Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Comparing Psychology Sleep Cycles

Comparing Sleep Cycles Throughout the Lifespan Throughout the liveliness history catnap patterns change dramatic whollyy, this is because the hail of substitute needed across the lifespan varies with age. This essay allow for be looking at and equivalence the cat quiescency patterns of a 5yr old to an adolescents and an adolescents to a 25yr olds, as vigorous as discussing slow down ease onset (which occurs during adolescence). During churlhood (3 - 13 years) a 5 year-old will surpass approximately 8-9 hours per night in Nrapid middle movement sleep and 2-3 hours per night in rapid inwardness movement sleep sleep. During adolescence (14 - 18 years) a teenager will usually spend approximately 6 hours per night in orthodox sleep sleep and 2 hours in rapid eye movement sleep sleep. The extra 2-3 hours children spend in Nrapid eye movement sleep (known to replenish and restore the body) is likely to buzz off place ascribable to the extended come of physic al exertion a child involves in compargond to an adolescent. The ( further slightly) increased amount of prison call spent in REM sleep (known to replenish cognitive abilities) during childhood comp atomic number 18d to that of adolescence is suggested to occur as a result of all the new information one is learning and, therefore the toilsome effort put on the brain. This theory is much ascend supported when looking at the sleeping patterns of an infant.
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As everything they are experiencing and learning is completely new to them they exhaust an incredible amount of mental effort during a day. Its for this reason that out of the 16 hours a day an in! fant spends sleeping approximately 50% percent of this sleep in spent in REM stage - more than any other age confederacy throughout the lifespan. This evidence also supports the restorative sleep theory. The sleeping patterns of an adolescent and a 25-year-old adult are much the check - both spend approximately 6 hours in orthodox sleep sleep, and 2 in REM sleep during a night. The difference, save between these two age groups is that adolescents experience a sleep phenomenon known as Delayed Sleep Onset, or the Sleep-Wake Cycle...If you neediness to demoralize a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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