Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Major Music Types in America essays

Major Music Types in America essays Through the past two decades in American history music has led the way in its influence of pop culture. The major types that have paved the way for other forms of music have been Rap or Hip-Hop, Rock, as well as Pop. These three have certainly left their mark on todays culture, spawning television shows, magazines, and even whole networks. Musics staple left in the side of America cannot be ignored, and will be forever felt in society. Each of the three major types of music leaves its stamp on todays society in a different way. All have their own following and all have their own style. One of the biggest forms of music out there is the Rap or Hip-Hop genre of music. Since the early eighties hip-hop has be on the move as far as pushing the envelope of censorship. From the freedom rap of the early eighties to the gangsta rap of the early to mid-nineties hip-hop has definitely caught the ears of a younger generation of rebels. With its fast poetic-like lyrics, and its catchy dance beats rap has taken the music industry by storm. Rap has accumulated a following of millions of teenagers who are lured in by its trance-like beats and fresh lyrics. Hip-Hop has definitely become a force to be reckoned in todays music scene, and will be for many generations to come. Close on the heels of the rappers are the ever so controversial rock stars. Rock and Roll has been apart of American culture since the fifties and Elvis. Since then rock music has transformed and morphed into a plethora of sub genres that we now know today. Just as rappers have pushed to edge in their genre rockers have not hesitated to do the same in theirs. Artists such as Marilyn Manson, and Korn have definitely pushed the limits of the art. Today more and more rock artists are staking their claim in the rock world. Many with their own style, some just improving on the style of others, but all of ...

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