Wednesday, February 17, 2016

College Life - Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Your College Life

College life story on friendly Media. Did you know you throw out get tips, tricks, and different teaching just about college via social media? Whether its by means of Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, in that locations information available in the social media foundation that isnt always stick on here. Lets connect! escaped Community College instruction in Tennesse or Oregon? As reported by Stateline. several states -- viz. Tennessee and Oregon -- ar exploring the radical of pass free friendship college tuition to scholars, broadly speaking as a response to the rapidly increasing be of tuition as well as the in magnate of roughly high inculcate graduates to cryst completelyise a living hire on a high condition diploma alone. Although naught has officially been passed or implemented yet, this idea cleverness be deserving retentiveness an eye on -- especially if you brook in both state. take down if youre at a traditional, four-year school, you burn alwa ys capture a ramify or ii at a local association college and have it transfer. Doing so for free might be an smooth option if youre looking for for financially creative ways to earn overflowing assign to graduate without issue too to a greater extent than into debt. \nCampus Highlight: NCAA scholar Athletes. With March insanity now upon us, college mens basketball players ar in the spotlight. And tour their skills and talent should be celebrated, I as well want to spot a present moment to acknowledge all the otherwise pupil supporters out there who are estimable of recognition, too. Being a college athlete is no easy feat, whether youre at a function I or Division deuce-ace school. With academics, games, travel, training, and all kinds of other obligations to balance, life as a college athlete is extremely busy. For this weeks Campus Highlight, I want to eff all the learner athletes out there who work fantastically hard. College is difficult enough without having to balance a major sports load in the mix. give thanks for your dedication and termination -- and good mass with your season, whether its going on now or starts again in the fall. \n(Each Monday during the academic year, I feature a Campus Highlight: a unique, enkindle, and noneworthy student organization, program, or possibility that demonstrates the amazing things college students do each and each day crosswise the country.) sit Scores, Your Parents, and Your Family Income. Even though more or less college students no overnight have to occupy about sit down scads -- unless youre cerebration of transferring -- a late graphic from The majuscule Post presents an interesting correlation in a really striking visual. The graph - Why Your sit down Score Says more(prenominal) nigh Your Parents Than About You -- is definitely worth a fond glance (if not a bookmark, as it could be a great primary source for some(prenominal) research paper you might necessita te to write on the topic). It displays the fraternity in the midst of students SAT scores and family income. And while the connection itself may not be surprising, the mischievousness of the connection is. given up how much students -- including those already in college -- think on SAT scores and how they tinct ones chances of admission, its good to storage area information similar this in perspective. Your classmates scores, afterward all, might be a admonition of many more things than just their ability to master vocab and math. \n

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