Thursday, February 6, 2014


FRUITCAKE SPECIAL: CHARACTER LIKED AND THE REASON I need selected the terse story entitled The Fruitcake Special written by Frank Brennan in order of magnitude to service the question. The character that has impress me a great deal is none other than Armstrong, the pizza deli really man. Armstrong is a quite genuine looking at man, a bit short and a little subtile on top. He has strike me much because he is a hardworking, responsible and a hardy person First and foremost, Armstrong is a hardworking person. He delivers pizza for Anna for a week when her cooker breaks d throw. He falls in esteem with Anna the in justice first time he delivers pizza to her. However, he wants to be a success before asking Anna out. He sets his mop up and works hard towards his goal. Finally, he succeeds in his life and induces his own pizza company, Armstrongs Peachy Pizza. He works precise hard to transform himself from an employee to a real boss o f a pizza company. In addition to this, Armstrong is a responsible person. He knows that Anna deserves no less. This is the reason why he never scabes his bash towards Anna when he was only a pizza delivery man. To him, Anna deserves to a greater extent and he has the responsibility to make sure that he is rock-steady enough for Anna before he confesses his love towards her. He knows that he has the responsibility to provide the best for the woman he loves. settlement curtain but not least, Armstrong is a brave person. He dares to confess his love towards Anna, the woman he loves. He tells everything nearly his feelings to Anna and gives her flowers. Finally, Anna sees Armstrong as a strong candidate for a healthy keep up and accepts his love. In conclusion, the character that has impressed me much is none other than Armstrong, the pizza delivery man who is a hardworking, responsible and a brave person. H is unique character traits pretend him the ! recognition of the woman he loves the most.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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