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Understanding The House Made of Dawn by Scott Momaday Essay -- House M

understand The preindication Made of Dawn by Scott Momaday In 1969, N. Scott Momaday became the first Native American to win the Pulitzer Prize in the plain of Letters, Drama, and Music for best Fiction. As Schubnell relates in N. Scott Momaday The Cultural and Literary Background, Momaday initially could not believe that he had won a prize for a work that began as a poem (93). Schubnell cites star juror who explains his logical thinking for selecting place Made of Dawn as being the works eloquence and intensity of feeling, its rancor of vision and subject, and its immediacy of theme (93). For these reasons and many more, contribute Made of Dawn hailed the reach on the American literary scene of a matured, sophisticated literary artist from the original Americans (Schubnell, 93). There are many elements influencing and incorporated into dramatic art Made of Dawn that the reader will better appreciate by gaining an understanding of their history or significanc e in Native tradition. Louis Owenss suggests in his work Mixedblood Messages that before discussing any aspect of Native American literature, it is distinguished to know what literature we are talking round (15). Thus, before one evaluates or analyzes House Made of Dawn any further, one should come upon knowledge of the author and culture. Also, it will be prudent for the reader to wee background knowledge of such elements as stories and running. Momadays life greatly affects aspects of House Made of Dawn. Navarro Scotte Mammedaty, a mixedblood of Kiowa and Cherokee descent, (as well as European ancestry on his mothers side) was born on February 27, 1934. Numerous scholars and critics note that from the beginni... ...seems the more one knows, about Momaday, the Kiowa, the Navajo, and people of Jemez, among other things, the more one grasps the full meaning of House Made of Dawn. It is a work full of possibility and revelations. Works Cited Momaday, N. Scott. House Made of Dawn. Harper & Row New York, 1968. The Man Made of Words. St. Martins drive New York, 1997. Nabokov, Peter. Indian Running Native American History and Tradition. old-fashioned City Press Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1981. Owens, Louis. Mixedblood Messages Literature, Film, Family, Place. University of okey Press Norman, 1998 Owens, Louis. Other Destinies Understanding the American Indian Novel. University of Oklahoma Press Norman, 1992,1994 Schubnell, Mattias. N. Scott Momaday, the Cultural and Literary Background. University of Oklahoma Press Norman, 1985

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