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A Day in the Life of a Migraine Sufferer :: Biology Essays Research Papers

A Day in the Life of a Migraine SuffererEach year over twenty-six billion people nation wide be affected by migraines. erst thought to be a concentration of evil spirits in the brain, common cures consisted of e reallything from drilling holes in the skull, to inserting garlic cloves into the temples(4). To mean solar daytime however, scientists ingest that this on the whole too common occurrence is actually a neurological disorder, which burn result in the disability of its victim for hours or even days. I myself have been a constant sufferer of migraines since the age of ten. The following is the day in the life of a migraine sufferer myself. I count that the most appropriate place to begin is a brief facial expression into my medical background. Since the age of ten I have constantly been stricken with migraines, occurring more and more frequently as I age. Migraines can attain children as well as adults, however typically the migraines become little frequent after ear ly adulthood(3).Ninety percent of migraine sufferers also give notice (of) having a family history of migraines, suggesting a genetic link(5).I, for example, know that both my begin and grandmother to this day frequently have migraines and have since a very young age. Furthermore, even though I typically have at least one debilitating migraine per week, I am other than in perfect health. This is common among migraine sufferers they are entirely vigorous and therefore, cannot understand why they are showing such painful symptoms(3).Each day that I have I migraine it is a struggle to work, to move, sometimes even to breath. If caught in time, I can typically medicate myself onward a full- blown migraine occurs, but often I realize to late what will soon occur. This was the case on April 1, 2001, when I received a classic migraine that left me in a put forward of suspended animation for over twenty hours. The day began with stiffness in my neck and an ache around my temples and b row bone. Migraines are typically a long process, which begins slowly and climaxes in intolerable pain. The stiffness of my neck and facial muscles, as well as an irritated feeling in my scalp, are often the first warning signs of a migraine day. However, I chose to turn out the signs and tough it out since I was late for class. Instead of my usual eat of dry cereal and water, I grabbed a cup of yogurt and a coke for the road.

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