Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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An Evaluation of the Degree of Consumer Ethnocentrism in Mauritius By Dr R R Ramsaran-Fowdar University of Mauritius RRRF/5/12/07 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT MAURITIUS RESEARCH COUNCIL UNIVERSITY OF MAURITIUS VICKY PARIANEN RESPONDENTS RRRF/5/12/07 2 1 ETHNOCENTRISM sociological concept (Sumner 1906) angle of inclination to regard one owns beliefs, standards and code of doings as tiptop to those of other societies RRRF/5/12/07 3 CONSUMER ETHNOCENTRISM (CE) Beliefs by local consumers that goods produced locally are superior to import products Highly ethnocentric consumers tend to protect local industriousness increased nationalism and heavy emphasis on ethnical and ethnic identity RRRF/5/12/07 4 2 CETSCALE Consumer Ethnocentric Tendencies exfoliation Shimp and Sharma 1987 17 items scored on 7- usher Likert outstrip Reliable Tested in France, Germany, Japan, USA RRRF/5/12/07 5 Country-of-origin (COO) How CE affected the perceptions of Maur itians towards imported and local products and probe whether the COO impacts on perceptions of quality, value for money, status, esteem, etc. Country of shit or assembly Product design made in concept COO effect Developed vs developing countries RRRF/5/12/07 6 3 Background Globalisation bare(a) trade Variety at competitive prices Exposure to unknown products RRRF/5/12/07 7 explore on consumer behaviour Both domestic and foreign re expecters Research in developing countries RRRF/5/12/07 8 4 methodological analysis 6 objectives Literature search In-depth and expert interviews Min of Industry, grim and Medium Enterprises, Commerce an Cooperatives, SEHDA NWEC MCCI MMA RRRF/5/12/07 9 methodology (contd.) Questionnaire design common shopping habits CETSCALE (7- point labelled Likert surpass where 1 is strongly disagree and 7 is strongly agree) life style of Mauritian Consumers Importance of COO General views and opinions Demographics R RRF/5/12/07 10 5 METHODOLOGY...If ! you want to get a full(a) of the mark essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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