Monday, August 19, 2019

Educational Goals and Philosophy :: Teaching Teachers Education Careers Essays

Educational Goals and Philosophy Every student is unique. Each one has a different personality, cultural and socioeconomic background, and individual way of learning. Some children may learn by listening, and others by seeing. As a teacher, I must determine how to teach to reach every student. Knowledge is gained through experience. Students relate life experiences to things that they learn. Children must be given the opportunity to explore. They get more satisfaction by doing for themselves than having things done for them. This satisfaction is the driving force for many students. I hope to encourage eagerness in my students. The overall purpose for education is to provide students with information to broaden their knowledge. In today’s society education is essential. Without an education, a good job is unobtainable. I intend to provide my students with the best possible education that I can provide. I want each student to acquire the insight to achieve any goal they set for themselves. I want my students to be able to have the understanding and knowledge to do well in school. I intend for them to leave my classroom with an immense enthusiasm for learning. I hope to make learning fun for my students. Allowing my students to do cooperative and hands on learning could be some possible ways to achieve this. Above all want to build high self-esteem in each child. I feel that this is an important aspect of teaching. If a child feels highly about themselves, they are more likely to do well in school and in life. I feel that I must reach the whole child. Children are special, and deserve all that I can give to them. I tend to agree with John Dewey in his progressive education movement. I think that learning should be based on my students’ interests. Dewey also felt that students needed to be involved in activities that have significance to them. I am in favor of this because a child will learn what is important to them.

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