Thursday, April 18, 2019

Environmental Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

environmental Security - Essay ExampleEnvironmental SecurityAlthough there are various commentarys proposed by the millenary Project, they have been ranked according to importance, relevance and completeness. Based on such ranking the best definition so far that has approved by scientists is Environmental protective cover is the relative public safety from environmental dangers caused by natural or human processes due to ignorance, accident, mismanagement or design and originating within or across national borders (Chourou, 2011, p.373). In the global level, various aspects have been recognized as potential security threats in the next ten years. Human contribution is a major element since population egression is increasingly creating imbalance in the biodiversity. Similarly, climate change is becoming a grave issue more for negligence by humans than its manifestation. Moreover, overpopulation is rapidly creating food and water scarcity along with contamination of carry and ocea ns (Chourou, 2011, p.373).Environment security has today become a global concern, and it has attracted the attention of the security company. Therefore, the involved actors pull through the task of risk evaluation and it has been agreed upon that climate change causes potential hazards. The US security community remains engaged in evaluating every contingency and accordingly planning effective solutions. Environment is cardinal major issue that is rapidly gaining prominence in the context of defense planning. The use of military tools for environmental risk assessment is subjected to criticisms since these tools are force oriented.

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