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In the book The Raisin in the Sun, Walter one and only(a) of the main characters, had a h tot all(prenominal)yucination that was crushed by his mom (Leena). The insurance bills that was leenas, Walter was waiver to use it for outset up his very receive spirits store that he forever fancyed of having. mummy from the start was not really supporting him with that appraisal since it went against their religion. Walter lock up valued to open whether it went against their religion. Mama also had a trance that she always wanted to do it true one twenty-four hourstime or another. She wanted a big home base so that she can have her garden, and have more room for the family that was nourishment currently in an apartment. So when the insurance money did settle in, ma without telling anyone had used some of it to buy a new house that she always dreamed of having. While ones dream came true, the other one was lost and crushed. Mamas actions cover to Walters depression. H e would skip work, and instead was drunk all the time. He gave up everything, and just sat home. From Walters behavior, mamma had felt so hurt that her discussion was going through this. One twenty-four hour period she gave him the take care to test him of to what he would do with the money. She told him that a authorized amount is for him, and the other certain amount is for Beneathas education. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
No publication how much mama did not like the idea of him opening up the liquor store, she couldnt see her own son in the condition he was in. Walter being caught up on his liquor store, he did not listen to what mama had told him, and gave all the insurance mo! ney to his partners for the liquor store. The following day, one of the partners came to his house and told Walter that the other partner had run away with all the money. When looking for at what had happened, I theorise that mama give the insurance money to Walter was a good idea. I do think that Walter had made a very big mistake, and that great(p) the check was not a good idea at first, hardly as the story went on I started to induce that if mama hadnt given Walter the check then...If you want to disturb a full essay, order it on our website:

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