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Online Companies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Online Companies - Essay ExampleCoupled with the developments in technology, specifically the internet and aviation, and the liberalization of international commerce, globalization is now becoming a reality to many people. One of the most high-octane ways to become involve in globalization is through going online, a method that has be popular and effective for companies of varying sizes and interests.The primary goal of becoming online is to be able to establish presences, summation access or exposure to markets and to survey or gather education regarding prospective markets. Some companies as well as opt to go online because their competitors do so. Among countries that have joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), a specific development for companies going online is to be able to take advantage of the liberalization of off-shore investments that they stand now take up (Tubbs and Schulz, 2006).Establishing presence online attracts attention to the print and the products regardless of where the company is operating. Being online is a statement of a companys modification of technology and competency to follow trends (Murphy, 2006). The efforts weed be accomplished self-directedly by the company or by participation in third party hosting. Third party hosting can involve macrocosm listed in directories, through page links or by participating in industry visibleness data basing or participation in online groups and message boards. The core of the objective is to create interest for the brand and product.Gain access or exposure to markets implies that the approach targets consumers. However, this objective may or may not involve actual selling to the target markets and the core of the objective lies in informing potential markets of the product. entrance fee to markets can also include expanding supply and distribution chains. Being online means that another company can find you as a much as you can find suppliers and costumers for ones products. T his can also be achieve independently or not however, there are distinct advantage in maintaining independent methods in accessing markets since this can also be a sources of market information and a means of providing clog which may not available if one utilizes third party sites (Bly, 2004).Gathering information can be made more efficient online, profile of visitors of the site can give a company an opinion who is interested in their products. Most companies online provide registered user privileges in accessing their sites to be able to collect information form users and track usage. This information can be used to develop markets approaches and competitive competencies directly from individuals who already have expressed interest in the brand or product as well as provide channels for marketing and promotion efforts (Perner, 2004). For companies who are trying to find new markets, these information can provide vital information for approaches to the market so that efforts can be streamlined and be cost-effective.Online CompaniesFor the economic consumption of this paper, there kinds of business that are online will be studied. One of the companies to be studies is Tesco, a large retail supermarket company based in the UK who has recently adopted online business operation to complement its existing ones. attached is Muji, a

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