Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Paraphrase the paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

paraphrasis the paper - Essay Exampler important aspect of human trafficking is the technique use, for authority trafficking whoremonger be done through threats and force, where one is taken without his or her consent. Abduction and deception could also be early(a)wise techniques (UNHCR 2). The intention behind the trafficking is the third aspect of human trafficking. This entails the main agenda behind act of trafficking, for instance it could be for slavery purposes. The final aspect of human trafficking is the outcome of the act, for example, death of the victims, or arrest of the offenders by authority.Slave trade is the business of selling human slaves form by one owner to the other. thralldom was mainly on the basis of racism and discrimination. The culture of the slave trade consists of a couple of aspects. The prototypal aspect of the slave trade culture is atrociousity. The owners of the slaves did not care that slaves were human, and thus, treated them in a brutal manner. The second aspect is cruelty, where the slaves were treated in ways that were cruel and undignified way. The third aspect is exploitation. The slave owners exploited the services of the slaves and did not offer payment for their labor. Dehumanization of the slaves was another aspect. The treatment of the slaves by the owners was inhuman, for example, the slaves were beaten(a) and forced to work without rest. The final aspect is the treatment of slaves as goods where slaves were sold form one owner to another just like goods are sold (UNHCR 2).Everyone has a right, According to Amnesty international and other bodies of human rights. However, slavery violates some of these rights in relation to the documentary sex slave. For instance, right to movement, right to crap ones own decisions, rights to speech, right to own property, and the right to dignity.There are ways by which the state determines a citizen lawfully. Birth is one fundamental way the state uses, where a person is legally considered a citizen of a State if he or she is born in the

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