Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Organization, timing and personal accountability Statement

Organization, timing and accountability - ad hominem Statement ExampleLack of prioritizing allow affect my c areer in business since I go out non know when and where to concentrate my efforts. As such, this will be an obstacle in my career. Lack of priorities may suffice it hard for me to balance different aspects of my life. Be it social life, work life and even family life. I will end up wasting a roundabout of time on things that are not important and neglect the important things (like in this case where I forgot to hand in my syllabus contract). This will affect my work schedule and as such, I may be late in submitting faultfinding projects, which may end up making me lose my job or worse of all, make me offend my professional career.In order to make sure I do not repeat the uniform mistake twice, I will use the following strategies. I will make a things to do list that will enable me prioritize my tasks from the most important to the least important. This will help me obviate procrastination since I will include in the to do list when the tasks are due. I as well as plan to set my own ain goals. These will guide me in time management as well as give me a clear vision that I will work towards. My personal goal for this course will be to work extra hard and submit my assignments on time. I withal want to have a clear strategy on how will manage distractions. Distractions make me lose a lot of time when performing tasks and affect my ability to concentrate. I will also be dividing large tasks into smaller tasks and avoid many commitments. I will also create a clear timeline of how I will be scheduling my tasks. This will help me manage time as I will be scheduling to complete the most important tasks when am energized and a lot of bonus time. I will also avoid procrastination, multitasking and ensure that I take a geological fault when performing large tasks.Organization, personal accountability and timeliness can make a business successful. Th ese pillars are important for any business and are the pillars of a successful business.

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