Saturday, October 5, 2019

Some of the Routine Applications of Descriptive Statistics Coursework - 12

Some of the Routine Applications of Descriptive Statistics - Coursework Example In addition, Part B of the assignment discusses some of the use of confidence intervals in determining the statistical confidence of nursing research and explains that the approach is used test the reliability or probability of getting the same values from a sample size. However, a major controversy of statistical and clinical significance is the biasness of the resulting data when used in real clinical context. The descriptive statistics in the article stems from the emphasis on the need to identify and include or integrate the family members of the patients during the provision of the health care services to the patient (Tudor, Berger, Polivka, Chlebowy & Thomas, 2014). As such, the article recommends there is the need to embrace patient and family-centered care as this is poised to transform the healthcare sector a great deal. In particular, the article tries to gather descriptive statistics from the characteristics or elements of the patient’s family members with the underlying assumption that involving the family of the patients in routine care can improve safety and satisfaction (Tudor, Berger, Polivka, Chlebowy & Thomas, 2014). In this case, the descriptive statistics included such elements like the ethnicity, sex, age, years of experience, work unit including other important statistics on the characteristics of the patient’s family like specialty certification, the num ber of times they have been involved in resuscitation (Tudor, Berger, Polivka, Chlebowy, Thomas, 2014). Other variable statistics included or involved identifying the risk and benefits of the presence of the family.

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