Friday, November 1, 2019

Summary of 2008 Vice Presidential Debate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary of 2008 Vice Presidential Debate - Essay Example However, Joe Biden believed that the crisis affecting the US financial system was the result of poor politics of the former president George Bush and his fellow Republicans in his term. In the debate, Joe Biden claimed that the then oncoming election was the most vital in many previous years since the economy was deteriorating and that the US needed substantial changes to its politics system. He also mentioned that approval of fundamental factors of economic policies of George Bush by John McCain contributed to the financial crisis facing the US. Palin disagreed with the claim by arguing lowering taxes would bring back the economy to its prosperous track. She continued to question Barack Obama for intending to hick taxes for wealthy Americans and corporations. In return, Joe Biden said that the increase in taxes would affect only 5% of the citizen with the highest wealth and in return lower the amount of taxes paid by the rest of Americans (C-SPAN). Joe Biden proceeded to criticized Palin and McCain as supporters of pro-corporate politics propagated by George W. Bush. Biden said that McCain once claimed the economy of America was stable and strong even with the continued bankruptcy of American banks. In response, Palin’s argued against Democrats who opposed off shore oil drilling. She explained how off shore oil drilling was capable of reducing Americans dependence on foreign oil (C-SPAN). The debate also dwelt on foreign policy issues. The host Gwen Ifill enquired about the ongoing war in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also asked question regarding US policies towards Iran, Russia, Europe and China. Palin believed that the surge strategy founded upon an increase of military numbers as was the case in Iraq should be employed in Afghanistan. Hastily, Biden countered this thought by saying that that method would not be effective in Afghanistan as it would be wiser to increase

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