Friday, June 21, 2019

Islamic Fasting and Christian Season of Lent Essay

Islamic Fasting and Christian Season of Lent - Essay ExampleThis paper provides a detailed summary of the Christian Lenten season compared to Islams fasting season. The two religions exhibit similarities and differences in various ways and pose different impacts on the respective religions. Ash Wednes solar day is the first day that Christians use to mark the period in western Christianity. The main purpose of Ash Wednesday is to remind us that lent is present, and we need to make an effort to adopt a close relationship to theology through repenting. This is realization that God truly loves us because he died for us. The cross of ashes on ones forehead represents that Jesus does set free all sins. Ash Wednesday is also a reminder that all mint need Gods alleviate, and it is a symbol that Jesus will help us (Allen 9). The period of Lent begins forty days before Easter and culminates in Easter Sunday. The Sundays are not inclusive in the forty days since God intended them for res ting. Christians observe this period of Easter by fasting and repenting their sins. The church has set this period aside to give Christians a chance to suppose on the make, life, suffering, expiration, and resurrection of Christ. Roman Catholics, Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Methodist comprise the churches that observe Lent. The Churches of Eastern Orthodox observe the Great Lent during the 40 days that precede Palm Sunday. Their physical exercise of fasting continues during the holy week of Orthodox Easter. The Orthodox churches do not observe Ash Wednesday and their Lent season begins on Clean Monday (Allen 15). During this period, the Christians have an province to give up things they do regularly or make themselves righteous by praying frequently and doing meritorious deeds. Giving up meat is a surrender that Christians exercise. Fasting should enable Christians to become better people by sacrificing themselves for the benefit of some other people. Giving up meat s on Fridays is a form of devote that represents the death, suffering, and sacrifice that Jesus went through during the time of his persecution (Allen 39). The Stations of the Cross are a significant activate that Catholics procedureake in during the Lenten season. This is the practice that commemorates the journey of the death of Jesus. The stages presents all events that took place before the soldiers nailed Jesus to the cross. The steps remind us of the amount of suffering that Jesus endured. The priest reads the fourteen parts or other individuals act them. The Lent season provides us with renewal of hope. It encourages us during hardships and tragic experiences (Allen 51). Lent is a fulfilling season for Catholics since it a persons relationship with God closer. People consider Lent to be a source of warming in their lives. This is because it is during this period that the relationship between one and God strengthens. The critical part of lent and the basis of the Lenten sea son is the intrinsic feeling inside a person. This feeling makes one feel scrupulous about doing an admirable deed. It teaches people to help other without expecting anything in return (Allen 77). The best part of Lenten season is that it enables us to draw closer to God through temporary sacrifice that we make. It gives Christians a chance to balance between cutting themselves off marvellous things and fasting. This season gives us hope that God will guide us during hardships and tragedies. We build hope of guidance from God through the fact that Jesus resurrected and thus conquered death. The same way, God will assist us conquer tragedies and hardships. The worst part of the Lenten season is that it interferes with ones day to day life activities. People accidentally

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