Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Biodiesel Production Process

1.0 INTRODUCTION We live in an age where oil encyclopedism and intake dominate the course of national and international political sympathies passim much of the world. Our dependence on oil is prudent for many of the greatest environmental, health, and security problems our nation faces today. Finding a centering to ease our dependence on oil presents bingle of the preponderant challenges of our age. bode 1 shows that the intake of the oil in Malaysia is increase significantly while on that point is a remark of change magnitude production since year 2004. Figure 1: Production and consumption of oil in Malaysia Bio diesel motor which is a relatively clean-burning, renewable kindle produced from new and rent animal and vegetable oil, could be used to replace at least a portion of the diesel fuel consumed in Malaysia. The use of biodiesel results in substantial reductions of unburned hydro cokes, carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate social function (PM). Secondly, using biodiesel will create jobs and grant to local economies. In fact, adding biodiesel increases the lubricity of the fuel, which can increase the life of the locomotive and its components. However biodiesel is not a panacea. One notable mischief is that diesel-engine emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) campaign to increase.
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Impurities such as unreacted superfatted acids or alcohol, as swell up as glycerin or accelerator left oer from the production process, can lead to speed up stop or corrosion of engine components. 2.0 BIODIESEL PRODUCTION 2.1 Overview of Biodiesel Production essentially there be three routes to produce biodiesel from ! oils and fats. There are:- * beastly catalyzed transesterification of the oil. * Direct acid catalyzed transesterification of the oil. * Conversion of the oil to its fatty acids and and so to biodiesel The Transesterification process is the reaction of a triglyceride (fat/oil) with an alcohol to puddle esters and glycerol. During the esterification process, the triglyceride is reacted with...If you take to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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