Monday, January 20, 2020

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words Essays -- Photography Photographs

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words If I were to take a room filled entirely with people and ask them to write about something that holds value to them, what would it be? To some, the word â€Å"value† means something that holds only a monetary value, something that can be bought and sold. The values that I am referring to are the values that an individual cannot place a price tag on. They are of special significance that hold a dear meaning to us deep down in our hearts. They are the things that are ever reminding us of the people that we are, and the people that we want to be. When I think of the word â€Å"value† I often think of love and family. I think about the importance of the gift of life, and just how very special it truly is. I also think of the times we share together, and how very precious they truly are. They are not material items that can be bought or sold; rather, they are foundations of who I am. Sometimes the non-material values we possess often run into the material things that we own. One of my most valued possessions would be my special photographs. They do not possess a monetary value, but rather, a great significance of memory to whoever possesses them. Photographs are like a moment frozen in time, individuals literally get to treasure that moment forever. Many times, cameras are the most important assets to people. Births, birthdays, baptism, first day of school, confirmation, vacation, graduation, weddings; they are just a few of the special events that people usually come all ready, equipped with a camera at hand. The reason? We all want to remember. We often rely on those pictures to remember those events completely and to be able to share them with other people. Growing up ... ...of the values that I hold close to me, but also, the values Ryan held close to himself. Ryan was not selfish, nor was he rude or conceded. He cared about everyone and everything. Ryan had so many friends, and he would have done anything for any one of them. He held family close, and lived each day as if it were his last. He was full of life, and he loved everything about living it. These pictures bring back all of those memories to me. They will never let me forget. They will never let me forget that huge, beautiful smile of his and that love of life, family and friends. These are now some of the greatest assets that I possess as a young woman. These are not values that anyone could ever place a price tag on, nor could anyone ever take them away from me, rather they are values that I will chose to live according to, and share with others along the way.

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