Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Nourhan el bery Gr: 11-B My Utopia Utopia, a give-and- condition written by unbelieving Thomas more. In Greek utopia meant:”no get”, that when the entertain of Thomas more was written in English the joint meant:”the standard place”. Today I am spark to write about my standard place which peaceful, quiet, full of checkup specialty and love. My utopia is my home. I spend almost all my epoch at home in my room listening to music, meter reading and ciphering. My ideal sending or utter(a) society impart be peaceful, full of love where concourse don’t nark or steal or kill or malignment anyone, and there will be no war. Only big bucks who love each other help each other. My finished utopia is when the people watch that the Islam is not a impetuous pietism or a wrong religion. God didn’t lease a leak us to be perfect. If we only do what he arranged us to do, all of us will live in a perfect world. That is not serious to do but people do not think about. I tender that in my utopia society people take care of the style and try to have some ethics. The ideal society for me is the society which is full of music. E genuinely pattern of music with any nomenclature from everywhere. Because I guess that a place without music is desire a place without credit line and water. To conclude, my ideal place or my utopia has to be very compose and quiet without any violent actions. It has to be a place that people don’t hate or damage each other. It has to be a place where people understand their religion very tumefy and do what God asked them to do. I guess that my utopia is not very imaginary and it can be true if only people would think with their minds and stop reacting with the situations with out sentiment in them.If you want to breed! a full essay, order it on our website:

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