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Basis of Grammatical Evidence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Basis of Grammatical Evidence - study ExampleFrom the two perspectives, there is a contrast basing on the issue of spying, which is a form of investigating patterns, which incurred and propelled by various participants in both texts. Text 1 adopted from the Arabs news Germany summons U.S. emissary over Merkel yell spy suspicion and Text 2 adopted from the New York news choler Growing among Allies on U.S. Spying Table1 The clause structure types Transitive Intransitive Active passive Long Short Text 1 1.8kol,5 8 18 1 5 Text 2 14 9 16 3 8 From the table 1 it gives a clear extension that in both texts transitive clauses use up been used more that intransitive clauses. In addition, there is an officious voice more than passive voice. We define a transitive clause as one that involves the shammer and the goal initiated. In term of intransitive, either it is termed as the absence of the actor or goal initiated from the clause availed in the texts. The occasion has used a total of 14 transitive clauses and 9 intransitive clauses to subscribe about the essence of tasks required. Table2 Process types analysis of text 1 and 2. Text 1 Text 2 Material 48% 65% Mental 19% 15.9% Verbal 29% 2.5% Relational 2% 20% Interpretation text ordinarily represents a grammatical norm and both processes and participants are present. Grammatical representations be a vital role since it is one of the best indicators in which texts think or the way of comprehend operations present in texts. More so, process analysis is a provision of pictures, which depicts more development about the text, and the prevailed hidden messages termed as ideologies of the scholar. From the table above, we realize that tangible processes, as well as texts, usually occurs frequently as compared to other processes availed. Text 1 is from the Arabs news. It states out a high frequency of material processes, indicating 48 % of the physical workings involving suspicion summon that was initiated on th e Chancellor Angela Merkels phone confabulate line during his official duty in Berlin. Physical norm is evident here in consideration of the following activities that were availed during the process. The American ambassador was summoned for talks with Foreign Minister Westerwelle this afternoon. AFP quoted this from a foreign ministry spokesperson. Moreover, this text represents 29% of verbal processes, showing that the text is news text. Going by scholarly research, we find that the author behind this news wants to consolidate his texts with humor and a sense of real talk evident as per the availed text line from the article. This text line is The position of the German government will be presented clearly. The function comes a day after Merkel named President Barack Obama on Wednesday demanding answers after learning that U.S. spies may have monitored her phone. A statement by the chancellors spokesperson, Steffen Seibert, says Merkel warned Obama warned this would constitute a breach of trust between the allies. Similarly, a mental process is evident in this article with an approximate percentile of 19%. This shows that the author believes and have a strong desire and feelings towards the issue of suspicion as far as the aspect of phone monetization is of concern. Among close friends and partners, as the Federal Republic of Germany and the U.S. have been for decades, there should be no such monitoring of the communications of a head of government, the statement said, according to AFP.

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