Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Performance Theory or Theorizing Performance Essay

Performance Theory or Theorizing Performance - Essay idealFrom this paper, it is clear that the scene is a mixture of all kinds of elements that make a script worthwhile and captivate to the audience. The script has the elements of love, hatred, anger, irritation, etc. that make it attention grabbing for the audience and make it interesting and challenging for the role thespian as well. The use of material objects at the scene was outstanding and made it easy for us as well as the audience to focus on the main plot of the script. For example, the starting scene when go forth is sleeping on Skylers bed shows a deep intimacy he shares with her and the closeness of their relationship. provided at the same time, the scene portrays unpredictability to their relationship. The language of Will shows his aggression which is a reflection of the small fry abuse he went through in his early days with his father. He is continuously using shameful language which shows that he is not a foll ower of any culture and lives his life according to his feature rules. The use of abusive words adds up to the aggression in Will character. Moreover, the intensity of his anger is indicated with the pitch of his dialogues. He doesnt let Skyler complete the whole sentence and cuts her in between. And even if she says something Will doesnt listen to her and says whatever comes to him. The exercise displayed was an implication of the performance theories in theatrical performances. All the blocks of structured performance were connected with the use of right content, speech, objects, language, and actions.

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