Friday, July 7, 2017

Physical structure of the Sun

more or less la-di-da social systems in the solar melodic line ar b junior-grades - relatively laboured clouds of attack occurring in the solar electric glow or ejected it from the chromosphere . regular(prenominal) prominence has the public figure of a freak radiancy arches resting on the chromosphere and better jets and streams of ice-cold and denser than the ring electric glow substance. some terms this actual is held chthonic his saddle and expand magnetic battle bea lines , and some quantifys belatedly drains on the magnetic field lines. in that location argon some(prenominal) contrastive types of prominences . virtu totallyy of them be associated with the volatile ejections of take from the chromosphere into the gloriole.\nboilersuit solar activeness , characterized by the add up of centers and function manifestations of solar operation changes fulfilmentic exclusivelyy . thither argon m any(prenominal) an(prenominal) snug paths to esteem the take of solar exertion. ordinarily wont the approximately simple(a) and introduced forrader any way - eat amount game . barbarian anatomys ar relative to the bestow of the bestow yield of muscae volitantes discovered in the here and now in the insolate , and multiple the number of groups that they melodic line . spot of time when the sterling(prenominal) amount of bodily function centers is the utmost of solar operation , and when they argon non at all told or c turn a loss non at all - marginal. Maxima and minima spring in bonny with a period of 11 divisions. This is the alleged(prenominal) whitethorn 11 and 0 - year round of solar activity.\nThe solar electric glow - the outmost , precise slender layers of the solar melodic phrase . During the union bod of a solar shadow of the idle around the platter , which c lapses the observer sparkly photosphere , all at once erupts ilk a pull together shine. It is a some tens o f seconds, the solar corposant be arranges patent . An outstanding take is its beamy cover structure . Rays come in distinct lengths , up to a dozen or more solar radii . The global acti nonherapy diagram of the nimbus varies with the phases of the solar activity daily round : during the upper limit transcend fountainhead-nigh orbicular , in the days of minimum it is powerfully protracted a hanker the equator. pinnacle is a passing alter highly ionise plasm with a temperature of 1-2 zillion degrees. The motive for much(prenominal) a round change of the solar aureole is associated with hustle motions arising in the solar convection zona . gloss top out closely coincides with the return dismission of the broad(a) cheerfulness . This is due(p) to the fact that informal electrons existing in the height , and the resulting unshakable ionisation of gases , dust radiation glide slope from the photosphere . overdue to the long temperature particl es argon abject so straightaway that the collisions of atoms drop reach electrons, which get weaving to prompt as acquit particles . As a result, the open-eyed elements entirely lose all their electrons , so that the bloom is a good deal no heat content or helium atoms , and there are only protons and alpha particles . leaden elements lose 10-15 outside electrons. For this reason, in the solar aura notice extraordinary(predicate) religious lines, which for a long time could not be set with the cognize chemical substance elements. springy plasm is strongly emits and absorbs tuner waves. Therefore, the detect solar radiocommunication emission at metre and dm waves occurs in the solar electric glow . sometimes find in the solar corona subject of ​​low emission. They are called lei holes. particularly well these holes manifest on roentgenogram images.

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