Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sacrifices that the Immigrant Parents Make by Coming to Live and to Essay

Sacrifices that the Immigrant Parents Make by Coming to Live and to Work in the United States - Essay ExampleThis research will mystify with the statement that parents always find the sacrifices that they understand for their families quite easy to bear. For instance, a mother can soft prepare up her career and become a house wife so as to make sure that her husband and her children have a comfortable daily life. A father can give up his dream job in order not to cash in ones chips his wife and children in town. plot every good parent has to make some sacrifices for the good of their families, the immigrate parents sacrifice the most in order to give their children a better life. In order to effectively meet the financial and the sparing needs of their families, the immigrant parents leave their homes or their hometowns in search of greener pasture abroad. The immigrant parents find it quite challenging to leave their hometowns with which they have already developed emotional a ttachments. Another major challenge that some(prenominal) immigrant parents face in foreign countries is the challenge of learning another new language. Despite these challenges that immigrant parents face in foreign countries, many people, however, especially in the United States have misconceptions or misunderstandings about immigrate parents. Many people in the United States forecast that the immigrant parents find it easy to stay in the United States other people think that the main reason behind the immigrant parents coming to the United States is all about money

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