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Wisma Atria

Breadbasket Private Limited marks Its virgin birth at Parch Bugs Junction (retail outlet) on 1st July 2000. With a remarkable period of five months, on December 2000, it ventures into its second venue at Novena Square and further enterprise onto its third outlets closer to the HAD heartlands, Junction 8 shopping centre. Breadbasket has established a firm foundation In local market with Just three years, It Is a listed company on March 2003. It has adopted 4 type generation concept design for retail outlets since year 2000 to 201 2, however there Is a constant In all outlets which is the transparent open kitchen.With just a piece of clear glass that separate the customers from the chefs, it is an apparent indication of its quality of the breads that are served fresh daily. (Breadbasket Group Limited, 2014) Since 2012, breadbasket team diverts its attention In strengthening their core competencies, broadening Its business to 15 countries, Including Mainland China, Hong Kong and Indones ia (737 bakery outlets, 58 food atria and 41 restaurants) Since its foresight in expanding into international market, it has initiated various house brand such as Breadbasket, Toast Box, They Mom Chant, Food Republic, Rampantly andThe Icing Room; and also franchises Din ATA Fun from Taiwan and Carol's Jar from USA. (Breadbasket Group, 2012). With Its long achievements lists. Breadbasket Group Limited Is a creditable International company who has great foresight in anchoring its stand beyond Singapore. Political Breadbasket Is Initiated by a Singapore named Dry George Queue who sees the stability of Singapore In her economic and development. Singapore Is one of the lowest corporate tax rates and smooth growth In business among Salsa countries. Singapore Economic Development Board, 2014) Economic According to the statistic reports on its refined annual breakdown, affirming Its Investor and public that It Is a stable company and has been consistently making increasing profit over the y ears. And, it has managed its cash flow well by investing in property, plant, equipment and joint venture. However in the recent years the dividends paid out to the shareholders of the company have fluctuated which may be due to the following factors such as the stiff competition between the many bakery stores blossoming over the years, short and long term loans that the company has. Breadbasket Group Limited, 2012) Social brands, four hundred and forty-eight outlets spreading over thirteen countries in South East Asia and Middle East. (Breadbasket Group Limited, 2014) Looking into microscopic aspect of the business; on the brand breadbasket in Singapore as it is one of the driving revenue for the company. To date as of 17th June, there are six branches in the north and west zones respectively, seven in the east and south zones respectively and fifteen branches in the central zones.It affirms the strategy that breadbasket Group Limited display to focus on the prime areas in the cent ral zones where the higher income working class and tourists are, as for the remaining zones breadbasket is situated at the heartlands, which are more populated. Breadbasket Group Limited, 2014) Technological Living in a technological advance era, Breadbasket has keep up with the trend by having well- furnished website and faceable page that provides information in regards to the company and their products.Breadbasket is constantly making sure that they are on tracks with the latest trend, for example in line with the world cup 2014, it launch a series of bread with innovative names such as Go Goal, Surreptitiously, Dillon and Supersets. (Breadbasket Group Limited, 2014) Environmental Breadbasket has most of its ingredients imported from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Despite the high cost and short lifespan of the individual products, the top notch quality of ingredients give robust quality assurance and give the consumer value for money products.They also i ntroduce seasonal products such as Sahara flower from Japan, chestnut from China and strawberry from Korea. (TRY EMERITUS, 2014) Legal Breadbaskets signature floss bread which has sweep Singapore by storm when it first launch, does not seem to have any copyright protection. However breadbasket the name of the brand and its logo rights are possess by Breadbasket Group Limited. The threats of new entrants The capital cost for a bakery in reference to its the production and equipment cost are low which eventually set a low barrier for new entrants.As there are no copyrights to the individual created breads, imitation to the variety breads are somewhat effortless. Products in the bakery industry are facing very substantial threat from F that caters to light snacks take away offering a different taste for the consumers to replace breads. The lower pricing for these light snacks remain very alluring. Suppliers The basic elements to make a bread are flour, eggs and wheat which are relative ly cheap for any buyers to purchase. The quality of the products do not differ much across suppliers hence it creates more opportunities for new entrants to enter and compete with breadbasket.Due to this, breadbasket is not able to increase the price of its products. Customers Customers are spoilt with choices to unprecedented number of bakery stores. In Just a short walking distances, customers are exposed not Just to bakery stores but also light snacks stores such as Jellybean, Mr. Bean, Old Change Eke etc which are relatively similar in term of the price. Intensity of Rivalry With the low production cost; Breadbasket has very intense rivalry in the market with Akers stores such as Four Leaves, Prima Deli Bakery, Coddle, Swiss bakery and individual neighborhood bakery.Every single one of them have different innovative strategy to sell their products however the breads' taste and quality do not differ much from each other. Conclusion Breadbasket has been constantly expanding its bu siness, however that would mean an increase of cost in rental in particular in the prime areas and manpower in the midst of the intense rivalry. It will result in the decrease in its return of its profit revenue and relatively low sustainability in the long term. They might need to insider to either closing or lowering the scale of branches that have lower profit margin.Nevertheless we need to applaud on breadbasket for its continual effort in creating new products ( 10 products every 4 months ) and give a hearing ear to the public their prefer choice of breads which are evidenced in its new launch of people's choice Floss Black Pepper Crab Bun (2014). It has also portray as a socially responsible company by introducing the Panda look alike buns where all the proceeds go to the terror of the 7. 8 magnitude earthquake in China. Fresh ideas for their retail outlets together with its open kitchens to showcase the reduction and skills of the bakers.It has also been investing increasing amounts of money on purchasing of property, plant and equipment to keep up with constant stiff competition. Lastly, Breadbasket Group has a very capable and experienced director Dry George Queue who has more than thirty years of F experiences to oversee the whole business and employing diversification strategy in expanding and franchising various brands besides breadbasket. With George and his team competency to keep up with the trends and foresight for fresh business opportunities are critical to the continual success of breadbasket.

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