Thursday, October 17, 2019

Cultural Sensitivity in China Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cultural Sensitivity in China - Assignment Example The language should be easy to comprehend, easy to relate to their culture and should be attractive to woo clients from diverse social settings. This issue will specifically enable the company to know how to advertise and promote their new set of engines. When doing an advertisement, it is necessary to understand their culture and languages to avoid misconception of the original idea intended or annoy the audience instead. For example, it is not allowed to discuss business at meals, they prefer conservative dress codes either male or female as revealing clothes are considered offensive. Their behavior dictates that one should not use hand movements while communicating and avoid pointing while speaking. Understanding these basic norms will help company A to establish when, how, where and what to advertise. According to Confucius, music is highly regarded and appreciated by the Chinese people hence incorporating music in advertisements will capture the attention of the people. The othe r cross-cultural issue is one of an image as presented by the market as perceived by the company and the globe at large. Their historical background of the automobile industry and their current major strategies are the major concern regarding the noted issue. The Chinese automobile industry has come a long way since 1931 during the Republican era till date whereby it is currently rated the largest automobile manufacturer with BYD, Geely and Chery, three major Chinese brands being among car brands ranked top ten in 2009. This shows the potentiality of company A to succeed in the Chinese market since there is a large market for extra heat hardened engines and specialized machined engine components for Chinese automobile manufacturers. This comprehensive understanding of the Chinese history of automobiles and its current state will contribute to the larger automobile image of China as perceived by foreigners and this will assist company A to design appropriate adverts and formulate a p roper marketing plan to propagate the media campaign. The traditions, beliefs, and religion of China will influence company A’s branding and packaging of the engines. For instance, the dragon is a major symbolic aspect central to Chinese culture. Knowing this, company A could easily attract notable client attention by including the word dragon or its actual image on the engines’ models. In this case, cultural beliefs or traditions will act as the main basis of company A’s strategic approach. For instance, the majority of Chinese are Buddhists; they worship in shrines located mostly in mountainous terrains. It is their culture to walk through long distances to places of worship. Company A can take advantage of this long distance and mountainous terrains to promote its strong engines as better options for transport.  

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