Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Abu Dhabi law of natureCustomer Relationship Management Abdullah Ali Mohamed K-91105597Ahmed Abdullah Al Maysari K-81105597 entryway about Abu Dhabi guardAbu Dhabi Police is the major law enforcement agency in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi which was established on 1957. Abu Dhabi Police is mainly responsible for enforcing criminal law, enhancing existence safety, maintaining order and keeping the counterinsurgency throughout the Emirate. As a part of the Ministry of Interior, and in its capacity as a global partner, the Abu Dhabi Police excessively works closely with local, national and international agencies to contribute to global peace and stability. Integrity, honesty and respect for human rights ar the core values of the Abu Dhabi Police while the notion of public service is a central mainstay in Abu Dhabi police thinking. Embraced as a legitimate partner by the community, the Abu Dhabi Police pursue efficiency and effectiveness through the use of the a la m ode(p) technological advancements and systems management practices. By incorporating the best of the old with the best of the new, Abu Dhabi Police has achieved the flexibility, adaptability and durability required to be widely regarded as one of the worlds lead-in law enforcement agencies.Vision To ensure continuity of Abu Dhabi emirate as community enjoys certificate and safety through the provision of high quality police work to citizens, residents of the emirate and its visitors.Mission Working for a safe community, achievement of stability, reduction of offensive activity rates. Contribution to implementation of justice in a manner that promotes the self-confidence of the public in police. The internal and external clients in Abu Dhabi policeAbu Dhabipolice externa... ...o customers are going in front of the other customers, in order to cover all the customers equally.Finally, availability of more seats in the waiting sweep will create a more satisfied customers, were th ey can be seated instead of standing in the crowded waiting realm with a few seats available. Changes that can be implemented to break the service provided by Abu Dhabi PoliceProvide more smart function through the mobile, in order to complete all required serve without the need to visit the service center.Continue providing training on discourse skills to all the employees to maintain that the customers are satisfied while dealing with the customers service employees.Provide a suggestion and complains box to alter the service in Abu Dhabi police service centers in the future. Referenceshttp//www.adpolice.gov.ae/en/ hepatic portal vein/about.adp.aspx

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