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Sex Offenders' Registration Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

evoke Offenders Registration - Research Paper ExampleIt is uniformly a requirement that evoke offenders from other states notify the Louisiana Bureau of Criminal Identification when they move to the state of Louisiana inwardly three days. The inner offenders have to report in person in order to register with the subdue agencies. The state of Louisiana also has the Crime against Nature statute that covers sexual crimes. The law seeks to punish whoredom especi solelyy anal and oral sex by requiring those convicted of those offensives to register as sexual offenders. Although, the Supreme of dally outlawed sodomy in 2003 and hence should have invalidated the Crimes against Nature law, the state of Louisiana belt up implements the part that punishes solicitation. Guidelines on Implementation of Sex Offender Registration A person who is convicted of a sexual offense against a minor has to register and maintain the enrolment for a period of cardinal pentad years. A person with a previous conviction may be required to maintain a life time registration. A first time offender is required to maintain registration for besotted to 15 years. On the occurrence that such an individual maintains a clean record for ten straight years, the person may be exempted from further registration requirements. Maintaining a clean record encompasses not organism convicted of any offence and successfully completing any supervised probation. The financial backing for the sexual offenders database comes from the taxpayers kitty. The federal political sympathies through the Sex Offender Registry Technology Fund allocates money to purchase a reckoner system to keep the records and also some monies to cater for personnel and logistics at the office of the attorney general. The implementation cost is several millions and the federal funds that atomic number 18 lost due to failure to implement the registration requirements is about two hundred thousand dollars. Also, a state may be cut-off from federal funding if it fails to implement the federal requirement to implement registration of sexual offenders. The guidelines for the information required during the registration are quite expansive depending on each state. In Louisiana State, its a stipulation that offenders book their details. The DNA samples, fingerprints and palm prints are taken by the appropriate agency. Details of telephone contacts are also recorded and even the online details such as email addresses and the names used in neighborly sites. The social security number and travel documents details are recorded (Kayla, What does court ruling mean for sex offenders?). The agency charged with collecting this information is the State Bureau of Criminal Identification and information. Penalties for Non-Compliance to Sex Offender Registration Any person who fails to register or update registration is liable for an offence and may be fined an amount less than one thousand dollars or a jail con dition of between two to ten years. Providing false information knowingly to the enforcement agency also has a similar penalty. On second conviction for failure to comply with the provisions of the registration law, a person may be fined three thousand dollars or a jail term of between five to twenty years. A person who fails to notify the authorities when moving is also liable to prison term or a fine. It should be noted that the sexual offenders. Registration requirement is implemented across almost all the States in the United States therefore a person has legal obligation to

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