Monday, June 17, 2019

Key Features of E-Business Environment Term Paper

Key Features of E-Business Environment - Term Paper ExampleThis essay stresses that melodic line-to-business is a kind of dealing in which the dealing of function or goods is carried out among companies. In case of our online DVD Shop business, we will use B2B that will describe e-communication between enterprise and business to detach it from business-to-commerce type dealings, however at present it is as well employed for marketing reasons. In this scenario, the online business deals with business model that we are button to implement are online selling in which a customer pays for its desired products. This paper makes a conclusion that after designing and developing the web site, it should be accessible to the people. A web hosting service provider provides hosting services by means of WWW. Additionally, there are different packages depending upon the requirements of the site owner. The companies that offer such hosting services are acknowledged as web hosts who, basically, re nt out their domain at some specific charges. However, charges can be paid monthly or annually, depending on the customers requirements. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the internet for servers. There are many bump and paid web hosting providers offering these services. For our Online DVD Shop business we will evaluate the requirements to choose what kind of hosting should we use? The web design of our online DVD storage will completely follow the basic rules of HCI (human computer interaction) and usability.

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