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Complex Adaptive System

In- correct Paper 3November 8, 2011 Topic assign what a tortuous adaptative establishment is and identify the char defenderistics of interwoven adaptational musical arrangements Discuss how complex adaptive systems crook health cargon and later on treat practice. Use vitrines form your practice to convey your understanding of complexity as it relates to your nursing practice. Outline Introduction Complex adaptive system is a collection of individual agents with freedom to act in slipway that are not everlastingly totally sure and whose actions are incorporated so that one agents actions changes the context for other agents. (GPlsek, P. E. & Greenhalgh, T. 2001) Characteristics of complex adaptive systems are unpredictable interconnected, ill-defined boundaries, constant changing members, members likewise belong to other systems, individually member uses internalized rules (these sack, and likely are, diametric for for each one person and are not fixed). Compl ex system can govern health care because they can create positive or proscribe outcomes, they influence other systems and create tension and paradox that may be difficult to solve Body Because the complex adaptive system is always changing, and interconnected with other systems so it will create m all difficulty in solving the problems.In clinical settings, student nurses do to think critically and take multiple approach in tramp to intervene or solve the problems. Give examples from clinical settings Conclusion Restate the significances of complex adaptive system and how it can influence clinical settings as well as health care Health care is a complex system. in that locationre varieties of different professions in healthcare from nurses to doctors, specialist, paramedics and even the concept of health itself is very complex as therere many determinants that can influence ones health.Moreover, health care matches the definition of a complex adaptive system, which is a colle ction of individual agents with freedom to act in ways that are not always totally predictable and whose actions are interconnected so that one agents actions changes the context for other agents. (GPlsek, P. E. & Greenhalgh, T. , 2001). The characteristics of the complex adaptive system are that it is unpredictable nterconnected, have unclear boundaries, constant changing members, members too belong to other systems, each member uses internalized rules (these can, and likely are, different for each person and are not fixed). Therefore, in order to work effectively in such complex system, nurses are required to have the competence to adapt to the systems characteristics and utilize their best skills and knowledge to solve complex cases in complicate situations. The complex adaptive system is unpredictable, interconnected and usually have unclear boundaries.For example, at my clinical setting, which is a French immersion elementary school, is an example of a complex adaptive system . The school itself is a complex system because the students in the school is not only comprised of English speakers, plainly also the French speakers populations, and the seeers need to know both language in order to communicate, to teach the students effectively. Students also come from different backgrounds, they have different ethnicities and different personalities.However, the schools motto is Better Together which promotes the interconnectivity as they needs to work together to achieve the school goals. The interconnectivity characteristic is also demo in an unwanted accident seeed at the school. Grade 3 students there really like to play association football, however, one day, there was a clenched fist fight broke out between two students during a soccer game during recess, consequently, in order to ensure safety and that no conflicts would derive in the future because of soccer, soccer is banned at the school.The banning of soccer at recess elucidated to us as nursin g students and the school provide that we need to address and improve the problem solving skills for the grade 3 students in order to prevent similar undesired occurrence to happen in the future. At this point, the boundaries in the school is not clearly careworn as teach the Health class is not nursing students responsibility, but the school expressed their need to us and wants us to do somewhat interventions about it.Therefore, we devised to talk to the grade 3 teachers and ask for permission to teach the health class on days that we are at the sites to give our intervention and address the problem solving issues among students. In Health class, we obdurate to act out skits of conflicting situations and have the students to come up with their ideas victimisation appropriate problem solving skills to resolve the conflicts. By doing that, we nursing students are not only take on the role of the student nurses, we are also the health class teacher on Tuesday to the grade 3 stu dents.This example demonstrates that the context of the complex adaptive system (elementary school) really influences our nursing practice as we take on the role of Health class instructors to enhance grade 3 student conflict management skills. We exemplifie The supra analysis shows that the complex adaptive system and its unique characteristics has strongly influence nursing practice in different context. As a adapted nurse, we have to have the critical thinking skills, being creative and adapting to any situation in order to come up with the best feasible interventions.

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