Monday, April 22, 2019

Governance for security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Governance for security - Essay eventYet, the soil inherently cannot exist outside of a belief system in the mind it is a psychological or ideologic concept. Thus, Weber provides the justification for behavior going beyond common religion and the give tongue to itself is the reason that justifies the transgression. Historically, Webers theory is positioned at a time when the modern posit was first mobilizing its police force on military organization patterns in the defense of domestic security. hugger-mugger armies related to landlords and capitalist groups were also common internationally previous to this. Understanding the difference between these triad types of armies is important, for the distinctions still drive the system of conflict, civil war, and failed States worldwide today. The State security forces can be categorised as domestic and related to police forces or international and related to military forces. In gain to this, there can be seen private armies and wa rlords that operate on a local basis in spite of appearance the State on behalf of either minority ownership interests in capitalist economy or on an ideological basis. Also existing outside of the State monopoly are local insurrectionist groups and Marxist forces that seek to take hold of power or resources through violent means. The majority of conflicts in the 20th Century can be related to these three types of organized political power. The State seeks to provide security to all equally, the private armies of capitalism seek to preserve minority concentrations of wealth, and popular liberation armies organize against capitalist interests. The Marxist-Capitalist duality in violence is shaken in some ways by violent ideologies like Islamic groups who organize more or less assorted fundamental philosophies. Similarly, there is a division of violence that is represented by crime that is different than these forms of political violence. Private security forces may inherently targ et crime as a theme for operation rather than to combat the threat of political violence. Part of the Marxist critique is based upon the connivance of State power with capitalist interests that produce a non-egalitarian social policy or inherently strip vast segments of the population so that wealth can be concentrated in luxury, status, power, etc. With the fade of an armed Marxism with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the transformation of China into a capitalist economy, the status quo is more and more shattered by terrorism as it represents the third force of Islamic fundamentalism. This terrorism acts on a different ideology than Marxist insurrectionist violence, though both challenge the hegemony of capitalism as it aligns with the State in military power and international law. Private security by nature is an attempt to harbor and perpetuate vast differences in wealth, status, and power, for by definition the masses cannot afford it. The modern democratic State is se en as being tasked with the protection of domestic freedom, yet in doing so often contradicts its vey purpose in violating individual civil rights and liberties. In this manner, post-Marxism the target of the State security apparatus is crime and terrorism principally rather than the spread of State socialism or

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