Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Weimar Republic Runs Into Difficulties

It sounds amazing that the people of Germ any, so long under the totalitarianism of the Kaiser, should non welcome such a wonderful democracy. besides many German hated it from the start! The untried body suave found itself attacked from BOTH sides, from left- and rightfulness politicians. On the left, the Communists hated the radical politics. They didnt expect a democracy they wanted a dictatorship of the workers which would bring in the Communist revolution. In January 1919 an meridian group of Communists called the Spartacists had rebelled, and there were many more Communist uprisings in the next few years. And the right-wing politicians hated the Weimar presidency crosswise more! The main problem was that the German Army had not actually surrendered the German government had. Consequently, many proud right-wing Germans (nationalists) refused to believe that they had actually lost the war. They called the politicians who had signed the Arm istice the November Criminals, and they were turn down more angry when the terms of the Treaty of Versailles became know in June 1919. There was one right-wing rebellion the Kapp coup in Berlin in 1920 just now right-wing attacks on the government took a different form. Right-wing groups assassinated politicians and set up paramilitary force groups which terrorised their neighbourhoods. And when the government tried to bring any of them to court, right-wing settle let them off. Proportional representation morose out to be a disaster too. It led to the option of many mid lead off parties, all of whom squabbled amongst each(prenominal) other, so no government could get a absolute majority in the Reichstag so it could never departure the laws it wanted. The new government also ran into economic problems, too. The Treaty of Versailles had forced Germany to pay reparations, but weakened by the war the republic wasnt economically strong enough to pa y them. Things came to a head in 1923, ! when Germany defaulted on a payment and the French...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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