Sunday, September 22, 2019

Professional developement plan nursing career 5 yrs from now Essay

Professional developement plan nursing career 5 yrs from now - Essay Example I am also a person who likes to be hands on. I don’t like paperwork or deskwork because I get bored easily. I prefer to be very active and to have regular direct contact with the patients. This is why I have studied nursing, to have a challenging and very busy job. I would not be happy working in administration or a supervisor role which took me away from the patients and put me in front of a computer. I worked in a free standing surgical centre for the last ten years. I think this might be a barrier to my long term goals in terms of job opportunities because I have been out of hospital nursing. I am doing the BSN and will do a Masters to try to overcome this barrier but I am worried that being out of hospital nursing for ten years might create problems for me in the future as my main career aim is to work as a nurse practitioner in a clinic. I hope that my Masters will help me achieve this. The role of a baccalaureate prepared nurse is as a giver of care both directly and indirectly. The nurse therefore becomes a patient advocate and educator. This style of nursing allows me to develop my holistic philosophy. As a baccalaureate nurse I will also have the skills to coordinate and manage care. I will therefore have the ability to delegate to others and assess their work. I hope this will compensate for my lack of a formal education in management. I will work as part of a team and my preparation means that I can enter the work place at a supervisory level. I am also committed to lifelong learning which is why I intend to take a Masters qualification. A baccalaureate nurse will also have basic computer skills and the ability to apply patient care technologies such as monitors, data gathering devices and other technical equipment. Computers are very important in the future of nursing because they improve efficiency and reduce costs. This is the part of the course which I will struggle with the most as I have limited computer knowledge and

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