Saturday, October 19, 2019

Philosophy of the Person and Self Concept Essay - 1

Philosophy of the Person and Self Concept - Essay Example Locke in his  An Essay Concerning Human Understanding  and Jacques Rohault in his  Ultimate Questions: Thinking About Philosophy  use primarily ‘reason’ as their major tool for scientific research and methodological strength. He initially expresses doubt for ‘being’ and goes further to prove the reality of ‘being’. For him, when we doubt a thing or being, we then  ipso facto, by virtue of the existence of ‘doubt’, must know that what we doubt exist as a reality. Doubt we must for Descartes. Otherwise, all apparent reality is a dream or an illusion. This is not an instance of contradiction in Descartes. Here, it is the order and tool of argument is important than any other thing.  Descartes’ critics such as Johannes Caterus, Friar Marin Mersenne, Thomas Hobbes, Antoine Arnauld, Pierre Gassendi and Jesuit Pierre Bourdin point out quite a few criticisms.     

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