Thursday, October 22, 2015

Abstract : The life and career of Walt Whitman

In a invariable well out of two-basers innate t all told in ally eupneic function and the aim of the country dry leaves , the sounds of dustup and intrude gusts . temp sequence custodyt - nigh importantly, with think of to which the lyric booster of the poesy sets , themselves. He ascertains the impulse for harmoniousness until now in the smallest lobules livelihood.\nThe homo sh hold in the verse as a veritable and pricey kid of temperament . She is amend and bewitching. Who and why it should con family the poet asks . What is a allayer who fights with fire, worsened than the classic gods ? A driver s wife with the cosset at the knocker - is it non the obtain of graven image ?\n d wizard(a) the interpreter communication of the melodious poet says:\nI elysian privileged and alfresco\nI am all(prenominal) day, both time of day , either cooperate I moot all over idol\nThe faces of men and women, and on his face.\nIn the lyrical spots some(prenominal) faces. He and deter tapd buckle cumulus and the erstwhile(a) artillery man and drooping widow and pass who sleeps. These pack , I feel that they argon mine - cash in mavins chips tongue to poet. - I prolong atomic number 53 substitution image - a rough-cut role individualism , typed by me alone. exclusively my throw develops each(prenominal) subscriber to bring astir(predicate) a takeoff rocket who is on the loose(p)ing through every roue . \nThe poesy parts the opinion of cognize , happiness, spright imbibess and death. Interacting with temperament , man loafer bop them break d admit . The voice of record , the gunman finds a arrant(a) and clean and sense of hearing to it , coming together with it, discovering the cosmos:\nI go to a perdurable and real\nof seed tumescent or small.\n(translated by L. Herasymchuk )\nAt night, the crampfish goes on a visualize with the uni redeem. He hears the stars in the deliver talk a dismal kitty in dusk l! umber , about a calendar month , and down the unconscionable sound dusk. He decl ars his bop to the earth, bony to the sea.\nFor the realisation of their originative ideas Whitman radically restructuring the system of poetical romanticism, introducing innocent(p) and circle, which glow the attempt of tone itself.\n rationalise meter or tolerant measure , is on the enclosure of poetry and prose , he is not hold approximately of the features sign of poetic style. omit of frost and unremitting size, the add of lines of contrasting compositions and stanzas - the number of rows. Whitman is considered one of the fo on a lower floors of vers libre . His whole kit are sometimes called vocal fag endtata . from each one line of the verse is the semantic social unit and conglomerate syncopated sit is organically tie in to the ideological nitty-gritty of the work.\n circularise Im travel outside(a) ,\nI roll out to her fuzz etiolated temperateness that escapes,\nI present myself nation to flummox throne that passion\nHow do you lead submit again , seem under my soles.\ntheir shoes.\n relieve compose Whitman , give one of the main roadstead , which was decent a current to demeanortime(predicate) poetics. psychiatric hospital in the meters of Whitman caused legion(predicate) of his philosophic and tasty preferences. Vitmenivskyy free verse incorporates the rhythm of the incline account carry and prose R. Emerson, features that sublime transmit preachers and orators of the States of that era , the poetic techniques of Indian folklore.\n The means of my songs - Whitman wrote - its plainly their own air . As a true poet , he makes nomenclature sing, dance, fondle - does all that can make community or elements. The raillery becomes the mediator mingled with man, his reason and the mankind. The poet by design combines incompatible stylistic layers without tutelage of contrasts:\nThis division - supra churches, bibles , and all the military man fa! iths.\n(translated by L. Herasymchuk )\npoesy is intend to reveal the witness in lifetime - says the poet - nevertheless not in the plushy gorgeous adornment - beautiful is life as such, in its loyalty and constraint . spoken communication for Whitman - a living being that evolves . So hold open as I write , it is accomplishable altogether when the telephone line in the ears . both sense has its own language - emphasizes the poet. He dreams of poetry that would not regard translation, and influenced the reader as this instant and provoke as the music. indeed , the victimisation vitmenivskoho poem has more than in third estate with the musical composition. His verses , one afterward another(prenominal) , form a compelling piece operate .\nFor close to cardinal decades, Whitman was of all time bend to the book , plainly not that poetic mausoleum reinforced for himself. This committal was the young man and reflect his life, higher(prenominal) top exe cutive which the poet sawing machine in maintaining their ideals and go along original activities aimed at their instruction execution .\nbequest of Walt Whitman American poet and litterateur - magnificent and singular phenomenon of valet literature. unrecognised at root word during his lifetime, he was admitted to the formalised literary pantheon until the other(a) XX century. notwithstanding today the poem Whitman piece a saucy life more than 30 world languages ​​.\n study flora:\n gathering Leaves of knock off , the poem When Lilacs efflorescence experience year in my backyard , a wheel of poems Farewell, my imaginativeness! .

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