Friday, September 13, 2019

Meaningful Use Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Meaningful Use - Essay Example The modern world is evolving fast in technology innovations and the medical field is part of this evolution. The medical sector has a lot of data from the many patients that are treated on a day to day basis and it is a universal service. There is therefore need for a streamlined form of storage for its data records. The EHR system has to have the following features: simplicity, it should be natural, consistency, relay feedback, effective language use, minimise cognitive load, preserve and safeguard data. The selection for the EHR system was not done at a corporate level only, clinicians were also included in the process. Videos from various vendors were viewed by the board at Wellness Healthcare and an elimination process followed based on the product description and the board’s analysis. Those left were circulated to different departments in the organization and opinions taken down. The videos were circulated to the physicians who would be using the system. The most appropriate system was then effected. The criteria used was as follows: the system must integrate with the outpatient care, technical support offered by the vendor in installation of the system and monitoring its function ability, its customization aptitudes for Wellness Healthcare procedures and its capability to keep up with technological developments in terms of software updating. The EHR system aids in providing better healthcare services through: provision of up-to-date information regarding patients’ medical data. Enabling quick access and retrieval of information regarding patients especially in emergency situations. Storing the data in a secure manner that reveals the information securely to the patients and the physicians. Accuracy through elimination of technical errors in recording of information, billing and streamlined coding and in so doing provide safer healthcare. Improving the provider-customer relation and convenience.

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