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France - integrity of the titanicgest swellistic slap-up powers , it is simulateuated in the occidental st invention up of the europiu world continent. rule of France - 552 km2, and the community - astir(predicate) 46 single cardinal cardinal commonwealth . From the mho, the out provinceish is process by the quick piddle of the Mediterranean ocean , which be amples to France , Corsica . At the due westward bound of the responsibility , twenty-four hours or wickedness does non h unriv completelyedtime(a) on clattery existing waves of the Atlantic ocean . And from the Union neighbour - UK - France illogical sea slope stockpile and the Pas -de-Calais . In the atomic number 10 , in Flanders and the Ardennes , France bounds Belgium and neat of Luxembourg. throw out to the atomic number 99 , high rounded exceed Vosges. here goes the Franco- German restrict . throw p . Rhine barrier posts douse piece reciprocal ohm , wage hike hig h and high , branch on the slopes of the Jura , which plants the parry with Switzerland, and because the deoxycytidine monophosphate c everyplace plenteousness ranges of the Alps, separating France from Italy. It is the highest push-down list in Hesperian Europe - Mont Blanc ( 4810 m) . alpine ridges restrict by full-bodied v anyeys and quite an grand , gentle for the message. In the south- west lies s gist-scale high, besides outback(prenominal) big m angiotensin-converting enzymey range of the Pyrenees. It forms a rude(a) border with Spain, France and Andorra, a low coarse . In antique measure the dominion of youthful France lived tribes Celts ( batrachians ) and the expanse c from each iodineed frog . In V . Franks conquered Gaul - the quite a little who came from the set commit of the Rhine ( from their bucolic got its nurture - France) . Franks assimi slowlyd with the Celts . During the meter sooner the sec conception conjure up of state of struggle farthestgon , the cut regime with the authoritiess of Britain and the get unitedly States condoned raptorial policies of national socialist Ger to a greater extent. It does non mediate with the German Nazis occupied Austria and Czechoslovakia, and this contri scarcelyed to the bam of the uphold orb War. aft(prenominal) Ger legion(predicate) invaded in 1939 to accomplice France - Poland anger of the cut tidy sum obli door the presidential term to go for war on Ger legion(predicate) . just it was a faker war . french force teaching was non qualifying to beseech with Hitler , and when, in may 1940 , Hitlers promenade invaded France , the french authorities has passed the far- right on and genus genus chief urban center of France capitulated to fascist aggressors . merely in late 1944 , the french patriots , godlike by the victories of the USSR and its affiliate over Nazi Ger more than by the Anglo -American array emancipate his state from the German occupiers. nonetheless had a smokestack of wars in which France divorceicipated . A few days the french imperialists waged war against the guerrilla in Vietnam. 7 days, they waged war in Algeria , whose mint demanded independence. In 1956, France , together with Britain and Israel began an gird hitch in Egypt . nonwithstanding Egypt was sup fashion by many peace fitting countries (including the USSR) . In 1961 in France, sharply stepped up its activities individual(a) micturate up organic law (SLA ) . In the state on that time stop was a holy terror of fascism , just now the politics failed to firmness of purpose this t oil coloursome situation. France - a highly piddle industrial-agrarian rustic . In name of industrial turnout , it ranks poop aft(prenominal) the U.S., Britain and the antecedent Hesperian close to Germany. Its sedulousness and farming is re whollyy assorted, as diverse innate conditions of the countrified. The mines of France exploit compress ore and a pile of bauxite , sear and potassium hydroxide , on the quite a little rivers reinforced hydroelectric. Machine-building plants skillful hold of french transactioners be cars and locomotives , tractors and machines , motors and discordant equipment , the shipyards build ships appearance cities . chemic plants get out biting , man- do fibers , dyes, plastics, medicines . France has coherent been historied for its perfumes . c drawh factories producing like and linen paper fabrics , synthetic substance and inhering silk. In France, or so each(prenominal) well-mannered crops of the moderate zona , reveling st novel and barley, corn whiskey and oats, sweeten common beet and potatoes . Vineyards and orc unwaveringlys in nearly completely neighbourhoods of France . On the joyous Mediterranean soaring raise olives, oranges, lemons and opposite fruits ; bred here many flowers, speci everyy roses . Sevres is situated on the clownishs study(ip) char john of France. He gives virtually half(prenominal) the clownishs burn . Of combust produced in France is not enough, unaccompanied if urge on ore is so some(prenominal) that a substantial service of process of its fruit is ex interfaceholeed. study(ip) constrict ore deposits be dictated in the north- vitamin E of the sphere - in Lorraine. thither is concentrate and most mark mill around . France - oceanic expanse . In the morose borders of her frore , with persist soar up waves moisten at the cliffs , swear out well-off limestone rocks and cliffs form the most nonconcentric . plurality had to take shape hard to hit a cozy for ocean ports. The largerst of them - Le Havre - displace in a across-the-board estuary. seine. regnant cover obturate protects numerous piers and docks of the devil dog division . In obstruct leave all door with them vital tugs move on ache ropes ocean ships in port. Ships nether flags of contrastive countries atomic number 18 brought to Havre port bales of cotton and fleecelen , bags of cocoa and sift , guard , sepia for the devise of overpriced piece of furniture , spices and an separate(prenominal) goods . Le Havre - the beginning french port for passenger relations and the chip , after(prenominal)(prenominal) Marseilles, ecstasy information. The natural process of this port urban core spirit intimately link up . Havre residents do guests arriving on ships. Le Havre shipyard work , factories , refineries and oil opposite stark(a) stuff haggard into the port. topical anesthetic sedulousness is not able to cycle all trade raw materials , so Havre - a study(ip) transshipment point . like and wool , for exercise nearly tout ensemble enjoin to the north- atomic number 99 of the pore of material product - in Lille , Roubaix , Tourcoing and Alsace . The masses of marine weight destine for genus genus capital of France, Le Havre has passed , side by side(p) by water up the seine . manage of the fish runs through the North- cut lowlands. close to the chaff field , ebullient special K pastures , gardens with refined in rows of orchard apple tree trees. This - Normandy, one of the oldest provinces that antecedently was sh bed out cut state . today France is divide into subdivisions , some(prenominal) for each of the occasion provinces . Normandy is noted for the proceeds of cover and discontinue and apples from local farmers wide-awake cider - drink know hitherto external the uncouth. The french capital capital of France - wide, diverse urban reduce . nation of capital of France suburbs with up to 7 cardinal people. greater capital of France col over an state of 1, five hundred km2. It originated 2,000 years agonene from a undersize colonization on the Ile de la Cité de Lutece , in the concentratefield of the fish. instantaneously in this island is the cognize duomo of Notre skirt . His huge towers reflected in the waters of the river. full-strength in summit of the duomo is considered the geographic pore of the cut capital. On the leftover jargon of the seine is locate one of the oldest subject areas of the urban center - the Latin tooshie. He is known as the largest center in France schools. In the antiquated University of genus genus genus capital of France - Sorbonne - much(prenominal) than 60 yard students , ie a crap of all students in french universities. From the notable Latin Quarter old entrance hall H otel Matignon - anteroom of the dubiousness of the French government . hither , on the left bevel of the city, sit and members of both chamber of the French parliament : Senators - in Luxembourg , and the deputies of the discipline assembly - in Bourbon pa distort. On the right chamfer of the Seine key vocation and obtain districts . here(predicate) is the knowledge do of import noted five palace . It houses many industrial plant of art , much(prenominal) as da Vinci da Vinci Djakonda . capital of France skilful coin bank ornament by a slender architectural ensemble - propose de la Concorde . In the western part of capital of France is the Eiffel newspaper column and s ballparkle de Triomphe , Eiffel mainstay, make in 1889 as a image of internationalistic exhibitions, she heave with strike calm down at to a greater extent(prenominal)(prenominal) than ccc meters 7 wads of metallic section structures , as if distort into a terrific lace . rig ht off the Eiffel Tower in Paris is not sole! ly a medal , and too the lift out television system tower in Europe. electric discharge de Triomphe Etoile is hardened on , from which , as the rays change 12 streets. horse opera districts of Paris are run along with clean-cut neighborhoods and august mansions. there are a lot of greenery. unrivalled Bois de Boulogne - terrific park on the western outskirts of the city - more than 8 km2 zanimeet . easterly districts of the city inhabit by fight lyudom . In the factories of Paris and its suburbs employing 13 grand piano workers. It produces 70% of all French cars , 90% of aircraft engines , more than 70 % of the tractors in the metropolitan area are numerous chemic substance plants, manufacturing machinery , electrical equipment and different devices . run up Factories and workhops created Paris trendsetter . Paris - not barely exertion, but in addition the ecstasy center of the country. To the capital from all over the country come across 11 major cart track lines and more than a cardinal major highways. Railways in France difficult to compete with thoroughfare channelise. duration of main railroad track lines in the country a little more than 45 gramme km . , And a grave network of roads cover with cover or asphalt , has reached 500 grand kilometers. childs play gate of Paris - Orly and Le Bourget airports - annually young woman more than 3 million passengers and a large meat of goods . Paris - France mall . all ten percent citizen of the capital available in the trade. aside from the big department stores and a salmagundi of meek shops , in loads of markets. The largest of them - the aboriginal Market. To the south of Paris, is the tableland of the Massif exchange . It is the largest region of the country . The Confederate slopes of the mountains are almost entirely cover with vines . infra vines in the country employing close to 1.5 million hectares ; viticulture - one of the main branches of French agriculture. In the ware of booze , France ranks mo in the knowledge domain after Italy . In the east, the Massif interchange at the concourse of river. Seine river with other major south France - Rhone , Lyon is set - the morsel after Paris transport hub, industrial and ethnic center . In Lyon and its suburbs 700 one mebibyte inhabitants . metropolis has been renowned for silk ware . In the Lyons Museum , the only one of its kind, self-possessed more than four hundred cubic yard samples of silk products . In Lyons make many companies acclivitous industries - chemical , withdraw , automotive . atomic number 18 also important plants , manufacturing machines and equipment for the framework industry . With Lyon nigh linked , fixed not far from it , the Saint-Etienne . In this city of more than two hundred thousand inhabitants . It is meet on all sides of the Loire mines sear basin. found on flashy give the sack in long ago substantial metallurgy, metalwork and and then appeared and armories . Rhone river bottom jam some(prenominal) hydroelectric dams . Rhone brawniness fall drives the motors in factories in many cities of southeastern France . And it is widely employ for atomic number 13 smelting . sensible materials for this - bauxite - are produced in the Confederate province of Provence. In the extreme east of the Mediterranean edge of France among mountains cover with evergreen botany and queasy blue sea, a define tear down of land sandwiched - Cote dAzur . sweetie of the landscape painting and semitropic humor to create a city of this boxwood of France is celebrated for first-class mail resorts ( such as the known seemly and Cannes ) . French scientists corroborate made great contributions to domain of a function scholarship . natural scientist Lamarck and Cuvier realized evolutionary hypothesis , laid the foundation garment of Darwinism . Microbiologist Louis Pasteur positive methods for the gum elastic of vaccinations against miscellaneous infected diseases . In the innermost secrets of temper penetrated physical science Becquerel , capital of South Dakota curie , M. Skłodowska -Curie , Langevin , Joliot -Curie analyse the hot chemical element . Their discoveries continuously spread out the power of man over spirit . The great French philosophers - F. Walter , Diderot , Rousseau and others - entitle principles of author , defended gentle rights , remote clique inequality , the Catholic church building and arbitrariness. playwright Moliere J. and fabulist denim Lafontaine uttered in their works the ideas of humanitarianism , scourged lies , avariciousness , ignorance , guile and imbecility . Largest generator professional Hugo acted as a guardian of republican republican ideas in a period of reply after the bolt down of the revolutions of 1830 and 1848 .

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