled and repulsed by its deliberate depiction of them. WORKS CITED Auerbach, N. A. and Skal, D. J. Bram Stoker Dracula Authoritativ e Text, Contexts, Reviews and Reactions, Dramatic and Film Variations, Criticism. New York, W. W. Norton & Company, 1997. Carter, M. L. (ed.). Dracula The Vampire and the Critics. Ann Arbor, U.M.I. research Press, 1988. Darling, L. Dracula is us the vampire always sinks his fangs into our deepest fears. Newsday. Nov. 8, 1992, (07) 1-5. Leatherdale, C. Dracula The Novel and the Legend A Study of Bram Stokers Gothic Masterpiece. Brighton, Desert Island Books, 1993. Taylor, S. B. Stokers Dracula. The Explicator. Vol. 55. Sept. 1, 1996, (29-31) 1-3.

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Free College Admissions Essays: I Will Endure :: College Admissions Essays

I Will Endure   When I wake up to the ear-splitting sound of my alarm clock, and blindly reckon for the snooze button, a sudden thought dawns What am I doing?   The time is 530 AM all is dark and hushed. My weary body feels on the whole drained of energy. While straining to open my eyes, still warm and snug in my comfortable bed, I am overcome with a feeling of lethargy. perhaps I should call in sick. Despite all my musing, and my beds magnetic pull, I still manage to rise each morning at this ungodly time of day to join the cross-country protractning team in rigorous training.   Cross-country running, a sport that requires the fusing of body and mind, strives to maximize your physical ability by exam your mental tenacity. Everyday represents a new struggle to beat yesterdays maximum output, an issue of mind over matter. I have known the agony of this action since I joined the newly established cross-country team. As convincing as my morning doubts are, I do not heed them. Through sedulousness and sprains and through adverse weather and unfavorable conditions, I run because I made up my mind three years ago to succeed.   With amenities such as cars and buses, I have no pragmatic reason to use my feet, especially if I lack a destination. I do not run to the gym to acquire a stylish figure, for my slender frame does not require it. And this grueling run differs from a relaxing jog to a coffee shop. I am pushing myself constantly to run faster and farther, for my team as well as for personal glory. Somehow with tireless effort and unflagging commitment, I run through the sleeping streets of my neighborhood with the awareness that I am steadily reaching my goal-maintaining the discipline that cross-country demands. In my mind I see a victory line that symbolizes the results of perseverance and hard work. This line makes me realize that ambition and tenacity do not go in vain.

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy: A Neurophysiological Report :: Biology Essays Research Papers

liberal Supranuclear Palsy A Neurophysiological ReportProgressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) is a rare neurodegenerative disorder categorized as a form of parkinsonism. First described in 1964 by third Canadian neurologists, PSP is sometimes referred to as Steele-Richardson-Olszewski Syndrome, or Nuchal Dystonia Dementia Syndrome (1). Progressive molest to multiple brain cells associated with deterioration of the myelin sheath that speeds up nerve impulse conduction, as tumefy as destruction of the entire nerve (2), result in severe and irreversible problems controlling balance, eye movement, breathing, and voluntary muscle movement (3). The actor Dudley Moore has been diagnosed with PSP and right away works to improve awareness and treatment of this enigmatic disease. Although PSP is frequently misdiagnosed as Parkinsons, the disorder progresses much more than quickly, maintaining very unique and exclusive manifestations. Individuals suffering from PSP hand over clinically with akinetic rigid syndrome, gait ataxia, and supranuclear vertical-gaze palsy (4). Akinesia refers to the loss of control of voluntary muscle movements. This is expressed in loss of balance while walk and recurrent falls. A permanent Mona Lisa stare and wide-eyed expression is often described, in addition to guttural, slurred speech and swallowing difficulties (5). These facial distortions result from nerve damage controlling the facial muscles. All PSP individuals suffer from some degree of vertical-gaze palsy, in which the ability to move the eyes up-and-down is impaired (4). Muscles in the back of the neck and cover are usually severely affected, resulting in a retro-collis posture the individual appears to perpetually look up toward the ceiling. Rigidity in the limbs is also observed, although to a lesser degree. If rigidity does exist here, it is equal on both sides of the body. In Parkinsons disease, rigidity is more prominent and pronounced in the limbs, favoring one side more that the other (6). None of the tremors characteristic of Parkinsons are observed in PSP. Personality changes and dementia are also noted, particularly later in the increase of the disease. PSP affects the brainstem, basal ganglia, and cerebellum. The brainstem controls involuntary movements such as breathing and heart rate. Three divisions of the brainstem have been delineated the medulla oblongata, the pons, and the midbrain. In PSP, all three sections are affected. The pons controls facial nerves and eye muscles, while the midbrain is the visual center of the brain (3). The medulla (sometimes referred to as the bulb) maintains speech and swallowing abilities. palsy here results in impairment of these functions.

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Vampires and Vampirism Essay -- exploratory essay research paper

Vampires and Vampirism Missing Works Cited The vampire of today is most commonly associated with the type that was created by Bram Stoker when genus Dracula was published in 1897 (Florescu and McNally 221). This popular cultural icon is described by Stoker in his novel The teeth were strong and white, and the canine teeth protruded over the lower lip when the mouth was closed. The vampires hands were large and powerful, the nails black and pointed like a birds talons (qtd. in Florescu and McNally 227). However popular, the vampire-as-monster theme has not al substances been the primary way of employing this motif. The vampire of the English Romantics served more as symbol or as a metaphor rather than an actual character that haunted the night, plunging his fangs into the neck of unsuspecting dupes to drain them of their lifes blood (South 251). Indeed, the use of vampirism symbolically could actually be considered a stock literary motif in the nineteenth century (Grudin 52). The th emes of sex and fierceness that are the essence of the vampire serve to expose the sexual and psychological uneasiness that reside deep inside mankind beings through interaction with these marionettes (South 251). This creature is used as an element in nineteenth-century literature as a combination of all of the classic elements that distinguish the vampire from other creatures and to examine human experience. The vampires English literary life began in 1819, when The Vampyre was published. The author of this novel was John Polidori, Lord Byrons doctor and companion, who finished the idea that Byron had started but never completed. The popularity of this novel resulted in what could be called a vampire craze in the 1820s in both English and F... ...e alive by moon light-colored while others will perish from the light of the sun. Some central similarities that span cultures are the importance of blood, the sexual connotation associated with the relationship between vampire and vi ctim, the rancid odor they emit, the fact that they eat little, if any, food, and mayhap the most disheartening to humans, their inability to die. The central themes of vampire folklore seem to be violence and sexuality (South 246). It is not difficult to relate the penetration of the (usually male) vampires long fangs into its (usually female) victim and the ensuing ecstasy that results from the consumption of blood with the act of penetration. The vampire/victim relationship may also be seen as one of domination/ entree because vampires were seen as power-seeking beings who will seek relationships that satisfy this need (Auerbach 6).

Vampires and Vampirism Essay -- exploratory essay research paper

Vampires and Vampirism Missing Works Cited The lamia of today is most commonly associated with the role that was created by Bram Stoker when Dracula was published in 1897 (Florescu and McNally 221). This popular cultural icon is described by Stoker in his novel The teeth were substantive and white, and the canine teeth protruded over the lower lip when the mouth was closed. The vampires hands were large and powerful, the nails black and pointed like a birds talons (qtd. in Florescu and McNally 227). However popular, the vampire-as-monster theme has not always been the primary way of employing this motif. The vampire of the English Romantics served more as symbol or as a metaphor rather than an actual citation that haunted the night, plunging his fangs into the neck of unsuspecting victims to drain them of their lifes blood (South 251). Indeed, the use of vampirism symbolically could actually be considered a stock literary motif in the nineteenth century (Grudin 52). The themes of sex and violence that are the essence of the vampire serve to expose the sexual and psychological uneasiness that reside deep inside valet beings through interaction with these creatures (South 251). This creature is used as an element in nineteenth-century literature as a combination of all of the classic elements that distinguish the vampire from other creatures and to examine human experience. The vampires English literary life began in 1819, when The Vampyre was published. The author of this novel was John Polidori, Lord Byrons doctor and companion, who finished the idea that Byron had started however never completed. The popularity of this novel resulted in what could be called a vampire craze in the 1820s in both English and F... ...e alive by moonlight composition others will perish from the light of the sun. Some central similarities that span cultures are the importance of blood, the sexual connotation associated with the relationship between vampire and victim, the ra ncid spirit they emit, the fact that they eat little, if any, food, and perhaps the most disheartening to humans, their inability to die. The central themes of vampire folklore seem to be violence and sexuality (South 246). It is not difficult to bear on the penetration of the (usually male) vampires long fangs into its (usually female) victim and the ensuing ecstasy that results from the consumption of blood with the act of penetration. The vampire/victim relationship may also be seen as one of domination/submission because vampires were seen as power-seeking beings who will seek relationships that satisfy this need (Auerbach 6).

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Inclusive Education in Hong Kong Essay

Nowadays, when we talk about students with exceptional education needs (SEN), we ar no longer focusing on how special education schools embrace the SENs for their gaining. We orchestrate to the passing inclusive education because the public believes every child should sh are the same fundamental right to learn in a normal classroom and education should be extendd to offer the wide diversity of learners characteristics and needs (UNESCO, 1994). As a result, inclusive culture has been introduced to the Hong Kong Education system since the indicator lamp study carried out in 1997. Now, there are contrastive in-service and supporting schemes for schools (e.g. the 3-tier intervention model and Learning Support Grant since the school year 2004/05) to cater the larn needs of these groups of students.However, inclusive education has been a controversial topic among the scholars and the educators owing to the lacking support and the contradictions with crabbed schools learning c ulture and parents expectations, in particular among Asian parents. It is believed that every student has the same rights to learn in the same context, and it is the schools responsibilities to turn in students with special education needs with fair chances in the school for them to learn and live. In this essay, the teachers role and responsibility under the current Hong Kong education systems, especi aloney for its inclusive education will be discussed. In ledger entry the attitudes that teachers share in facing the challenges, suggestions are given to hand over more comprehensive teachers training for pre-service teacher to tackle SEN students in their scenery career. About inclusive educationInclusive Education, which tolerate be defined as the system about embracing everyone and making a commitment to provide each students in the community, each citizen in a democracy, with the inalienable right to belong (Villa & Thousands, 2005). In other words, all students, no matter t hey are brighter in academic achievements, looks split up in appearance, or go special educations needs are treated in the same way in order to provide them with same education chances. The inclusion of schools was first introduced to the school systems for handicapped students and later on developed to most SENstudents with different psychological or strong-arm impairments.In this way, schools have been changed to cater the learner diversities. Physically, more equipment and machinery aids, e.g. lift and FM receivers, have to be fixed in the school for some physically impaired students need. In conditions of the commandment discipline, the school has to modify the curriculum and pedagogy the allocation of SEN students in different classes would also be carryed. A mussiness more technical issues in relation to the administration and the teaching strategies in the school would be affected.However, there are some opponents towards inclusive education because students do encount er problems when they are admitted to the mainstream schools. Some students still run across being discriminated owing to their special need in the classroom some olfactory sensation that they could non fade with other people in the school context (Shelton, 2006). Some even might find difficult to catch up with the study and give up. diametric social problems might exist and bring about the drawbacks of the inclusion of schools.History of Inclusive Education in Hong KongPrior the discussion of the teachers role, the historic background of inclusive education in Hong Kong is first addressed. The idea of inclusion has been started since the 1970s in Hong Kong when the government tried to mainstream learners with disabilities to public education, in accordance to the learners rights (Poon-McBrayer & Lian, 2002). old age after in 1997, a pilot project was funded and facilitated by the Education Department to explore the most effective way to involve SENs in mainstream schools.Afte r years of experimentation, the government and educational specialists, together with the schools, have developed a series of in-service and support programmes, for instance, a 30-hour introductory course on combine education. After that, The Education Department released the Inclusive Education Implementation Guide to endorse the importance of inclusive education foe SENs. The term and perspective has changed from endogenic education to inclusive education which is a more adaptive approach for the whole school to adapt to SEN students needs. It issuggested that special education curriculum should be built on the foundation of mainstream curriculum so that inclusive education back end be later enhanced more effectively and smoothly (Education Department, 2000).Up to now, the idealogue and practitioners are still seeking the way to search and reach the consensus from among congenital differences. More stakeholders are involved in this process, which includes more educational ps ychologist, parents and teachers (Lo, 2003).Importance of instructors roleIn learning and teaching, students has become the main character of the context under the learner-centredness philosophy has been arisen in this generation. However, teachers role is a nonher important issue in providing suitable education to students. They are the direct agent who are in touch with students and can foster students learning during and after the lessons. Hence, the perceptions of teachers in inclusive education is worth digging into. In the early ages of inclusive education, it was found that the attitude of the regular education teacher toward a handicapped child can influence the climate of the classroom (Stoler, 1992, p.61).Similarly, the attitudes of teachers of the regular education toward whatever kind of SEN can influence the climate of the classroom. When the teacher can treat every student fairly, accept the difference of every one and be confirming to the difference, students would find the learning climate easier and have better learning atmosphere in the classroom. Hence, better teaching and learning efficiency is expected.Moreover, teachers support for inclusion in their classrooms is crucial for its successful implementation since they are playing an important role in implementing and facilitating any innovation at the classroom level (Ching, 2007, p. 162). Since teachers are the ones who teach in the classroom, the whole concept of inclusive Education would be meaningless if they do not support. Only when teachers share the same vision with inclusive education, they would perform consistently with the policy in order to pursue the best quality of teaching and learning in Schools. Factors that would affect teachersWith teachers support to the inclusive education, they have to tackle with a few changes in relation to their work. They are the namely the curriculum and pedagogical changes (MacDonald and Hardman, 1989). In give learners diversity, teachers a re expected to vary the level of tasks for different lessons. Learners diversity can be of very wide range because there might be the existence of gifted and mentally retarded students (in extreme cases) in the same class.Curriculum should be changed to be more flexible for twain high and beginning achievers to learn the most efficiently with reference to their own ability. Teacher should also varies the different teaching methods to cater for students need. For students in autistic spectrum disorder, teacher might consider their difficulties in getting along with a big group of new friends and offer him/ her a quitter place in the classroom. Less group work is depute in particular lesson so that every students will gain the thought of achievement in the lessons.In addition, teachers have to be more sensitive and awake to students unusual behaviours owing their special needs. For examples, some ADHD students could not control themselves to sit properly in the classroom. If teac hers have grasped the basic knowledge of the symptoms of different SEN, they would feel easier to go through the lesson and hence design suitable strategies to tackle these students. Difficulties that teachers would encounterHowever, it is never easy for teachers to reach these needs. In terms of teachers training, many on-job teachers expressed their worries in handling SEN students because they did not have enough training (Slavica, 2010). With only the 30 hours introductory course, teacher might not have enough understanding of the different education needs. This might lead to the mismatch of teaching methodologies in tackling students needs. This situation might still exist in the current teachers training programmes. In Stolers (2010) research, it was stated that regular education teachers normally do not take these classes (courses about SEN), due to time constraints in completing the degree requirements in their content areas. As a result, regular education teachers are out o f their areas of expertise when students who would normally be taught by special education teachers areplaced in their classrooms.Most schools do not attempt to fill this gap in the regular education teachers background by offering in services and seminars on teaching and coping with the special needs student (p. 61). This situation is similar to the Hong Kong context as there are no specific undergraduate programmes for special education and SEN course is not the graduation requirement of the degree. Though student teachers might have been immersed to the teaching environment with the existence of SEN students, some might not have adequate training to tackle with them, and the case would be similar after graduation.On the other hand, some teachers owns the understanding of different strategies to handle SEN students and are coherent with the view of inclusive education, but still, they would face some difficulties when they tried to apply new types of inclusive teaching methods to their teaching. They would be challenged by the traditionalism of their students, parents and colleagues in the Chinese culture (Forlin, 2010).Students in the Chinese society tend to be more high achieving and they expect more direct teaching than other students in the world. They might be reluctant to adapt to new learning methods because that might give them the impression of lower learning efficiency. The lacking understanding from parents and regular students would be a very strong barrier for teachers to carry out lessons in an inclusive setting school.SolutionsConcerning to the teachers training, it has been found that pre-service training would be the best time to address teachers concern, and their negative attitudes towards learners disabilities and their perceptions about inclusive education can be changed and modified at this stage (Ching, Forlin and Lan, 2007). Teachers should be trained since their early age of teachers training. It is suggested that appropriate plain experience should be provided to pre-service teachers so that they can expect what they will finally face in their prospect careers. They can be exposed to the types of diversity, prejudice and disadvantages that they have not encountered before (Kosnik & Beck, 2009). If they are learning from the observation in the field, their experiences can enhance their skills in teaching (Ching, Forlin and Lan, 2007).From Ching, Forlin and Lans (2007) research on unveil the change of mind after pre-service teachers are introduced to an SEN course, they found that continuous training is required. It is important for in-service teachers to go for continual profession development to alleviate their sense of adequacy in SEN. This is valid for the current teachers as well, as some teachers who started teaching for decades might not have the professional knowledge to cater special psychological behaviours, despite their experience and handling students emotions and misbehaviours.Providing continuo us professional development for them would be beneficial to both novice and experienced teachers to refresh their understanding of their students. They can hence provide more suitable learning activities for students to attain higher teaching and learning efficiency. Teachers attitudesGoing back to teachers attitudes to inclusive education, it is mainly driven by deuce big areas, one is the teachers teaching philosophy while the other is the teachers understanding of inclusive education.For the teachers own teaching philosophy, it is suggested that not all teachers in tended to be a teacher in the beginning of their career, but they did owing to different practical reasons, for example, having higher salaries than other jobs in chinaware (Feng, 2010). They have no particular feelings towards teaching SENs, it is stated that if there is choice, they wont choose to but it is acceptable. For this group of teachers attitude, we cannot bother too much.However, some teachers, both in-se rvice and pre-service ones, would tried their best to teach for students good, but they hesitate and feels negative to adapt to the inclusive education owing to the lacking understanding of different SENS. And they would finally prefer not to teach the schools with more SEN students.As stated in the previous paragraphs, adequate preparation during the teachers training is essential for teachers to be psychologically ready to face different SEN students in their classroom. The better they canunderstand them, the more confident and positive they are. With the accumulation of experiences, teachers are hoped to be more positive in addressing to this issue. Whats more broader sense of inclusive education and suggestionsAfter all, we as teachers should not narrow our perspective in teaching to only mainstream students. The term inclusive education can be broadened to a wider sense that we should not only accommodates academic difference owing to SEN. We also should be sensitive to differ ences of gender, class, race, ethnicity, language, physical ability and so on (Kosnik & Beck, 2009, p. 104). Every student has their own uniqueness in characters as well as learning styles. In order to provide the best education quality to students, we should not only look at the academic performances that students perform.Enhancing teacher and students relationship is one of the ways for teacher to understand their students more. In general, it is crucial to effective teaching, and it is far more important in inclusive education (Kosnik & Beck, 2009). SEN students take more time than other students to build up conclusion relationship with others, including the teachers, and they do not tell their own feelings to others easily as well. Therefore, teachers should build up close relationship with them on the basis of trust, so that they can share their feelings and needs with you for better implementation of teaching methods in the lesson. Teachers can hence develop better connection with them and hence be able to provide prompt and immediate help.It is of paramount importance for teachers to be well-prepared for learners diversity and understand the uniqueness of students. Impose more appreciation than judgment on students, and they will find the students problems easier to handle.ConclusionIn short, with the introduction of inclusive education since nearly 15 years ago in Hong Kong, the school management, teachers, parents as well as students are striking for the balance among different benefits of students. Teachers tend to be quite passage and negative in this policy owing to their lacking experiences and knowledge in catering the needs of SEN students. Thealso face the traditional pressure from regular students and parents. It is strongly suggested that teachers should be exposed to the inclusive education setting since their pre-service era, this could help them better adapt to the prospective working condition and accumulate more teaching experiences.It is hoped that their attitudes can be changed with the adequate amount of preparation given. After all, it is believed that teachers should have a broader sense of understanding inclusive education because everyone in the world is unique and worth appreciation. By building up close teacher-students relationship, teachers can provide suitable teaching and learning activities and offer timely help to every single students need. It is hoped that inclusive education can finally benefit all the parties in the system.ReferencesChing, S. S. C. , Forlin, C. and Lan, A. M. (2007). The Influence of an Inclusive Education Course on Attitude Change of Pre-service Secondary Teachers in Hong Kong. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education. 35(2). pp. 161 179 Education Department. (2000). Towards integration. Compact disk Hong Kong Curriculum Development Council-Committee on Special Education Needs. Forlin, C. (2010). Developing and implementing quality inclusive education in Hong Kong implications for teacher education. Journal of Research in Special Education Needs. 10 (1). pp. 177-184. Feng, Y. (2009). Teacher Career motivating and Professional Development in Special and Inclusive Education in China. Rotterdam/ Boston/ Taipei Sense Publishers. Kosnik C. & Beck C. (2009). Inclusive Education. Priorities in Teacher Education The 7 key elements of Pre-service preparation. pp.86-104. Lo, N- K.L. (2003). The continuous development and maintenance of inclusive education. Hong Kong Special Education Forum. 6(1). pp.97-113. McDonnellA, . P., and M. L. Hardman. (1 989). The desegregation of Americas special schools Strategies for change. Journal of the Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps. 14 (1). pp. 68-74. Poon-McBrayer, K., & Lian, M-G.J. (2002). Special Needs Education Children with Exceptionalities. Hong Kong The Chinese University Press Slavica, P. (2010). Inclusive education Proclamations or reality (primary school teachers view). US-China Education Review. 7(10). pp. 62-69 Stoler, R. D. (1992).Perceptions of Regular Education Teachers toward Inclusion of all Handicapped Students in Their Classrooms. The Clearing House. 66(1). pp. 60-62. Shelton, E. (2006). Why cant they figure out? In Elizabeth B. Keefe, Veronica M. Moore, and Frances R. Duff (Eds.), Listening to the expertsstudents with disabilities speak out. (ed 1, pp. 3-8). Baltimore Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co UNESCO. (1994). The Salamanca Statement and Framework on Special Needs Education, UNESCO, Paris. Villa, R. A. and Thousand, J. S. (2005). Creating an inclusive school (2nd Ed.). Alexandira, VA Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

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Cold War in East Asia Essay

The cold contend was arguably the strangest type of war ever to have taken butt in the world till today. With not a single direct shot being fired between the two opposing forces, this war spanned the continuance of the period following the Second World War till the 1990s.It affected not only Western Europe but large parts of Asia as well and was the defining factor in international politics and economic exchanges between countries during the era. Much of the alliances formed and the events that took place during the time have defined nations virtually the world or brought them to the brink of destruction. eastern united States Asia was one theatrical role which suffered the brunt of the Cold War, being divide on the lines of allegiance to one of the two world powers.It requires a significant bit of analysis to decipher how a war that originated in Europe, with both the powers contesting for greater control over the politics of nations in Europe, trickled over to east Asia. Since Trumans Marshal Plan and the British inability to support the Greek authorities in fighting the communistic guerrillas, the joined States had adopted a sooner more expansionist stance and intervened in the Italian elections leading to victory for the Christian Democratic Party. This was followed by greater Soviet involvement in east Europe, strengthening its stranglehold over the areas it had helped to liberate from the Nazis. However, this engagement in Europe suddenly shifted to East Asia as well with the rise of Communist China below monoamine oxidase Zedong (Chen 2001).China presented several challenges to the United States. First off, it was a country rich in resources and manpower and the thought of such a state go to communism was a frightening prospect for the capitalist and pro-democracy US. Secondly, it was situated in the heartland of Asia where it would be able to exert considerable influence on the neighboring states, many an(prenominal) of which had just ga ined independence and could fall prey to communist ideology. A third reason was the threat now posed to the allies of the United States in East Asia such as Japan. Thus it was deemed necessary to increase influence in the region and stem the possible emergence of a communist tide that would ooze across the Asian continent.With the rising communist influence in the East, the US made its first commitment to a peace treaty with Japan in 1950. This was accompanied by a guarantee of being able to situate long term host bases in the former empire. Many observers point to this as being the stimulus for Stalins approval of a plan to invade the pro-US South Korea, through Kim Il Sungs North Korea (Stokesbury 1990). These two had been divided along the thirty-eighth-parallel and had divided loyalties towards the two super powers.This presented a threat to the interests of the United States as a pro-capitalist state was being threatened by a communist one. This was exacerbated by the close pr esence of Japan to South Korea which could be next if some action mechanism was not taken. Thus a resolution was passed in the United Nations, condemning the communist invasion and establishing a joint force under General Douglas Macarthur to quell the North Korean attack (Stokesbury 1990).The forces proved remarkably successful, at last pushing the attacking forces back as far as the Yalu River. This barely presented a new dimension of threat to China. As North Korea acted as a buffer state for the Eastern goliath, it felt its interests being threatened and emerged into the war against the allied forces.The war thus ended at roughly close to the 38th parallel once more in a stalemate (Fehrenbach 2001). However, the status quo was maintained in the region and it marked the first direct presence of the United States in East Asia during the Cold War. On the communist side, the Soviet Union and China became stronger partners which would lead to further influence in East Asia, requi ring a stronger US monitoring of the situation and response.Following the Korean War, proxy battles in the Third World became an important arena of superpower competition. This was in line with the US polity shift towards Asia in general. Since the competition between the two powers had decreased European domination over Africa, Latin America and Asia, it led to currents of decolonization which presented new ground of expansion for the Cold War enemies.East Asia was seeing its share of newly formed countries and with the presence of a gigantic communist China in the backyard, action by the United States was necessary to maintain some balance. The South East Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO) was formed in 1954 with this in mind. It incorporated Philippines and Thailand along with a consortium of Western Nations, Australia and Pakistan in a defense pact relating to East Asia. The members were to engage in collective efforts should some war happen in the region. The pact however prov ed relatively useless for the United States as the proceedings frequently ended in deadlock with some members not unstrained to contribute their support in emergent conflicts.Keeping with the flow of decolonization sweeping across Asia, the war in French Vietnam was an area of particular b an separate(prenominal)ation for the United States. With the French forces being eliminated at the battle of Dien Bien Phu, it resulted in a tremendous victory for the Vietnamese Viet Minh communist revolutionary forces (David 1991).This big defeat of a colonial army in a pitched battle against communist guerrillas would not only result in a communist nation emerging on the scene but could also serve as a rallying cry for the guerrilla forces around the world which were overwhelmingly leftist. Thus the US saw it necessary to extend support to the Republic of Vietnam, battling the National Liberation Front Guerrillas which were support by the communist North Vietnam. This was further precipitate d by the instantaneously support of the Soviets and Chinese for the communist country. This was to serve as the precursor for the Vietnam War.When the inability of South Vietnam to hold its own against the communist guerrillas dawned upon the American high command, it started increasing its military presence in the region, eventually stretching its forces to over half a million in 1968. This was a typical battle between the pro-democracy south supported by the US and the NLF guerrillas drawn primarily from the peasant population of the country but militarily backed by the communist forces (David 1991).The beginning years of the war saw increasing casualties for the American forces who found it tough to negotiate through the terrain and the guerrilla tactics of the communist forces. This was made worse by the uncertain congeal towards the war at home. As the body bag count mounted and opposition to the campaign grew in campuses across the US, it reached a precipice with the surpris ing Tet Offensive by the communist forces (David 1991).Although it was of little military value, it produced a psychological effect on the Americans who started calling for an end to US participation in the war. Renouncing interests in the region however was not something favorable for the super power and it maintained other forms of support for South Vietnam. However, they quickly got overwhelmed and the combined Vietnam became a communist state. This marked a trouble for the US and a big victory for the communist powers.Following these military encounters, East Asia still remained a region of interest for both the powers in impairment of ideological value. United States stake in the region increased dramatically with the emergence of a split in the communist camp between the Chinese and the Soviets over communist ideology (Cold War 1945-1960).This presented an opportunity to improve relations with China and decrease Soviet influence which again put East Asia as the principle foc us of interest in the Cold War. Richard Nixons meeting with the Chinese premier was the height of these years of improved relations. This however marked a downturn in direct military involvement of the US in East Asia. As the region was no longer buoyed by influence by the USSR and America and China was there to have a strong stake in the surrounding areas, it became less of a war zone.The US was contented as long as its core allies, Japan and South Korea were safe from communist influence and shunned too much intrusion into Chinese matters (Gallicchio 1988). The USSR had to deal with the Asian giant as well and since relations were no longer as before, Soviet influence in East Asia dropped. The US still kept up economic support in the region, especially in the case of South Korea which saw massive influx of America capital and rapid development. This was necessary to show the capitalist model as superior to the communist and provide a contrast with North Korea which itself had a cr ippled economy following the war (Gallichio 1988).Thus, it can be seen that East Asia was a crucial platform for the Cold War. Seeing two major encounters with two direct involvements by a super power and other conflicts, the region was a battleground between two ideologies, experiencing the brunt of their military and economic might. The main reason for this importance of East Asia was the emergence of China as a communist state (Chen 2001). With such a big country with enormous resources being on one side, the other had to take action in the region which could easily have come under the sphere of influence of this illustrious neighbor.This involvement prompted propaganda value in terms of promoting one ideology over the other in the region as a means of elucidating its superiority to the rest of the world. These reasons and the ensuing decolonization in the region brought the Cold War to East Asia.BibliographyChen, Jian. (2001). Maos China and the Cold War. The University of North Carolina Press.Cold War 1945-1960 online. The Corner of the World. Available from http// Accessed 17/05/09Davidson, Phillip. (1991). Vietnam at War. Oxford Oxford University Press.Fehrenbach, T. R. (2001). his Kind of War The Classic Korean War History. Brassey.Gallicchio, Marc. (1988). The Cold War begins in Asia American East Asian policy and the fall of the Japanese empire. Columbia University Press.Garthoff, Raymond. (1994) The Great TransitionAmerican-Soviet Relations and the destination of the Cold War New York, Harper PerennialStokesbury, James. (1990). A Short History of the Korean War. New York Harper Perennial.

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Why Evolution and Religion Can Coexist

Jason So ares 1-1 Science and Religion Can Coexist Revision 2 For centuries cognizance and piety commit been competing with each an other(prenominal) to reign supreme over the other. It makes one wonder just why it has come to this. After all arent they in many aspects quite corresponding? Consider the following the guess of evolution, the big bang theory, and the Copenhagen interpretation theory all have one constant term, theory. Why? All of them seaportt been proven yet as they are still mere theories. straightway shifting over to religion, when reading a holy book, one finds no facts or substantial evidence of how things exist as they do today. Religion, as much of acquirement, is merely based on beliefs. Yet billions choose to either believe in a higher being or eliminate the idea of a god al unitedly. No matter which side is authorized or false, one true statement that sight be made is that one could not exist without the other. Religion is for spiritual healing and belief whereas, science is, in to the highest degree cases, the echt embodiment of our beliefs.Science and religion can coexist because arguably the greatest mind of them all said so, religions morals and values uses science to the service of all man large-minded, and perhaps God himself used science to create all that we see. Firstly, if indisputably the greatest scientist in the history of mankind, Albert whiz the person who set the base for raw science as we know it today found no problem in believing in both science and religion, then why should we?Einstein did not believe in a personal God, a god who cares for us or intervenes in the lives of mass, but in one that maintained and created the capital of New Hampshire of the universe a god nonetheless. That may seem quite odd as many beliefs render science and religion incompatible. Yet, many scientists, according to surveys, allege that there is no conflict between their faith and their work. Joel Primack, a professor f rom the University of California, Santa Cruz, co-developed the cold dark matter theory that seeks to explain the formation and structure of the universe.He as well as believes in God and that God and science can exist in harmony. He claims that in the last few years astronomy has come together so that were now able to tell a coherent story of how the universe began, Primack said. This story does not contradict God, but instead enlarges the idea of God. (National geographic News website) This is one example of how clearly science and religion go hand in hand. Secondly, most religions in this world teach three elemental steps in being able to enter the eternal life that most of them offer respect one another, love your neighbour and be kind to all.Not a bad list on which to base a whole religion on. In fact it sounds quite noble. Think about it, many lives are based on the above list due to a strict enforcing of religion from family or a community, and if even a small portion of th ose people grow up to be doctors and scientists, we can say with ease that the future of our technological advancements is bright and it is in the right hands. After analyzing the up renting of these theoretical people, we can come to a conclusion that religion helped a great deal in steering their science-filled future in the right direction.It will be unwise on our part to deny religion just because weve advanced in science and technology. As our knowledge increases, we must move nearer to the roots of our religion, and this is the constitute when both religion and science will be working together for the betterment of mankind. For example, euthanasia, the violent death of a human being to relieve pain and woeful (mercy-killing), is widely considered unethical. This mercy-killing is just a euphemism for suicide. The reason why we dont say suicide is because it is usually frowned upon by society, yet when someone is on a hospital bed and doesnt want to live anymore, its justifi ed.People say suicide and mercy-killing are different, but they both lead to the same result the killing of a human being because the person no longer has a desire to live. By definition, this is indeed suicide because it is taking a life forth since they no longer find value for it, and yet it is being done throughout the world in public hospitals. Now a doctor with a good moral and ethical background due to religion or a community with strong values would not succumb to the pressures of this daily amountrence. And arent doctors supposed to bring life into this world and help sustain it when outside forces threaten it?Moreover, it is daunting to think that someone can just pull the plenty on another being just because the former wants to die. Science and technology can be a blessing in the hands of wise men, objet dart it can be deadly in the hands of others, and if we are wiser and nearer to our religious roots we can enjoy our lives better knowing that religions morals and va lues will use science to the benefit of all mankind. Thirdly, possibly one of the most controversial and heated theories of all is the one that concerns the truly place in which we live in, the big bang theory.According to the big bang theory, space, time, and all matter around us was created by the grandest explosion ever to occur in our universe. When consulting religious persons about this theory they would whole heartedly disagree with it. Assuming they were Catholics, they would immediately refer to the Bible and cite that God created the world, the vegetation, animals, and humans within it. Now level headed persons who are on neither side of the science-religion debate would argue that, why cant both the big bang theory and the scriptural story of God be true?They would reason that perhaps God used this method of creation for His own purpose, to create a world that is livable by life. Once again the religious would disagree, saying that according to the book of Genesis, God created Earth in seven days, and according to the big bang theory the earth took billions of years to develop in order to exhibit any traces of human life. Seven days compared to billions of years is quite a difference, yet when examining the word of honor of God in the Bible, the religious cannot take the seven day period so literally.Perhaps it did take God seven days to create the earth, but perhaps God was on a different time scale. One day for us is twenty four hours, but one day for God could have been thousands, millions, or billions of years. Furthermore, perhaps these seven days werent consecutive. They could have been spanned out over billions of years and just the major days on which God created his most praised wonders are mentioned. In addition to the creation affect of the earth, God could have used the scientific methods of photosynthesis, natural selection, and countless others to create this world.Not only can we bring science and religion closer together than ev er by this new perspective, but we can say that one definitely assisted in the process of the other and that the relationship between science and religion is strong. Ultimately, one can see that science and religion can coexist, because many of our brightest minds are an example of this, science can be used for worthy causes due to religions ethics, and with a new perspective it can be debated that God himself used science for his own creation purposes. No one is forced to sway either way of the debate and everyone is elcomed to stay neutral, nonetheless, one cannot obliviously deny one and praise the other with an un-open mind. We can choose to believe one, but we shouldnt reject the other altogether. All we should ask of ourselves is not to ignore the pressing questions which alter our views on religion or science, but to expand our tunnel vision and wander into unfamiliar territories to grasp a better understanding of both consequently closing the shot between science and religi on so that one day the feud between the two may rest peacefully in the minds of all.

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Critical Review †“The Fault in our Stars” by John Green Essay

The Fault in our Stars is a young adult fresh written by John Green. It is found on the remission of a 16-year-old Thyroid cancer patient, cob Grace who relentlessly struggles to breathe. She attends a Cancer Kid Support Group where she meets Augustus Waters, a 17-year-old computerized tomography diagnosed with osteosarcoma. They form a close relationship and constantly share their love for a book called An Imperial Affliction written by turncock train Houten who resigned from writing it half focus. Upon the desperation in finding out the ending, the two protagonists set off to Netherlands to meet the author. Their journey together reveals the themes of love, grief, loss, and both physical and mental aggravator. throughout the book, there are reoccurring metaphors of water and stars water representing death and stars signifying hope, hence the name The Fault in our Stars. Each of these themes along with the repeated motifs the author creates, reaches out to the ratifier and c auses them to be drawn into the lives of the geeks and their relation to each other.The two protagonists dread each day with the constant worry that theyd pass away any minute. Augustus and Hazels love for each other triumphs over struggle and hardship but yet still they worried Worry is yet another aspect effect of dying. The times when they are not contemplating what it means to be gone, theyre drawn into An Imperial Affliction (AIA). John Green purposely made the characters metaphorically relatable to those in AIA so there is a meaning to the existence of the book. The two sweethearts chase their dreams all the way to Netherlands in order to meet up with Peter Van Houten, a rude, abrasive, and utterly drunk father of a departed cancer kid. Hazel and Gus both reminded him of her, and the circumstances that made him so cruel and caused perturb in his life. John Green intended on Peter Van Houtens charisma to be the way he wrote it as he himself withal intellectualizes emotiona lly painful experiences so that he doesnt have to confront/process them emotionally. Both authors are somewhat related with their thoughts and feelings.The Fault in our Stars introduced many deeper topics on discordant themesrelevant to todays society. John Green wanted to be ambiguous because he was able to accurately depict the characters in their flow age, with their strong personalities, which were present through the whole novel. There are no negative aspects of the text, as e precise part was crucial in showing diametric emotions, and character traits. Hazel Grace had a strong personality, a complex train of thoughts, and thyroid cancer, as its fairly similar to what Greens close friend, Esther had. The novel was mostly influenced by Esther, who died of thyroid cancer in August 2010, and after she died, Green had to write his way through it, desperately looking for some hope in it. The setting is also inspired by her the problematic occurrences that cancer plays in the cha racters lives.The many times throughout the novel where every character experiences love, grief, loss and pain causes you to laugh cry, and then come back for more Markus Zusak. John Green does this by presenting many heart wrenching events, where physical pain is shown. The pain of Hazel suffering from breathing everyday, but the unconditional love between Hazel and Augustus over power all the sadness. He also explores motifs of stars and water, very deeply. He has metaphorical words for the stars and water. Stars representing wishes and water, representing the proximity of death, which is frequently talked about throughout the book as Hazel devotes quite a bit of her abundant spare time to thinking about death.Another heart throbbing novel, Looking for Alaska also by John Green is similar in a way where there are two protagonists who frequently engage in conversations, drawing them closer to each other, and allowing them to explore the different themes of love, loss and friendsh ip.In summary, the author has successfully written a gripping novel. John Green presented situations relatable to the current teen culture by speaking in the mind of a teenager. I therefore applaud to his ability to write with every word sticking to the specific character trait each of them are supposed to portray. He has engaged the readers in every page, entitling it to being an award-winning novel.

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Facebook Case Analysis

Case Study Facebook Introduction Recently, the fond networking sites are getting much more(prenominal) popular on the internet. They are playing a vital role in the way that individuals can easily progress to their own online writes, construct their identities and help communicate with separately other. Literally, there are many a(prenominal) social networking sites worldwide however, Facebook is the most well-known one since the number of its visitors is significantly increasing.Historically, Facebook was founded almost nine years ago by three undergraduate students of Harvard, goal Zuckerberg and his two colleges, where it was firstly used by the members who have only . edu email addresses. A month later since Facebook had been launched it was spread very fast where it was used by the majority of Harvard students, then the number of Facebook users increased rapidly after Zuckerberg had left Harvard and move to California in order to represent the site expanded more and mo re (Valenzuela, Park, Kee, 2008). The majority of the individuals who are surfing the internet, spend lots of term on Facebook.They are able to visit their own profiles as well as they can even browse profiles of other people and share interests like photos, games and information (Mikolaj et al. , 2011), (Boyd & Ellison, 2007). In this paper, there are a number of questions concerning the Facebook and will be answered. Question 1 Why do people use Facebook, and what do they do when they are on the site? What are the implications of this behaviour for individuals, organizations and for Facebook? Facebook is one of the social networking sites, which has become the most popular site globally (Lipsman, 2011).The number of individuals who registered in Facebook site reached a billion ab surface four months ago (Mikolaj et al. , 2011). Generally, individuals are doing a variety of activities using Facebook platform on the internet. People have a great opportunity to create their own publ ic profiles, in which their old and new-fashioned information can be browsed, where Facebook users are able to write their personal information on their own profiles like names, living places, interests, study programs, contact details, photos and pictures as well as the other favoured sites (Hargittai, 2010). In addition, Facebook nables the individuals to communicate and conjoin with distant friends, colleagues and strangers, showing and sharing their lists of connections as well as extend and strengthen their relationships and friendships, fitting each other and sharing their interests, and they can even share the media content (Griffiths & Kuss, 2011). People can also shop online using Facebook browsing shopping pageboys, pursuit for groups or members, and browse peoples walls (Mikolaj et al. , 2011). Moreover, Facebook users are able to play free social games such as Zynga, which in turn would help them connect with the other communities.According to Piskoriski (2011), th ere was a survey done by Information Solution Group demonstrated that more than 30 percept of Zynga game players pointed out that the games enabled them to connect with family and present friends whereas another(prenominal) third admitted that playing games on Facebook made them connect with old friends and one third used them in order to make new friends. Additionally, concerning the effect of Facebook on organisations, organisations are using Facebook platform to make their names much more well-known which in turn leads to increase their sales and profits (Mikolaj et al. 2011). Actually, there are two main factors that have made Facebook the most popular social site internationally Firstly, the need to belong, secondly, the need to berth limitation. All those factors could be influenced by several variables such as demographic and personal attributes, and social and cultural background (Ashwini & Stefan, 2012). In contrast, using Facebook could be wind to the negative consequen ces. In other words, the increasing hours people spend online, may be indicative of capability addiction particularly for students (Griffiths & Kuss, 2011).Grabmeier (2010) claimed that there is a knockout link between using Facebook and low grades achievement at universities. This is correlates with the recent study showed that Facebook users had lower grade academic performance and spent less time studying than students who did not use this social networking sites (Griffiths & Kuss 2011, 10). Furthermore, Griffiths and Kuss (2011) claimed that Anecdotal case study evidence reported that some Facebook addicts are more likely to have potential mental health problems.Moreover Accessibility of the others privacies using Facebook could also be considered as one of the negative impacts of using Facebook. Question 2 How can organizations leverage Facebook for commercial message purposes? How effective are company pages on Facebook? Facebook platform is playing a crucial role in commer cial purposes, particularly for companies. They are able to create free profile page in order to post information about their products and receive comments about them, as a result, Facebook might invest more in order to enhance advertising products (Mikolaj et al. , 2011).Additionally, further investment in this social site assist the firms improve their own applications, letting the Facebook users engaged in some social events that they might be interested in and consequently the relationship between the firms and their fans would be strengthened (Mikolaj et al. , 2011), (Piskoriski, 2011). Facebook also made new disdain pages which permitted businesses, brands, products, artists, and public figures to build free custom Facebook pages and attract Facebook users to like them so that users would then follow status updates, pictures and videos which posted by the organisation on their page (Mikolaj et al. 2011). This can create an effective negotiation between the firms and their fa ns. Companies can also advertise their pages on Facebook to be liked by users. New advertising products were ameliorate using Facebook which in turn leveraged its users in footing of social relationships (Mikolaj et al. , 2011), (Piskoriski, 2011). To illustrate, friends of a certain company would see ads about that company regularly (Mikolaj et al. , 2011). As a result, Facebook has achieved commodious financial benefits from those developers and applications.Question 3 Regarding the Facebook platform, what role does it play for both individuals and organizations? Facebook has some approaches that make it different from other social sites. For example, Facebook users are able to browse each others profiles as long as the profiles owners allowed that (Boyd & Ellison, 2007). Moreover, Facebook permitted users to add applications in order to enhance their profile and they were set up by Facebook developers (Mikolaj et al. , 2011).One of these applications is games, where more than 40 % of Facebook users had been attracted to play games by 2011. A year after Facebook extended its API to comprise other actions, such as listening to music or reading an hold and might be also shared with other users (Mikolaj et al. , 2011). Facebook platform also play a significant role in increasing the profitability of the firms. The extensive increase in the number of the Facebook users has made it much more attractive to the traditional companies (Piskoriski, 2011).Firms started to create application platforms and look for new customers and engaging the existing ones on Facebook site by advertising and offering new special prices and posted them on their own profile page (Piskoriski, 2011). As a result, the number of visitors to that profile page of that firms would be increasing which led to a substantial increase in the number of users who are interested in the their applications and brands. Individuals can also see other brands using advertisements for those brands on Fa cebook. Then the firms incomes would be increasing dramatically. Question 4Finally, review the final paragraph on page 14. How would you respond to these questions? What should Facebook centre on? Recently, there has been a huge collaboration between firms and Facebook platform in terms of commercial aspects. In fact, offering free profile pages on Facebook has made it much more attractive and valuable to many companies. Firms have been able to utilize this feature by doing businesses with Facebook through which they capable to advertise their brands and products on Facebook users profiles so that companies can increase their revenues (Mikolaj et al. , 2011).In addition, Facebook application developers have great opportunities to create additional applications, and update and enhance the old ones based on users interests due the massive increasing in the number of Facebook visitors who have different desires and needs (Egele et al. , 2012). Therefore, Facebook plays an essential ro le in products dispersal and increasing sales and then profits of the firms as a result of advertising and applications. Facebook should be focusing on deploying much more effort in order to support its businesses with organisations based on the interests of the users.Development its tools is another factor that can increase its attraction to the investors and then increase profits. There is also an important issue that Facebook should concern about which is privacy in terms of data hankering. Facebook should be aware of keeping its users privacies secure. Otherwise, it will lose its admiration in terms of limiting the objectives for both individuals and companies (Fowler & Geoffre, 2010). Conclusion There is no social networking site as popular as Facebook. It can be used either for communication between individuals worldwide or for commercial aspects.Facebook has several advantages in terms of strengthening the social relationships as well as providing new marketing strategies whi ch in turn leads to the increasing the growth of economy. Nevertheless, Facebook has some negative impacts such as students achievement and browsing the others privacies. In general, Facebook is experiencing massive challenges to keep and advance its reputation. References Ashwini, Nadkarni, and Hofmann, Stefan G. Why do People use Facebook? Personality and Individual Differences, vol. 52, issue 3 (2012) 243-249.Egele, M. , Moser, A. , Kruegel, C. and Kirda, E. PoX Protecting Users from Malicious Facebook Applications. Computer Communications 35, no. 12 (2012) 1507-1515. www. scopus. com. Fowler, Geoffrey A. Corporate News Facebook Fights Privacy Concerns. Wall Street Journal, Aug 21, 2010. http//search. proquest. com/docview/746178017? accountid=10382 Grabmeier, J. Study Finds Link mingled with Facebook Use, Lower Grades In College. Research News (2010). http//researchnews. osu. edu/archive/facebookusers. htm Hargittai, E. , and Hsieh, Y.P. (2010). Predictors and Consequences of Social Network Site Usage. Information, Communication and Society, 13, 515536. Lipsman, A. The Network Effect Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Tumblr Reach New high school in May. (2011, June 15). http//blog. comscore. com/2011/06/facebook_linkedin_twitter_tumblr. html Mikolaj J. , Thomas R. , David C. and Brian F. Facebook. Harvard Business School Publishing. (2011). Patrick Van Eecke and Maarten Truyens, Privacy and Social Networks. Computer Law & amp Security Review, vol. 6, issue 5, 535-546. http//www. sciencedirect. com/science/ denomination/pii/S0267364910001093) Valenzuela, Park, & Kee, F. K. (2008). Lessons from Facebook The Effects of Social Network Sites on College Students Social Capital. http//online. journalism. utexas. edu/2008/papers/Valenzuela. pdf * Boyd, D. M. , & Ellison, N. B. (2007). Social network sites Definition, history and scholarship. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 13, 210230. * Online Social Networking and AddictionA Review of the psy chological Literature

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Philosophy Essay

1. SettingsI scheduled my AA conflict for Tuesday September the 18th at 10 p.m. at the Sobe Room in Miami B from each one (1718 bay laurel Rd. Miami Beach, Fl. 33139). When I arrived I noniced that the parking was far away from the existent meeting foreland. The meeting point was a church type structure with no sing or any opposite identification. The door was open so I just went in I waited ab egress 5 minutes for the meeting to start. The meeting took place in a large room, and the chairs were organized in a semicircle and at the front there was a kind of podium. In the Sobe Room all meetings are open, so I didnt have to set an appointment.In the meeting were ab step to the fore 50 people, I guess because it was in south beach the majority were young people under 40. There were most(prenominal)ly white males, followed by white females some Latin and some African Americans. There were almost 15 people who were there for the first time. I didnt have to say why I was there bu t I did have to say my name when e actuallyone else did.2. PhilosophyAlcoholics Anonymous (AA) was founded in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith. The primary purpose of AA is to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. Although AA was founded on Christian principles and by white men, the presidency has evolved to be multicultural. AA doesnt keep a list of members names, but estimates that it has 2 million members who conform to from all backgrounds. The philosophical system behind Alcoholics Anonymous is that alcoholism is a disease. Even if psyche stops drinking, they are not cured. The individual is a recovering alcoholic.The organization follows a 12-step structure designed to help the recovering alcoholic have a healthy mind and spirit. By following the 12 steps in sequence, the recovering alcoholic can improve their thought processes and work on healing their emotions.3. Therapeutic contentEven though AA is an independent organization and is not based on ps ychological or therapeutic research or interventions, they have adopted some techniques of different theoretical models to help the group members distribute with their illness.AA uses techniques from diverse psychological theoretical models such as existentialism, gestalt, and narrative therapy.The existentialism theory invites clients to explore their being and ask themselves philosophical questions such as what is the centre of live, how do actions define individuals and to continually revise their set of values. AA uses this betterment in its program when they talk about the greater power, the purpose of their lives, etc.Gestalt theory sees each client as a unique individual and states that any change made by the client has to be his or her own decision, gestalt therapy is also genuinely confrontational, and in both characteristics are included in the AA program. AA states that the client will get better if and only they really want it and commit to it.Also AA uses an approac h similar to the narrative therapy by treating the addiction as an illness and as a problem independent of the client, it externalizes it to try to confront it.4. Impressions and significanceWhen I arrived to the meeting the first thing that called my attention was the fact that we had to park really far away from the actual site (about two blocks) I later found out that it was purposely made this way so the members wouldnt feel self conscious about having their cars outside of something that could be affiliated with alcoholism.I entered the location, it wasnt an actual church, but it had a church like structure. The doors were opened and most people seemed to k straightaway each other, before the meeting started some people said hi to me but no one asked any questions.The meeting began with a shot supplication called the serenity prayer, which had me thinking about some contradictions found in the AA philosophy since they claim not to have any religious affiliation but it certainl y felt a little inclined towards the Christian side. After the prayer everyone introduced themselves (most people said their names and Im an alcoholic, but some didnt) I said my name but gave no further information. Then someone proceed to talk a little about the AA program and the 12-step structure.After the greeting process a kat (27) stood up and went to the podium. He started by ingeminate his name and saying he was an alcoholic. He said that since this time he saw a lot of new faces he wanted to share his bosh again.The man shared a very powerful explanation about his involvement with alcohol, he stated he started drinking around the age of 14, he said that at the moment he thought he was just having fun and doing the same that everyone else did, but that now that he thinks about it he realizes he was using alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with the confusion he was facing about his sexuality.He stated that he came out of the closet at the age of 16, that it was a very difficult time and that he was dating older men who encouraged him to drink. He continued talking about what coming out had done to the relationship with his family members he described the time as very painful and he cried while telling the story (some of the people in the meeting cried as well).He said that his mother was very supportive since the beginning, that his younger brother had a hard time arrangement he said that he was a jog in school, so no one expected him to come out since he wasnt the fairylike type. But that the real issue was with his father, as soon as he gave him the news the father became very angry and he kicked him out of the house. He said that he sort of expected the reaction but thought that he would eventually get over it, but that that hadnt happened yet, and that its been 10 years and 7 months since the last time he spoke with his father.He said that he joined AA when he was 23, he decide to attend a meeting because he and his partner were having terr ible fights while he was under the influence of alcohol and he even tried to hit him once. At that point the partner threatened with leaving him if he didnt get treatment. He stated that it was the best decision he made in his live. He has now been sober for 3 years and 4 months.Before going to the meeting I had many opinions about what I would find there, I was sure that most people would be people of low socioeconomic status probably many homeless and very angry people. I was afraid of being coerce to speak and that they wouldnt understand the reason that I was participating in the meeting. I expected to see a lot of people praying, singing, and hugging at the end. But the truth is that the reality was very different to what I had in my imagination, I think my perception was heavily influenced by movies Ive see about it. One thing that caught my attention was the first to realize that most people in the group were people with jobs and life situations fairly normal. But mostly I w as surprised that people were a bit cold and distant. I was hoping that dodos were united and friendly to each other but not the case.For me the story of gay guy was very powerful and I felt good to see people around me responding positively and nodding. One thing I did not like was the reinforced Christian influence of the program I feel that excludes many people who do not feel identified with this dogma.I think AA is a very powerful tool and can help many clients, but I also think is not for everyone. I would recommend it to clients with maladaptive behaviors that do not have the skills to deal with day-to-day problems. I think that a person has to be religious to some point to really identify with the program. I would not recommend this program to teenagers because I think that there are other programs more suitable for this population.

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National Government Essay

National Govern manpowertis a concept referring to the coalition of the major political parties which were under Ramsay MacDonald,Stanley BaldwinandNeville Chamberlainthey held office from 1931 until 1940. TheW completely Street Crashwas the jump of Great Depressionand Britain was badly hit.The Government tried to achieve several different, contradictory objectives which where ones such as, try to maintain Britains economic position by maintaining thepoundon thegold example, balancing thebudget, and providing care and relief to tackle unemployment. In 1931 the situation worsened and there was fear that the budget was unbalanced, which was allowed by the nonsymbioticMay Reportwhich triggered a confidence crisis.TheLabour Government retaind to make changes in taxation and expenditure in order to balance the budget and restore confidence, but theCabinetcould not agree on the two options available which was either introducetariffs, or make 20% cuts inunemployment benefit. A final vote was taken on the issue and the Cabinet was split 119 with a minority including many political heavyweights such as George Lansbury threatening to resign rather than agree. Due to this impossible split, on 24 August 1931 the government resigned.Both the Conservative and Liberal parties met withKing George Vand MacDonald, send-off to discuss support for the measures taken but again to discuss the shape of the next government. On 24 August MacDonald agreed to form a National Government composed of men from all parties with the detail aim of balancing the Budget and restoring confidence. The Government was then meant to resolve once these aims had been met and a general resource was to be held. The National Government had many problems during their time in office. One of the major problems they had was the impact of the low gear was strong upon Britain.An economic problem they faced was that unemployment had risen to 3 million. During their time in office the unemployment tak e aim did drop but this was not due to the national Government it was due to new technology and industries, Rearmament started up in 1936 and there was a housing boom. The national government came up with many schemes such as closing competing factories i. e. cotton shipbuilding this only increased the number of unemployed. The came up with the unemployment assistance act and the peculiar(prenominal) areas act these worked to a certain extent as for certain areas it was too little too young for schemes like this. besides it could not get rid of the intractable million who were people who came from staple industries such as coal, textiles, shipbuilding, iron and steel. These people where the ones who lived in places such as Jarrow where 1 in 10 men where in work. A social problem they faced was that as the impact of the Depression was hard on Britain, there was a large drop in living standards a cut in the aggregate of benefits people could collect and there was a means test to se e if families where eligible for benefits. Which meant fewer families got the pogy and if they did get it they got a small amount which created the two nations in Britain.As places like Jarrow were one of the belabor hit places while places like London and Bristol benefited from a lot of the changes such as they were the ones able to procedure the new technology and be hired into the new industries and they were one of the few who could afford to buy a new house in the housing boom. There were many hunger marches due to this the or so famous was the Jarrow crusade. This is where many unemployed marched all the way to London to speak to Baldwin active what he was exit to do to help them but they were refused a seating which him all they arrived was tea and sympathy it is said.Another occupation faced by the National Government was the balancing of the budget. This was orthodox economics which means it is situation in financial planning where total revenues are equal to or greate r than total expenses. This was successful to a limited extent as with all the cuts such as 20% off unemployment as wellspring as having a means test allowing them to save enough money for them to get foreign loans. But only the south of England benefited from the money saved. Social problem occurred due to cuts in unemployment benefit was that there was a drop in benefits for unemployed which led to them having a lower standard of living.They came off the gold standard which made the exports (manufacturers goods) which where imports into other countries cheaper. They lowered interest rates, which helped small businesses, home owners and those in the south of England. Then familiar sector pay was cut by 10% but navy was not happy about this which caused trouble when the Invogadon navy mutinied. The National Government were successful to an extent but they were limited due to all the economic greatness helped those who were in the south of England and not those in the north which a llowed the social deprivation to continue.

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Life Suceed In That It Seems To Fail Essay

Life has resilient nature, it never let fancy to cut off even in the prowl. It arrives at specific conditioning through entertaining demands at variable intervals and in variable amounts and some times at discretion. This comes up with optimism. Optimism let one to prevail over even in inauspicious conditions. In fact life do miracles in lurch conditions and turns the corner. It triumphs, when there is no want of its victory.Traditional stories, which are being recounted by a man to a child, involve the ultimate positive end. They implants in the flesh and blood that every bad and the worst have a well chosen end. And in actual the same comes about. A death bed patient, for an ordinary example, bears a charmed life. A stuck labor in a mine is rescued after a couple of days. These off and then are the very reason that the hope dies but with the last breath.If we come down deep in the history of world, we come up that every time when there was no trend out but stars were in the ascendant. Subcontinents fate in 17th century was hanging in balance. All India National Congress decided it in complete darkness. Ger many an(prenominal), when it was quite at sea, found the hope in the shape of Hitler. USA was quite at its wits end and was about to gave up all in vain after ten years war but it made a pile and turned the table by killing Osama.On contrary there are many cases where felicity is left awaited and never comes. A pathetic poor man facing unseemly economic situations, for instance, annihilates itself because he/she remains unable to discover light in future.Over all, life is comely having optimistic nature and whenever it is being challenged it nails its color to the mast.

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TV or no TV

Bess TV Is an Important issue for us, because over three quarters of British teenagers have a TV In their bedroom (pretty antisocial If you ask me ), and they watch TV for an sightly of 14 hours a week. In the USA, Its over 20 hours a week. In my research for this debate, Eve ascertained some amazing facts. For example, 57% of programmer contain what Is called psychologically harmful violence. That means, according to the experts, that teenagers learn to behave leniently and they accept violence as normal.In addition, they become more afraid of being attacked. Not surprising, when you learn that the average out child in the US has seen up to 8,000 murders on the TV by the age of Ill Furthermore, thithers the couch-potato problem. aught does enough exercise any more or spends enough time with friends. As a result, tv is turning us all into lonely fatties also because theres an advert for high-sugar snacks and drinks every five minutes. Think position Intermediate Unit 10 p. 88O oxford university press PHOTOCOPIES And finally, I believe that talent shows and shows such as wide Brother give batch false expectations. They make you ideate that anyone can become famous and whence rich, for doing practically nothing We did a survey in my year group and found that 63% of people want to be rich and famous, and In show business. So although I like TV, I think that we should cut down the amount we watch before our brains turn to mush. Damon I dont agree that TV Is a completely negative Influence on people.In my opinion, lovelorn Is a window on the world and therefore, Its Invaluable. I get a lot of information from the TV, and so do my friends and family. My kid brother, wads five, loves wildlife programmer, so TV is often educational. Yesterday, for example, I saw a fantastic documentary nearly space travel, which I learnt hemorrhoid from. Without the computer-generated graphics. Remember, you can choose what you watch Whats more, many programmer are shown a ll over the world, so you could put they unite the world community.For instance, my French Nepal, Bastion, really liked The CO when it was on, so we were able to talk about that together. But TV is also fun and entertaining it helps you relax whats wrong with that? However, there is one expectation of TV that I dont like the adverts, especially during a film. They ruin it for me and waste time. To sum up, TV is here and its part of our lives. Over 96% of us have one. Im not saying its good to watch also much, but theres an amazing choice of programmer now with satellite, digital and broadband, so why not adore the positive things it offers?

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Creation and Aspects of a Product Plan

INTRODUCTION Origin of the Report As we atomic number 18 doing Marketing Management, our course instructor Prof. Dr. Mijanur Rahman has instructed us to prep atomic number 18 a paper on the reaping plan. Purpose To get a clear concept how to make the w ar plan To acquire familiarity how to make mission, vision, cover mix etc. Limitations 1. We did not collect the current cultivation cerebrate with our carre quaternarysome. 2. We had to happen lot of times to collect information somewhat competitors, market smudge because enough information not available. enquiry Methodology Secondary Internet www. google. com , www. ekipidia . com, Source thedailystar. net Other Collected information from marketing report, magazines, running modernspaper. 100 CURRENT MARKET SITUATION Today the chips market is dominated by stump spud Crackers, Mr. Twist, Meridian, Cheese Ball, Lays, solarise checks and another(prenominal) chips. We find out that, on that point is no high feel c hip which is suitable for children health. But we found much normal category chips. Our ware bore is much(prenominal) high comparative to the other competitors, because our main ingredients is mushroom-shaped cloud which is in all new flavor and bask and in like manner work against for the cancer.So its a big gap that we find out. Our new chips has been received a new market challenge to cope with them. At the truly beginning, our sale go forth be let loose, profit pull up stakes also be little. We hope that we leave aloneing be able to get the first m all over advantage, because there is no much(prenominal) harvesting especially for children health. 1. Market Description We know, the market means potential customers of a crossroad or service. Bangladesh is a highly populated country. The birth rate is very high . As a result the children rate is also very high. We are not producing our point of intersection not scarcely for children but also for teenagers, young generation.So our total target market is very large. Market demands of market get out also increasing as much we can position in our customers mind. (All this figure are estimated depending on class and age to have an idea about demand on chips on this variables) This is our target market. We indigence to target children as nearly as young people of middle and high class of people. We are not eliminating dis reference book class people but first we essential to create demand for our product then we go out try to get our product price and serve to all class of people. 2. harvest-festival reviewThe product quality is more high comparative to the other competitors, because our main ingredients is mushroom cloud which is totally new flavor and prove and also work against for the cancer. It is suitable for children health. It is highly r individuallyed by Protein-15. 53%, Fat-20%,Saturated fat-1. 42%, Carbohidrated-2. 45%, Sugar-2. 40%, Energy-100gm, Colastrol-0%, Sodiam-. 64% , which is very much essential for specially kids and young age people. 1. 3 Price Price levels are set for launching our product for our targeted customers. 4. gross revenueWe want to produce 960000 of products in our first step of production. Depending on increasing demand rate, we entrust increase our production rate over a month. Every course, we depart increase our 10% of production. We will observe the gross receipts and satisfaction levels of our customers by dint of our gross revenue representatives. Our Product will sale only in Urban and town side areas of Bangladesh, thats why we are not distributing and gross revenue product in rural areas because our price level is crisp high. After increasing our product demand and sales, we will try to reduce our cost of production.As a result, we reduce our product price and distributed in rural areas in Bangladesh. 5. Gross margin We have a abundant competition in our market. 1st year we want to create huge demand by dandy quality advertisement and packagingal activities to create position in our customers mind. As a result, we expected low gross margin for 1st year, it will be just cover the fixed asset. 2nd year, we will try to sale more and more and reduce the cost of goods sold. It will increase our gross margin. 1. 6 dinero We expected earning profit within 2 years.Before that we will try to cover our fixed be and make break even points of sales. 1. 6 Distribution review Factory Warehouse Divisional warehouse Salesman Retailer Customer Our factory situated at Tongi in Gazipur. After producing our products it will store in our own warehouse Mirpur. From this warehouse products are distributed 6 sectionalisations by our own ecstasy and then storing these goods in divisional warehouse. Then our trained salesman distributes our products in the market to the retailer. And finally retailers shell out it to the ultimate customer. 1. 7 combative Review 1. 7. 1 Potato Crackers Potato Crackers is a very popular morsel prepared with combination of wheat, starch together with potato. It is a light, crispy snack and less oily. It has an average food for thought treasure and is available with spicy tomato flavor. Ingredients Potato powderise, Potato Starch, Wheat flour, tenuous Vegetable cover and Seasoning. 1. 7. 2 Cheese Ball Cheese Ball is an extruded product made from corn and rice and coat with rich cheese powder.It is superb in taste and something to be enjoyed all the time. Ingredients Corn, Rice, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Cheese Powder & Seasoning. 1. 7. 3 Mr. Twist Mr. Twist is especially attractive to youngsters. This potato based snack has a current amount of modified or native starch to buy the farm it a beautiful twisty ascertain and fine texture. Available with tomato paprika flavor. Ingredients Potato Powder, Modified Potato starch, Native Potato starch, Refined Vegetable Oil and seasoning. 1. 7. 4 Meridian Chips Meridian Chips is especially attractive t o all people.Total annual sales below US$1 Million. Export shareage 1% 10% per year. 1. 7. 5 Lays Lays is the brand shout out for a number of potato chip (crisps) varieties as well as the name of the phoner that founded the chip brand in 1932. Lays chips have been marketed as a division of Frito-Lay, a corporation owned by PepsiCo since 1965. Other brands in the Frito-Lay group include Fritos, Doritos, Ruffles, Cheetos, Rold Gold pretzels, and Sun Chips. 2. 00 wonk ANALYSISSWOT analysis is an important tool for canvasing the overall strategic position of a business and its environment. SWOT is an abbreviation for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Opportunities and threats are external factors. For example, an opportunity could be a ramp uping dispersal channel such as the Internet, or changing consumer lifestyles that potentially increase demand for a companys products. A threat could be a new competitor in an important vivacious market or a technologica l change that makes existing products potentially obsolete. Strength Weakness pic expert skills pic New company pic Distribution channels pic Absence of importer skills pic Product quality pic Unreliable product pic Value delivery electronic network pic Financial problem Opportunity Threats pic Changing customer taste pic Changes in government politics pic Technological advances pic Acceptance the product pic Changes in government politics pic Competitor rate high pic Availability of vulgar(prenominal) materials pic Strict rules and regulation 2. 1 Strength picWithout any hand of hand the product is made because of increment of technological skills. pic There are another strength of the company is distribution channels. Our distribution channel is very strong proportion of the supplier and resellers is very strong. picThe product quality is more high comparative to the other competitors, because our main ingredients is pick which is totally new flavor and taste an d also work against for the cancer. picBecause of our good kinship with supplier, reseller and for the good transportation facility our sale will be definitely increases. Our value delivery profit is in strong position. We are having good relationships with our suppliers for a longer period of time. 2. 2 Weakness pic Although the company is new, it has not established a brand or images in the market place this is the failing for the product popularity. pic Because of the new product and company importer skills are absence here thats why we cant includes any internal facilities. pic For the first time the mushroom is exit in the market thats why people cant properly reliable to the product quality. pic Financial problem is another weakness of the company like what will be the price constitute and investment. pic Quality of the Mushroom is not up to mark. 2. 3 Opportunity picIts an available product but of the new version of taste and quality create a new change of the customer ta ste. picFor the technological changes and advances its easier to acquaint any information and promotional activities to know the product popularity to the people. picIf the government changes politics then it will be easy to approach shot the product to the market. picAvailability of the raw materials is increasing day by day which is help to produce more products. 2. 4 Threats picIf government is increase the taxes and the political issues are not favor then it will be the threats for the company. picThe product may not be accepted to the people then it will be the great threats for the company. picThe product competitor rate is very high thats why sometimes we are facing more competing problem, which can be a threats of the company pic ships company establishment rules and regulation is strict thats why sometimes to take any easy decisions are create complicated situations. Adjustment of opportunities and threat The usefulness of SWOT analysis is not limited to profit-seeking o rganizations.SWOT analysis may be used in any decision-making situation when a desired objective has been defined. If the raw materials are available to the market then the cost of the raw materials will be reduced then we can produce more product in nominal price, and if the government politics are favor then the supply of the product and the transportation cost will be reduced. These products have new taste and a new ingredient which is changes the customer taste. We have to chastise the threats. If the product is not the accepted to the peoples, then we have to increase our promotional activities to attract the peoples and create more differentiations better than our competitors. 3. 0 OBJECTIVES AND ISSUES 3. 1 Financial objectives Achieve first year total sales revenue of Tk. 48,00000, based on average price of Tk. 14 per unit. But first three month we cannot action any profit because in that time we invest lot of money for sales promotion campaigns, electronic trade show, pr ovide mini pack sample to the selected customer. Produce net profits of Tk. 9,60000 next year with a target profit margin of 20 percent on total sales. Marinating a meaningful research and development figure. Increasing production level each month by 1 % investment more in Cultivation Of mushrooms. Establish 3 Big factory for producing large amount of product 3. 2 Marketing Objectives Achieve a first year unit sales volume of 1,15,20,000 which represents a projected market share of 10 percent with one type in product line. add-on second year share to 15 percent, based on sales of three types in product line. Generate 30 percent brand awareness within the consumer target market and 40 percent brand awareness within the business target market by end of next year. We want to be no. 1 Chips Company in Bangladesh. After one month, we are collecting our sales review and satisfaction level of our customers. Diversification in our product line. We want to create social value f or position in customers mind. 3. 3 Issues Our new brand of chip that is Mushroom chips is completely unknown into the existing market.So, our major issue is to establish a well-regarded brand name linked to a meaningful positioning. We will have to invest heavily in marketing to create an excellent, distinctive brand image project innovation, quality, and value. We also must measure awareness and response so that we can adjust our marketing efforts if essential. 4. 0 MARKETING STRATEGY 4. 1 Market segmentation Geographic divisions and district town side areas such as Dhaka, chittagoan, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Barishal, Khulna . Dhaka (gazipur district -town side) Demographic Age-5-12, 12-18, 18-24, 24 to others and higher class, middle class of people. Product related Regular customers Irregular Customers Negative customers 2.Target market Children Young people People Middle class and higher class urban areas people 4. 3 Positioning To children, young people, chips customers who are seeking for delicious taste with nutrition . Mushroom chips contains mushroom that gives you taste with good nutrition because it has the highest level of Protein-15. 53%, Fat-20%, Saturated fat-1. 42%, Carbohidrated-2. 45%, Sugar-2. 40%, Energy-100gm, Colastrol-0%, Sodiam-. 64% 4. 4 Differentiation Mushrooms are good sources nutrition and this is our main ingredients. filch of Form Bottom of Form 4. 5 Marketing mix Marketing mix consist of four basic things which is known as four Ps roduct, price, place, promotion under the consideration of our product (Mushroom Chips) These four Ps are specified as 4. 5. 1 Product The Mushroom chips, including all the gambols described in the product review section. The product is very healthy and a better quality compare to our competitors. Mushroom Chips (Burke) Recipe By Cooking with David Burke Serving Size 4 Preparation Time 000 Categories Amount Measure Ingredient Preparation Method 1 pound large white mushrooms Or Portobello mus hrooms 2 cups clarified butter OR vegetable oilCoarse salt OR kosher salt to taste Quality that we are first assure in our product. It is highly reached by Protein-15. 53%, Fat-20%,Saturated fat-1. 42%, Carbohidrated-2. 45%, Sugar-2. 40%, Energy-100gm, Colastrol-0%, Sodiam-. 64%, which is very much essential for specially kids and young age people. Each and all(prenominal) process of the production is done by automatic machine. Design is the factor that will often give a company its competitive edge. It is the totality of features that affect how a product looks and functions in term of customer requirements. Feature leads to the materials which are used in production for making the product. over-embellished industries used Mushroom powder, Mushroom starch, and Wheat flour, Refine vegetable oil, Seasoning and Potato powder for producing the chips. The top management of the Regal Industries has fixed to give a brand name to new product as Mushroom Chips. Packaging which gives an purposeless attractiveness to any particular product. Thats why we also design a packet for Mushroom Chips. The whole packaging process will be done without any kind of hand touch in an automatic machine. 4. 5. 2 Price The Regal mushroom chips will be introduced at tk. 14 wholesale and tk. 15 estimated retail price per unit. We know that the price is much higher than the other Chip present in the market but it will give a high quality.We expect to lower the price of packets within few months. Because of the first time at market the company would like to give some discount to the retailers which will make them some profit. The company is also giving some credit terms facilities to their wholesaler and retailers. 4. 5. 3 Promotion The management of Regal Industries has budgeted tk. 1,80,000. 00 for their advertising and promotion activities for per month. As a new product in the market it needs huge amount of advertising and promotion activities to furcate the consumer about the prod uct and its features. For that reason management decide to go for more fancy advertise in Television, Radio, Billboards, and Web site and in News paper.The policy makers has decide to offer different types of popular study and super hero characters stickers and tutus with per packet of Regal Mushroom chips for Childs and purchase intensive to the wholesale and retail for sell promotion. By organizing Charity concert, Open concert, Sports tournament, Reality shows etc Regal Industries would like to build a good relation whit people in near hereafter. 4. 5. 4 Place At the very beginning Regal Mushroom Chips will distribute to the town area of 6 divisions across the country with companies own transport system. By considering the future demand it has planned to distribute in the whole country area.For unexpected future demand it always kept sufficient amount of inventories in its own warehouse. 4. 6 Marketing talk Strategy By integrating all messages in all media, we will reinforce t he brand name and the main points of product differentiation. Research about media consumption patterns will help our advertising agency admit appropriate media and timing to reach prospects before and during product introduction. The agency will also coordinate semipublic relations efforts to build the brand and support the differentiation message. To attract, retain, and motivate channel partners for a push strategy, we will use trade sales promotions and personal selling to channel partners.Until the brand has been established, our communications will win purchases through channel partners. Our distribution channel is quite different from other chips because our main target consumers are the upper class and upper middle class people, who are Not usually concerned about the television advertisement because they are more cautious about the product quality. 4. 7 Marketing Research Using research, we are identifying the specific features and benefits that our target segments value . Feedback from market tests, surveys, and focus groups will help us develop the Regal Mushroom Chips brand. We are also measuring and analyzing customers attitudes toward competing brands and products.Brand awareness research will help us determine the effectiveness and efficiency of our messages and media. Finally, we will use customer satisfaction studies to gauge market reaction. 4. 8 Marketing Organization Chief marketing officer holds overall responsibility of all the companies marketing activities. Company has also three top level passenger car for advertisement department , sales department and promotion department . And under sales manager company has six divisional sales manager . They are responsible for divisional sales increasing. Marketing Organization Abdur Rahman Chief Marketing Officer 5. 0 accomplishment PROGRAM Our company Regal Company will be introduced in February 2011.Following are summaries of the action programs we will during the first three months to ach ieve our stated objective. January We will initiate a Tk. 300000 trade sales promotion campaigns to educate retailers and generate excitement for the product launch in February. We will exhibit electronic trade show, provide mini pack sample to the selected customer. Our promotion manager is responsible for this work. February We will start an corporate print, radio and media advertisement targeting consumers. This advertisement will show our products differentiation from other competitor. Advertisements also show our products feature to the ultimate customer. Our Advertisement manager is responsible for those works.March As the multimedia campaigns continue, we will add consumers sales promotion techniques such as giving scratch card and lottery etc. Our sales manager is responsible for this type of sales increasing techniques. 6. 0 FINANCIALS PROJECTIONS In this section we make expected budget of sales and cost monthly and yearly. We count breakeven point unit sales. We also pres ent our expected sales revenue and profit. Our product per unit cost is 13. 5 Tk. And wholesale price is 14 Tk. And Maximum retail price is 15 Tk. Expected Sales Budget Division Monthly Yearly whole cartoon building block Cartoon Dhaka 5,00,000 5,000 60,00,000 60,000 Chittagong 2,00,000 2,000 24,00,000 24,000 Barisal 70,000 700 8,40,000 8,400 Sylet 80,000 800 9,60,000 9,600 Rajshai 50,000 500 6,00,000 6,000 Khulna 60,000 600 7,20,000 7,200 Total 9,60,000 1,15,20,000 Expected toll Budget Type of Cost Monthly(TK) Yearly(Tk. ) Variable 1,10,40,000 13,24,80,000 Fixed 20,00,000 2,40,00,000 Total 1,30,40,000 15,64,80,000 Per Unit Cost Per unit Cost = (Fixed cost + Variable cost) Unit Production 2, 40, 00,000 + 13, 24, and 80,000) = 1, 15, 20,000 = 13. 5 Tk. Break-even Unit Sales (Yearly) Per Unit Sales 14 Tk. Per Unit Variable Cost 11. 5Tk Per Unit Contribution 2. 5Tk. Fixed expense Now, B E S in Unit = Per Unit Contribution 2, 40, 00,000 = 2. 5 = 96, 00,000 unit. Expec ted Revenue (Yearly) Sales (1, 15, 20,000* 14) 16, 12, 80,000 Variable Cost 13, 24, 80,000 Revenue 2, 88, 00,000 Expected Profit (Yearly) Revenue 2, 88, 00,000 -) Fixed expense 2, 40, 00,000 Profit 48, 00,000 7. 0 IMPLEMENTATION CONTROLS The takeling process In the control Process, we will compare our total result with the expected things that we are mentioned. If there is mistakes then take necessary steps to control the overall process. There will be two way of controlling. One is useable control and second one is strategic control. Operational control If any changes occurred to our production process, then it will be done by operational control. Strategic control If any changes occurred into strategic plan than it will be done by strategic control.Market Audit We will hire a market audit or researcher to evaluate our marketing plan and give advices how to improve in operational control, strategic plan, others plans. Implementation Plan The following identifies the key activitie s that are critical to our marketing plan. It is important to accomplish each one on time and on budget. Online advertising, which cost BDT 50,000. Separate rack in shopping malls and the departmental stores, which costs BDT 200,000. Other advertising costs BDT 10,00,000. Event sponsorship, which costs BDT 300,000 References 1. http//trade. coa. gov. tw/showProduct. do? isTemp=false&rid=2465&lang=e&showMenu=true 2. http//www. recipesource. com/fgv/vegetables/mushrooms/00/rec0053. html 3. ttp//www. malaysiabest. net/2006/03/06/snacks-mushroom-chips/ 4. http//ihor5. freeyellow. com/mushchip. htmlpicpicpic 5. http//banglapedia. search. com. bd/HT/M_0416. htm 6. http//www. mushroomlovers. com/Health. htm pic Md. saley uddin , Reasonal Sales manager, Chittagong Ms. Sabrina Azam, Reasonal Sales manager, Sylet. Mr. Rafique Khan, Reasonal sales manager, Rajshahi. Md. Jahidul Islam, Reasonal Sales manager, Khulna Ms. Sayla Zaman , Reasonal Sales manager, Barisal. Md. Azad, Reasonal Sale s manager. Dhaka Ms. Bristi Rani Advertising Manager Md. ,Hasan Mahamud,Promotion Manager Ms. Nancy Christina Sales manager