Sunday, March 10, 2019

An Valuable Experience Essay

It started off like every early(a) morning for me when I woke up from the bed. It was totally different from others. I was very hungry and discrete to have breakfast before school. When I approach the dining room, I saw my pargonnts was sitting there and kept smiling at me. As soon as I sat stamp bulge, there was a lifesize surprise for me.Happy Birthday, Jacky, said my p bents as they handed me a fine- locutioning wrapped demonstrate. I was extremely curious and I opened the relegate hurriedly. Wow It was an expensive cell peal, I address 5. I was over the moon because I had wanted the cell phone so much since it published uttermost month. After having my light breakfast, I drove to school as usual. When I reached my classroom, my classmates sh prohibiteded at me and wished me happy birthday. I was very happy as they sent their greeting to me. behind, my best friend since primary school hugged me and kissed my frontal bone as his present to me. When I put down my bag, I quickly showed him my new cell phone. He was fascinated when he saw my astonishing cell phone. In fact, he was in love with that cell phone and both of us love it. We investigated the functions of this new cell phone until the bell shape rang and soon the lessons stared. I immediately hid the cell phone because cell phone is contraband in school. After three hours, it was recess time. The first subject I would do was passing play to the washroom. After that, I would go to the mobile canteen to fill up my empty stomach.After having my fabulous meal, I went abide to the classroom. When I reach my bottom of the inning, I realized that my cell phone was non in my pocket. My cell phone was missing I looked up and down for my cell phone frantically save I could not go on it. I started to think carefully where I had put the cell phone. I recognized that I had given it to toilette before going out from the classroom. Or maybe I miss it in the toilet but it is impossible. It must b e antic who had stolen my cell phone and I was incontestable for it. I darted to the canteen to look for John who was eating banana.John, there you are Give me back my cell phone I yelled at him. John did not know what had happened and shouted that he did not deport my cell phone. However, I did not believe him and kept accusing him that he had stolen my cell phone. I was getting impatient and my voice was getting louder.Hey John, I thought that we are best friend but now I know that you are just a liar, a thief If you venerate my cell phone, just tell me and I can lend it to you. You should not steal it as that is my present from my parents. You know how toilful my parents work for buying me this present? I will never trust you again Never I shouted on top of my voice in front of the other students.After a couple of minutes, the bell rang again and we went back to the classroom. The hearty day we did not talk to each other. I even changed my seat with the other friend. I was really upset and angry at John for being dishonest to me.After I had reached home, I took my bath. I was smooth thinking of my cell phone and I did not have any appetite to take my lunch. I did not know how I was going to tell my parents roughly the missing of the cell phone. I decided to wipe out my homework before my parents come back. When I opened my bag and took out my book, I was shocked. To my surprise, it was my cell phone, dropped deeply inside my bag. I knew that I had construe John. I felt sorry for him and I made up my hear to apologize to him.I took up my phone and called John. John, can we meet at Starbuck for a while? I had something important going to tell you. John did not answered me and cut the call. I was very worried that time and I believed that John will come to meet me. Therefore, I quickly go out to the Starbuck coffee shop afterward.Thirty minutes later, I saw John walking toward me, but he did not even look at me. I knew that he was still angry with m e. He took a seat next to me immediately. After we tell our coffee, I started to begin my apologize. John, about just now erm I am truly sorry. I did not search for my cell phone carefully and misunderstood you. I should not shout and yell at you rudely. It is my entire fault. Sorry for everything. Can you free me? I said solemnly.Jacky, of course I will forgive you, we are best friend right/. However, to express your sincere, you must pay for my ordered coffee. Said John. We smiled at each other. After this incident, I realize that John is always my best friend. I learnt that we should trust our friends and not to misunderstood them without analyse properly. As the saying goes, Look before you leap.

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