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Abstract : Aesop - life and work

\nAesop - named for its breach is named egocentric fictionalisation. correspond to antique novel, he lived in the center(a) of the VI hundred. BC. was a striver sa roughlysya Iadmona died a violent expiry at Delphi. by and by it was c whollyed the birthplace of Asia small , which is probably because of this co-ordinated genius of its name. His death at Delphi was decorated leg windup, which stick out be restored by Herodotus and Aristophanes , combining them with to a greater extent recent evidence. consort to this romance, Aesop , while at Delphi , his slander filed against some(prenominal) people themselves , and they refractory to punish him. To do this they stealing well-off loving form of the temple utensils, secretly contrive it in a bag of Aesop and thusly sounded the alarm , was enjoin to search the pilgrims cup was found in Yezopa and he is svyatotatets was depressed stones. Years subsequent it was wonderful naturalness identify Aesop , his manife station killers were forced to present a lovely for receipt which was the grandson of Iadmona , who was his master.\nThe past core of the leg finis is in copulation to Delphi, this branch of poesy in VI . , The Aesop fable : macrocosm initially hostile, it eventually became friendly , that Delphi was considered alternatively take beneath his wing this universal and influential figure of narrative poetry.\nAesop ( al-classic. . Αἴσωπος) - semi-legendary classic poet and fabulist . Presumably lived some 600 BC Aesops trustworthy poems have survived. The oldest Aesops Fables came to us in the later poetry of overtime - ( Latin ) Phaedra (I c.) , ( Greek ) Babri (II c.) And ( Latin ) Aviana (beginning in V . )\n narrative in past tradition\n rhetorical problems\nThis article or section whitethorn contain sensible neentsiklopedichnogo character.\nPlease ameliorate it in concurrence with the rules of writing articles.\nWas Aesop dia chronic figure - is out of the misgiving to say . The origin news of it we witness in Herodotus , who says (II, 134) that Aesop was a slave to a certain Iadmona Samos , and then have been released , lived in the time of the Egyptian king Amasis ( 570-526 BC. E . , ) And delphians was killed ; Delphi for his death stipendiary the ransom Iadmona posterity .\nHeraclides of Pontus hundred age later wrote that Aesop came from Thrace, was a coetaneous of Pherecydes , and his graduation exercise owner called Xanthus . nevertheless these data are taken from an in the beginning story by Herodotus unreliable inferences (eg Thrace as the birthplace of Aesops animate by the detail that Herodotus mentions Aesop in link with frakiyankoy hetaera Rhodopis , the former in any case in thrall Iadmona ) . Aristophanes ( Wasp ) already gives details just about the death of Aesop - peregrine motif tossed the cup , which served as a pretext for his accusations , and the fable of the eagle and the beetle , tell them in advance he died. A deoxycytidine monophosphate later, this direction is repeated characters of Aristophanes as a historic fact . comic Plato ( end of V . ) Already mentions the postmortem examination soul metempsychosis Aesop . Comedian Aleksid ( end of IV . ) , Who wrote the japery Aesop , confronts his hero with national leader , that is already weaves the legend of Aesop in the rhythm method of legends about the septette extraneouss and King Croesus . His contemporary Lysippos also knew this interpreting , depicting Aesop headed the cardinal sages . Slavery Xanthos , the data link with the seven sages , death by fraud Delphic priests - all these motives have mystify legends Aesopian follow connect , the core of which is organize by the end of the IV. BC. e .\nThe most important remembrance of the Late stager tradition became unidentified novel ( in Greek) , known as The liveliness of Aesop . popish preserved in several stochastic variables : ancient papyrus fragments period from the II hundred AD , in Europe in the XI century . received paseo Byzantine edition of Lives .\nIn the livelihood of the important quality played by the ugliness of Aesop (not mentioned by earlier authors ) , radix to his place of Thrace becomes Phrygia ( uninventive place , which is associated with the slaves ) , Aesop serves as a sage and a cheat , fooling well-nigh kings and its host - false philosopher. In this story , surprisingly , almost no mapping actually Aesops Fables ; anecdotes and jokes told by Aesop in Life of not include in the living from antiquity banding of Aesop s fables genre and rather far from it. The externalize of the ugly , wise and cunning Phrygian slave off the shelf gets new European tradition.\nAntiquity never doubted the historicity of Aesop . Luther in the xvi century the eldest to put it into question . Philology eighteen century understand this doubt ( Richard Bentl ey ) , philology XIX century brought it to the limit : Otto Kruzius him and Rutherford claimed mythical Aesop resolutely trait hypercriticism their era.\nIn XX century, some authors admitted the conjecture of the existence of the diachronic prototype of Aesop .

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