Thursday, September 12, 2019

Employee Discipline Policy (human Resource) Employee Labor and Assignment

Employee Discipline Policy (human Resource) Employee Labor and Relations Class - Assignment Example The employers should develop the policy with one attorney or with trade bodies in order to ensure that it does not violate any laws (What can you do about employee absenteeism?, n.d.). The employers should also make the policy known to the employees before fully implementing it (What can you do about employee absenteeism, n.d.). It is necessary that the employers are able to check if the policy is fully implemented. The attendance records help the employers to check which of the employees are regular and who are making frequent leaves (Controlling Employees’ Absenteeism, 2011). Thus analysis of attendance records should be done after the implementation of the policy. Though there are challenges in managing absenteeism, the company must make sure that all employees are treated the well and there is no discrimination when implementing the policy. The company should maintain to be consistent, persistent and fair to all. And lastly, when implementing policy, it is better to implem ent the programs and policies in a facultative manner rather than punitive because majority of the employees will appreciate this kind of approach (Yorges, n.d.). Sources: Controlling Employees’ Absenteeism, (2011).

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