Saturday, August 24, 2019

International Market Entry and Development Essay - 6

International Market Entry and Development - Essay Example ct researches globally to recognize the global and regional segments of the market and to observe chance for incorporating and better synchronizing the strategies across the national borders. In addition to this speedy collection of information and formulation of results from geographically concentrated sources become very important to predict change in the market and develop a more detailed and useful response strategies (Carman, J. M, 1980). Technological advances both facilitate as well as cause more difficulties in gathering data on global basis. The advances and continuously increasing technological complexities allows the collection of data on a broader geographical scale. Yet the flip side of this advances should never be ignored. To cater the research needs of today’s world, one must examine the changes under which they have gone through in the last four decades. In the early 60s and 70s U.S firms decided to shift to the international markets from the domestic markets. Japan and Europe also expanded from the domestic markets to the international markets to widen their geographical range and to act in response of the foreign competitions that was entering their domestic markets. Initially firms were interested more in gathering information to discover and judge the market opportunities of the other countries to assess which markets should be targeted, how to do the positioning of the products and how much to adapt the marketing mix to the local markets (Carman, J. M, 1980) The changes in the global market along with the technological changes in the collection of data, its analysis and its distribution entail that the researches should broaden their spectrum to plan, implement and to execute the research in this competitive world. Researchers need to align their skills and capabilities in order to carry and plan the researches in this competitive world (Carman, J. M, 1980) The growth of retailers globally also assist marketing research. As their chains

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