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Mr Dolphus Raymond tells Scout, Your pa’s not a run of the mill man. :: Free Essay Writer

Mr Dolphus Raymond tells Scout, Your pas not a toy of the mill man.How far do you agree with this description of Atticus Finch?The overbold To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is ascertain during the1930s in the Deep South of America, during a time when in that respect was alarge racial segregation. The book is about tom turkey Robinson, a ominous manaccused of the rape of a smock woman, Mayella E well up. gobbler Robinsonslawyer is Atticus Finch. Atticus is a white, single yield of twochildren, Scout and Jem. The family live in the town of MaycombCounty, Alabama. It is a very close knit community and Atticus isfamily, friends or a inhabit to nearly in all the people of Maycomb. He is frowned upon by nearly all the white citizens of Maycomb becausehe is defending a black man. Atticus believes Tom Robinson isinnocent and so defends him, with or without the support of Maycombscitizens.Atticus Finch is Maycomb County innate(p) and bred and is related byblood or marriage to ne arly all(prenominal) family in Maycomb. Atticus haslived in Maycomb all his life and at the unhorse of the book, before the visitation, is highly regarded as a good citizen of Maycomb.Atticus is a fair and honest man. Atticus is one of the only men inMaycomb who does not share the evils of the other citizens. Heis also very well educated unlike many others in the town, whetherthis is due to lack of capital or simply the fact people cannot bebothered to go to give lessons, like the Ewell family. On Scouts first dayof school we find out that every member of the Ewell family comefirst day every year and then leave.He treats black and white people the same and he gains a lot ofrespect from the black community of Maycomb. A few of the whitecitizens of Maycomb support Atticus during the trial exclusively Mrs. Duboseis not one of them. Mrs. Dubose tells the children Your fathers nobetter than the niggers and trash he works for I feel that Mrs.Dubose deep down likes Atticus but she ha s been brought up in a worldor racism and prejudice and more than likely was taught not to likeblack people.One psyche who supports Atticus throughout the book is Miss Maudie. Miss Maudie is a dwell of the Finch family. Miss Maudie is theonly person who never loses faith in Atticus. During a conversationwith Scout she tells her there are some men in this world that are

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