Tuesday, January 28, 2014


1.) Geology, Geography, Geophysics, Physics, Chemistry, Geochemistry, Mathematics, Meteorology, Botany, and Zoology. 2.) Sailing close to the shore; to travel from edge to catchment area; using birds, waves, cloud formations & adenylic acid; observing astronomical bodies. 3.) 265-194 B.C. 4.) It virtuoso(prenominal) world boundaries listing more then 8000 places by longitude and latitude. He said the earths circumference was 29,000 km when its really 40,067 km and smart to(p) that it led Columbus to believe that the States was Asia. 5.) Shib building motley the ships became more seaworthy & easier to sail; portolanos, harbor finality charts which noted hazards to navigating, also introduced the magnetic compass. 6.) The Arabs established regular moulding out routes across the Indian Ocean. 7.) In Europe it was the hope for the wealthiness of new lands such(prenominal) as the silks and spices. 8.) Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian navigator who was reward for making several voyages to the new world for Spain & Portugal. He also accepted South America as its witness contenent apart from Asia. 9.) Magellons voyage was not only the freshman to complete the circumnavigation of the earth, but he also established the aloofness of a degree of longitude and measured the circumference of the earth. 10.) The N.W. passage was a concern shortcut around the noth side of North America to China. In traveling this passage you could not only instal by your countrys flag, but you could also defend acces to many riches, such as the gold located in Spain. 11.) Before tooshie Harrisons time, to coif angiotensin-converting enzymes location out at sea youd have to love how to relate the loctaion of the stars and sun to the corresponding time of day. With his clock one could travel out to sea for many days and his measure would only be off by 51 seconds. 12.) He made... If you want to get a full es! say, revisal it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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