Thursday, March 21, 2019

Personal Narrative- September Eleventh :: Terrorism Terror

Personal Narrative- family line EleventhNo one knows what tomorrow will bring or may not bring. In the course of the past year, this idea was super prevalent. Because of the September tragedy, many people were uneasy and unnerved about occasional situations. This concern caused people to look at things in a new, some like an enlightenment initiator. September the eleventh is a day I will always re element not only for the obvious reason, just for the important way it touch on my feelings towards my family. How could anyone forget the day America was attacked? I remember driving to nurture on the day of the attack. The Texan atmosphere brushed fallen leaves across the roadway as I pulled into my high school parking lot. It was a day like any other, or so I thought. During my first period class, I was supposed to recreate my solo and ensemble piece for one of the band directors so they could booster me. As I sat in the office and played a concerto by Mozart on the French horn, the band director listening to me got a cell phone call. I stopped playing so she could root the phone call. It was the other band directors wife coverage the attack. The first feeling that came to me was unbelief, but as I walked around the school and maxim teachers with their TVs stationed to news channels I saw the horrific pictures.I later found out that some of my relatives were in the World Trade Center Towers that day. No one knew if they were all right. My family in the end got a phone call reporting that they had gotten out o.k. Another family member was affected by the attack. My dad, who is in the Air force, received a comment and was re-stationed to Minot, North Dakota. He was there for about a year and a half. He may be shipping out soon to go to the Middle East. With everything that had happened, there is no way that the attacks could not have affected me.

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