Monday, March 25, 2019

Mans Effect On The Environment Essay -- essays research papers

Mans Effect on the Environment1) SOURCES OF taintFresh piddle Environments Man pollutes freshwater all over the humanity in many ways there is much waste and pollution that ends up in rivers.One of the main hazards is called eutrophication, this process becomes enriched with artificial nutrients from fertilisers which run slay into the rivers and upset the natural nutrient cycle of the river, lake or pond. The water turns car park be reason of the algae which when they die multifly employ up all the oxygen. Similar consequences go if raw sewage is pumped into a river.Chemical waste from factories grace their un wanted waste into rivers, lakes or ponds as sound. One major contri scarcelyion that effects the water wildlife is the insecticide DDT which maligns animal tissue and is wild to humans , this cannister be passed along the foodchain.Marine Environments 80% of the waste which is pumped into the sea each year is produced by dredging, 10% is industrial waste and 10 % is sewage. Some of the consiquences due to this are - nominal head of toxic substances and the rapid uptake of contaminants by marine organisms to name exclusively a few. crude oil spillages either by tankers or offshore ridges cause devistating effects on the local environments. Oil is extremely dense which actor it floats on top of the water and can kill fish and birds, prostitute beaches but nothing as yet has been invented to deal with this major problem. austere metals such(prenominal) as mercury, arsenic and lead are also dumped into the sea. entirely of these examples have the ability to kill and damage the environment around it. boorish Environments Unwanted plants or insects are nowadays killed with by herbicides and insecticides, in this subject area chemical rather than biological are used. Pesticides have the ability to damage the local environment, while herbicides may kill wild flowers as well as weeds and insecticides may kill Kris Charik R10Dharmful pests but it can also kill butterflies and moths. Some of these chemicals are even dangerous to humans as well.2) FIVE MAJOR POLLUTANTSSULPHUR DIOXIDESulphur Dioxide comes from twain car and factory emissions.Sulphur Dioxide is a poisonous gas which can kill plants and is the main gas that is involved in Acid Rain.OilOil can be spil... ...he U.S, Britain, Canada and Russia. It is not as efficient as coal as a fuel because it has a high water and ash content.Wood this is a good Biofuel as it provides 13% of the worlds energy. As woodland is used so much in the wretcheder countries and is insufficiently burnt resources are slowly decreasing in such countries as Africa and Asia. Nowadays there are special trees which can recruit more quickly therefore it is possible in the right plants wood can produce substantial amounts of energy.Kris Charik R10DAlcohol can be made during fermentation and can be used in cars as fuel. Its main advantage is that it is more enviromentaly friendly. It can also be used to make such things as perfumes, lacquer and explosives.8)POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT The government activity wants more people to do more in the way of swelled the poorer waste food and say that we should help them as much as we can. The government has also set up charities which raise money in order to give help to particulary the extremely poor countries by using T.V adverts to raise the money. Oxfam is possibly the most well known charity that helps poor countries, Oxfam however mainly helps such countries as India and Africa.

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